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Buy Websites

The Merch by Amazon Business Model Explained

Buying an Amazon FBA Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

How Did this $1,918 Per Month Amazon Affiliate Site Make $51,810.57 in 10 Days?

What’s It like Buying a Site with Empire Flippers?

Buying Your First Website

How to Grow Your Newly Purchased Site Using Content

Episode 156: Due Diligence Framework

EFP 151: Funding Website Purchases With Lendvo

EFP 144: How To Find Amazing Deals (And Avoid Hunting Unicorns)

EFP 138: Strategic Website Acquisitions

EFP 130: 10 Proven Tactics for Growing Purchased Websites

EFP 126: Is It Better To Buy Sites Or Build Them?

EFP 123: Buyer Postmortem of a $40K Purchase

EFP 114: How to Buy a Website Without Any Cash

EFP 109: Quickstart Guide For New Website Buyers

EFP 108: Anatomy of a $200K Website

Website Buyers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How It Works

EFP 93: Killer Process For Profitable Website Purchases (With Justin Gilchrist)

EFP 72: 6 Types Of Website Buyers

EFP 43: 6 Tire-Kicking Strategies For Vetting A Website

AFP 30: 8 Misconceptions Regarding Site Rankings

AFP 13: Cashing In Through Expanding Purchased Sites

AdSense Flippers Podcast Episode 3: Buying Killer Websites Without Getting Scammed

Buying Millions With Empire Flippers

Buying & Selling Amazon FBA Businesses: What Our $3,650,106.28 Case Study Found Out in 2017

What Are the Rewards and Risks of PBNs?

Ditch the Cubicle, Buy a Business – How to Replace Your Job Income

The Golden Triangle for Buying and Selling Businesses

Smart Money Strategies for Entrepreneurs

The 11 Most Popular Online Business Models

The App Business Model Explained

The Affiliate Marketing Business Model Explained

The Ecommerce Business Model Explained

Should I Buy A Large Online Business Or Several Smaller Sites?

How to Effectively Negotiate When Buying an Online Business

How Spending an Hour a Week Netted This Buyer an Extra $6,000

The Info Product Business Model Explained

The 80/20 Approach To Growing AdSense And Amazon Sites

Why a Deposit System Protects a Website’s Future Revenue

[CASE STUDY] How Buying $85,000 Worth of Glitter Created a Six-Figure Empire

Is Buying an App Businesses Risky? Or Are They a Profit Machine?

How to Win the Wire Race

Why Baby Boomers Need To Consider Investing In Virtual Real Estate

6 Types of Website Sellers (And How to Choose What Sites to Sell)

Our Best Podcast Episodes for New Website Buyers

Why Build A Business From Scratch When You Can Buy One?

Buyer Mistakes: Looking Beyond Price And Multiple

Should I Start A Business Or Buy One?

The Scuttlebutt Approach To Website Due Diligence

Buying a Website: 30+ Experts Share their SEO Tips to Buy a Website

Case Study: Tripling Earnings From A Website Purchased Through Empire Flippers

6 Types of Website Buyers (And How to Choose What Sites to Buy)

How Hiding URLs Protects Buyers, Not Just Sellers

Creative Ways To Make A Strategic Website Purchase

Debate: Buying Sites Vs. Building Sites

28K Per Month Authority Site Case Study

Sell Websites

Selling a Website to Buy a House

A Data Driven Analysis of Six-Figure Affiliate Sites

EFP 149: Selling Websites In 2016

EFP 145: Building A Business With Bitcoin

EFP 134: Building 6-Figure Sites In Questionable Niches

EFP 127: Anatomy Of A Bought And Sold Site

EFP 125: Cashing In On Future Earnings With OAREX

EFP 117: Flipping an Online Subscription Business

EFP 106: 6 Types of Website Sellers

Website Sellers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

EFP 102: Downsides To Selling Your Website

How Much Is My Website Worth?

EFP 88: Improving The Salability Of Your Online Business In 2014

EFP 85: Selling Our Six-Figure Outsourcing Company

EFP 82: Website Valuations And A 7-Figure Sale (With Drew Sanocki)

EFP 79: How To Prepare Your Site For Sale

EFP 58: 8 Tactics To Building A Sellable Website

EFP 52: Buying And Selling Websites For Killer Profits

AFP 26: How To Sell Your Websites On Flippa

[CASE STUDY] How We Sold a $93,077.32 Merch by Amazon Business in 19 Days

What’s it Like Selling a Website with Empire Flippers?

[CASE STUDY] How We Sold a $1,818,182.80 Affiliate Business in 46 Days

Why We Changed Our Commission Structure

Six Types of People that Buy Online Businesses

How to Prepare and Sell Your Online Business

[CASE STUDY] How We Sold a $1.7 Million Dollar Amazon FBA Business in 8 Months

How Do You Migrate Your Business Once It’s Sold?

How to Tell Your Business Broker is Screwing You

How to Sell a Website Easier When It’s All Paid Traffic

Why Paying $297 to List a Site for Sale Increases Your ROI

Sell Your Website If It No Longer Inspires You

Downsides to Selling Your Site

Our Best Podcast Episodes For New Website Sellers

Case Study: Build and Sell a Website for $10K in Only 8 Months

Do You REALLY Know How Much Your Website is Worth?

Case Study: Anatomy of a $16k Website Sale

The Public Sale Of Our 6-Figure Outsourcing Company

Flippa’s Pricing Increase – What Sellers Need To Know

How to Build Credibility As A Website Seller

Selling Websites Made Easy – How to Sell Your Site With Us

Where Website Sellers Go Wrong

Doubling Down On Flippa Auctions

Introducing The New Empire Flippers Site

Inside Flippa – A Peek Behind The Curtain

The Problem With Flippa

Secrets to Flipping Websites – Selling Websites At A Premium On Flippa

Top 7 Secrets Flippa Sellers Hope You Won’t Notice (And How To Spot Them In Minutes)

5 Tactics To Getting More Views On Flippa

Flipping Websites For Fun And Profit

Website Broker

EFP 137: Brokering Websites In The Adult Industry

EFP 136: How We Lost $25K To Russian Scammers Part 2

EFP 135: How We Lost $25K To Russian Scammers – Part 1

EFP 113: Dirty Little Secrets from Website Brokers

EFP 110: Becoming a Better Dealmaker

EFP 27: How To Use Website Brokers To Buy And Sell Websites

A Data Driven Analysis of the Amazon FBA Marketplace

Investor Program

EFP 162: SaaS Company Splitly Brings On An Investor

EFP 146: How We’re Spending $800K Buying Online Businesses

EFP 92: Do You Want To Partner With Empire Flippers?

Real Estate Landlord or Digital Empire Owner?

Top 2016 Predictions for Selling and Buying Websites

Are Websites Undervalued? The Rise Of The Digital Asset Class


Building Websites

How to Start a SaaS Company with Only a Few Hundred Bucks

Episode 157: Helping Convicted Felons Find Jobs

EFP 155: Greg Mercer: From Amazon FBA To Jungle Scout

EFP 152: Laura Roeder On Growing A SaaS Company

EFP 150: Quickstart Guide To Building An Amazon FBA Business

EFP 147: Business Model Showdown: Amazon Affiliate Vs. Amazon FBA

EFP 143: Bootstrapping Time Doctor Into An 8-Figure Company

EFP 121: Creating a Drop Ship Lifestyle With Anton Kraly

EFP 115: Building An eCommerce Brand From Scratch

EFP 87: Building eCommerce Mini-Businesses (With StoreCoach’s Dave Hermansen)

EFP 86: 5 Concepts Behind Niche Selection They’re Not Telling You

EFP 66: Comparing 3 Vastly Different Approaches To Niche Site Creation

EFP 61: Empire Building Series – Billy Murphy From ForeverJobless

EFP 59: Building Niche Dropshipping Sites With Andrew Youderian

AFP 34: Expanding Niche Sites With Pat Flynn From Smart Passive Income

AFP 33: Niche Sites Are NOT A Business

AFP 32: 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Level-Up Your Site Content

AFP 24: 13 Misconceptions About Niche AdSense Sites

AFP 21: Scaling Vs Diversification Based On Market Conditions

AFP 5: Content Sourcing And Creation For Niche Websites

AFP 1: Keyword Research With Long Tail Pro

What Does Hosting Look Like at Different Traffic Levels?

What is a Bad Backlink Profile and How to Clean It Up

How to Start an Amazon FBA Business

Amazon Commission Changes in 2017: The End of an Era? Or an Opportunity?

How to Scale an Affiliate Site You’ve Purchased

How to Maximize Your Amazon FBA Business for Sale

11 Ways to Create More Engaging and Better Content

Google Penguin 4.0 Swoops In – What Does This Mean For You?

Building Websites That Local Business Owners & Marketers Are Hungry to Buy

Behind the Scenes of Building and Selling a $145,000 Amazon Affiliate Site

The Amazon FBA Business Model Explained

The Lead Gen Business Model Explained

The Amazon Affiliate Business Model Explained

How To Monetize A Crazy Business Idea

The Adsense Business Model Explained

A Game of Thrones Guide to Online Business Defensibility

8 Tactics to Building a Sellable Website

Why Domain Names Matter

How To Avoid Distraction (Leveraging What You Already Have)

7 Common Challenges Associated With Scaling Up Your Business And How To Solve Them With Systematization

Website Relaunch: Rebranding Our Empire

New Service: Niche Sites From Scratch!

6 Month Plan To $3K Per Month Building Niche Websites

IntelliTheme: Behind The Scenes On A $50K Launch

Your Questions Answered

IntelliTheme Contest Winners And Christmas Giveaway

Debate: Niche Sites Vs. Authority Sites

Diversified Income: Building Software And Sites As Non-Programmers

Best SEO Resources For Niche Sites

Our Plan To Standardize And Scale Authority Sites

Building A Niche Site Empire Guide

Webinar – Killer Keyword Research

Our SEO And Linkbuilding Strategy Part 2

Our AdSense Authority Site Failure

Keyword Research Training: Sneak Peek At Smart Keyword Research

Niche Website Tracking Spreadsheets

Niche Website Content – Our Process And Providers For Site Content

Niche Site Migration – 8 Steps To A Quick And Error-Free Transfer Process

The Technology Behind Our Niche Sites

Our Keyword Research Strategy Part 2

Minisite Vs. Authority Site: Content ROI Is Key

Our Keyword Research Strategy Part 1

5 Truths About Website Publishing You Don’t Want To Hear

Ordering Content On Fiverr


EFP 160: The Value Of A Steak Dinner

EFP 95: Building A Business Around Live Events (With Dan Taylor @

EFP 68: 6 Business Takeaways From Our SEAsia Trip And DCBKK

Empire Retreat 3.0 – Join Us for an Amazing Breakthrough

A Time for Giving Back & an Opportunity For You

6 Takeaways from the DCBKK Conference

Lessons Learned from a $3.5 Million Boat Ride

The Empire Retreat Breakdown – A Guide to Throwing Six Figure Events

What If Your Next Breakthrough Came From Just One Small Meeting?

Introducing: Empire Workshops

Hiring and Outsourcing

EFP 161: Building And Scaling Sales Teams

EFP 159: Tracking A Virtual Assistant Startup

EFP 124: The Rise of the Apprentice

EFP 118: Retaining Employees In Startups

EFP 105: Debate – Local Vs. Distributed Teams

EFP 80: The Virtual Assistant’s Not Weak – YOU’RE Weak!

EFP 71: 7 Things You Should NEVER Outsource

EFP 62: How To Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

EFP 48: 8 Characteristics Of A High-Impact Outsourcing Relationship

EFP 41: Reach Out Vs Hand Out Mindset

AFP 19: Interview Funnel – Screening Qualified Employees

AFP 17: Skill Transfer Mastery

AFP 9: Ultimate Guide To Outsourcing

We’re Hiring Top-Notch Migrations Advisors

We’re Hiring a Content Marketing Specialist!

We’re Hiring Talented Vetting Specialists to Join Our Team!

We’re Hiring Top-Notch Business Analysts!

How to Create Great Content that Ranks for Tons of Revenue Generating Keywords

How Internet Entrepreneurs Build Teams They Rely On

We Are Hiring a Customer Service Professional!

What to Do if You Hire the Wrong Person?

Want to Become an Apprentice? These Companies Are Looking for You

How to Effectively Manage and Rank 50 Websites: A Guide to Scaling

How Much Can You Really Remove Yourself as the Bottleneck of Growth? (Myth of the Super VA)

Really Want to Grow Your Business? You’re Going to Have to Replace Yourself

We’re Hiring a Content Marketing Pro

Debate: Drop Shipping vs. Amazon FBA

Join the Team – Account Manager Position in Saigon

We’re Hiring a New Apprentice – Marketplace Manager Wanted!

5 Reasons the Apprenticeship Caught Me Off Guard

We’re Hiring! Marketing Apprentice Wanted

4 Startup Hires Gone Wrong

Our USP: Building Human Machines

Amazing Paid Intern Opportunity In Cebu

AdSense Flippers Intern 1 – Life Changing Opportunity

How To Build A Rockstar Process Oriented VA Team


It’s the Season of Giving! And… We Want Your Help!

EFP 154: Meet The Empire Flippers Team

EFP 133: Why We’re Building Our Business Abroad

EFP 119: Scoring Free Travel With

EFP 112: Screw the Nine to Five

EFP 103: Is Building Your Business in Southeast Asia a Liability?

EFP 94: Pros And Cons Of Baselining Your Business in SEAsia

EFP 63: Why YOU Should Build Your Business In SEAsia

EFP 55: Is The 4HWW Still Relevant In 2013?

EFP 49: The Traveling Lifestyle Business Entrepreneur

AFP 35: Life In The Philippines

AFP 2: Our Story And Planned Escape From The Cubicle

How to Become a Digital Nomad Fast

Vending Machine Business vs. Online Business: Side Hustle Showdown

Will New Virtual Reality Tech Create a Virtual Office Revolution?

To Office, Or To Remote Office

How To Travel The World And Live Off Purchased Websites

Don’t Call It A Lifestyle Business

Christmas Gift Project 2012 Wrap-Up And Raffle Winners

Ultimate Guide For Expat Entrepreneurs In Davao City

Crazy Philippines 1: Dead Chickens And Live Pigs

Living The AdSense Lifestyle


EFP 153: 4 Ways To Own Your Market

EFP 142: Scaling Content Marketing With Dan Norris From WPCurve

EFP 131: Crush Your Competition

EFP 128: Lifestyle Larry Guide To Job Replacement Income

EFP 116: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs As Entrepreneurs

EFP 101: Retail Vs. Wholesale Marketing

EFP 99: Building A Brand Empire (With Jordan Harbinger)

EFP 96: Your Blog Will Never Be A Business

EFP 84: Reviewing 6 Established Website Profit Models

EFP 83: Targeting Your Nemesis And Stealing Market Share

EFP 78: Leveraging Storytelling In Your Business – Interview With Sean Buvala

EFP 74: The Value Of Injecting Personality Into Your Business

EFP 67: 5 Advantages Of A Transparent Business Model

EFP 64: 3 Business Disasters We Wish We Could Take Back

EFP 60: 6 Gotchas Regarding Service Based Businesses

EFP 47: 8 Strategies To Bake Engagement Into Your Business

EFP 42: Conversion Strategies That Work

EFP 40: Branding And Growth Strategies For Startups And Entrepreneurs

AFP 38: 5 Marketing Strategies For Non-Marketers

AFP 36: 5 Little Known AdSense Features, Tricks, and Hacks

AFP 31: 7 Actionable Strategies For The Marketing Challenged

AFP 29: Vital Skills For Internet Entrepreneurs

AFP 23: Niche Site Newsletters With Matt Paulson

AFP 20: Backlinking Interview – Back To Basics With Joseph Archibald

AFP 15: Keyword Research – First Page Analysis

AFP 14: Monetizing Free

AFP 12: The Fourth Wave In Internet Marketing

AFP 8: Ad Unit Layouts And Strategies

AFP 7: The Transparent Business Model

Leveraging Cold Email Marketing to Scale up Your B2B SaaS Sales

9 Best Video Editing Software Programs For Your Business

Is Marketing to Millennials Really Different?

How to Create Effective Facebook Video Ads

How to Promote a Podcast: Our 5 Simple Tips

How to Brand Yourself When It Counts

Trigger Words: How to Get Someone to Do Anything

11 Strategies for Applying Marketing Psychology to Increase Your Business

A Little Known Method to Removing Negative Reviews from Amazon FBA Product Listings

15 Tools for the Perfect Infographic Creation

The Attraction of SaaS Services – An IT Infrastructure for a Monthly Fee

[CASE STUDY] How We Increased Our Lead Flow by 37.1%

FatStacks – Plan, Launch and Explode a Niche Website

The 3 Emails You Need To Send To Boost Sales By 67%

Why Social Media Is Important for Growing an Online Business

Managing Your Content Marketing Process

How A Russian Syndicate Scammed Us For $25K

Mobilegeddon: Website Owner’s Guide To Google’s Mobile Update

The Story of the Empire Flippers Redesign (From a Designer’s POV)

Paid Ads Case Study: Retargeting Vs. Facebook Ads Vs. AfterOffers

How To Get Started With AdSense

IntelliTheme Launch And Giveaway

EMD Update – Rolling With The Punches

Clickbombing And Click Fraud

In Defense Of Google Traffic

I Want Your Monies

Long Tail Pro Discount

AdSense Alternatives – The Disaster Plan

AdSense Account Disabled – What Should You Do?

The 3 Tiers Of Internet Marketing

Our Linkbuilding Strategy Part 1

How To Structure And Organize Your AdSense Account

AdSense Army – Why The Phalanx Approach Works For Niche Marketing

Comparing Niche Websites To The Acquisition Of Users


EFP 163: How Minaal Leveraged Kickstarter To Become A Lifestyle Brand

EFP 158: Navigating The Dips

EFP 148: Profit First – A Different Way To Look At Business Financials

EFP 139: Entrepreneurship & The End Of Jobs

EFP 132: Lessons In Startup Failure From A Harvard Grad

EFP 129: Dan Pena On Creating $50 Billion In Value

EFP 107: Yep, You’re a Wantrepreneur (Here’s How to Fix That)

EFP 104: Slaughtering Your Sacred Cows

EFP 98: Is Your Online Business Defensible?

EFP 97: Turning Cashflows Into Assets

EFP 91: From The LAPD To A Multi-Million Dollar Empire (With Tim Bourquin)

EFP 89: Entrepreneur Vs. Mini-Mogul Approach (With Ace Chapman)

EFP 81: The Value of Masterminds

EFP 77: 5 Mindset Changes You Go Through As An Entrepreneur

EFP 75: How To Decide When To Cut Your Losses

EFP 73: From Crushing It To Getting Crushed (With Josh Escusa)

EFP 70: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Self-Doubt, Insecurity, and Unrealistic Expectations

EFP 56: Bouncing Back From Failure With Trent Dyrsmid

EFP 53: Riding The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

EFP 51: 7 Action Items For New Entrepreneurs

EFP 50: Personal Business Philosophy And Goals

EFP 45: 6 Unexpected Realities For Startup Entrepreneurs

EFP 44: Building A Profitable Business Through Leveraging The Philippines

AFP 37: Squashing The Resistance

AFP 28: Business Idea Faceoff

AFP 25: Mastering The Art Of Saying No

AFP 18: Quality Questions With Actionable Answers

Episode 10 AdSense Flippers Podcast: Our Business Failures And Lessons Learned

AFP 6: Getting Down And Dirty On Partnerships

AFP 4: How To Find And Fund Your True Passion

The Entrepreneur Characteristics You Absolutely Need

Why You Should Spend 10 Minutes to Earn $1,000 Once a Month

What is Empire Flippers Reading? 6 Books to Feed Your Business

Stop Comparing Yourself to Elon Musk

Uncovering The New Transparent Business Movement (And Why You Should Join)

Mapping Marvel Businesses: The Locations of Over 120 Fictional Marvel Businesses Revealed

Going Against All Business Advice: When to Ignore ROI and Scalability

Business Lesson #3: Losing A Lawsuit In The Philippines

4 Business Heuristics For Making Business Decisions

Why You Should Charge More (Or Nothing At All)

So I’m A Drug Dealer

On Beating The Odds, An Iron Lung, And A 40-Year Old Virgin

Bootstrapping & Documentaries: Avoiding The Dark Side

Business Lesson 2: In Contracts We Trust

Business Lesson 1: Piss Poor Partnerships

Screw Passive Income – Try Active Income Instead

Authenticity As A Multiplier

5 Business Failures That Nearly Killed Our Business

You Suck Less Than You Think – 5 Hacks To Avoid Mediocrity

Lessons Learned And Roadmap From Puerto Galera Trip

Why We Won’t Do Business With You


EFP 111: Divide and Conquer

EFP 100: Lessons Learned Building Million Dollar Empires

EFP 90: On Time-Wasting Customers

EFP 69: Cutting Down Bullshit Work And Building Up Business Resilience

EFP 57: How Successful Are Routines For Entrepreneurs?

EFP: 46 – Building Bad-Ass Business Systems With James Schramko

EFP 39: Business And The Borg

AFP 22: Tracking And Monitoring Niche Websites

AFP 16: Sweeping Aside Distractions

AFP 11: Maximizing Efficiency As Internet Entrepreneurs

How to Regain Focus, Double Down on Productivity and Get More Things Done

The Secret to Staying Organized at Work (Digital Nomad Edition)

How to Calculate the Productivity of an Employee (Or Yourself)

How to Use a Productivity Planner to Maximize Your Workday

The Intrinsic Value of Stopping Work

10 Must-Have Tools To Manage Your Website Portfolio

How To Give Your Team Members The Keys They Need To Grow & Scale Your Business

Our Monthly Report – December 2014

Our Monthly Report – November 2014

Our Monthly Report – October 2014

How To Write Standard Operating Procedures Into Your Business

Analysis Paralysis And The Getting Started Window

Password Security – Protecting Your Niche Properties

Why We Secretly Hate Your Emails (And What You Can Do About It)


[CASE STUDY] How We Sold a $130,000 Dropshipping Business in 10 Days

Our Q1 2017 Business Report – January, February, and March 2017

Our Q4 and 2016 in Review Business Report – October, November, December 2016

Our Q2 and Q3 Business Report for 2016

Our Q4 Business Report – October, November, December 2015

Our Q3 Business Report – July, August, September 2015

Our Monthly Report – June 2015

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Our Monthly Report – September and October 2013

Our Monthly Report – June July And August 2013

Our Monthly Income Report – May 2013

Our Monthly Income Report – April 2013

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