Income Report – April 2011

Justin Cooke Justin Cooke May 12, 2011

April has been quite a busy month for us with 89 new sites created. We were contacted through our AdSense account for a possible meeting with a rep from the AdSense team regarding our account, which was quite a surprise. We actually met with her at a coffee shop and had a great conversation. Some of the things we’d been doing were just reinforced, while she did give us some helpful tips for better monetization, which we’ll be writing about in another post.

One of the things we’re noticing is that we really need some sort of branding. We’ve been doing all of this under the TryBPO banner, but we’d like to separate this section of our business out. Additionally, we’d like to better engage with others about what we’re doing. Without a voice, it feels like we’re doing all of this work in a vacuum and we think that others could benefit from our findings. This is the reason we’ve decided to launch  We also have an email list through AWeber, and we encourage you to join us!


With such strong results, we’ve continued to increase production. Here’s our spreadsheet showing average earnings per site, per month:


We’ve launched our first sites under on Flippa! We’ve sold two networks of sites, one for $1,499 and the other for $1,099. We’ve generated a ton of interest from perspective buyers on Flippa and have been building a list of preferred buyers. The plan is to offer any auctions to our list first and then raise the price and sell on Flippa if they don’t sell.





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Sites created: 89
AdSense Earnings: $1,635.66
Flippa Sales: $2,598.00
Total: $4,233.66

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