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Join The Waitlist
Join The Waitlist

Apply now by filling out a quick form. It’s free, but not everyone will make the cut.

Have a Quick Chat
Have a Quick Chat

Qualified applicants will meet with our Partnerships Manager about how they can best make referrals and maximize the opportunity.

Share Anywhere
Share Anywhere

Get a unique link you can share anywhere. Broadcast to you audience or send a close colleague.

Get Paid BIG
Get Paid BIG

Receive a giant payday when your referral closes a deal with us.

Why Choose Us?


We’re the only Broker with a dedicated dashboard for Referral Partners to track their progress and instantly see the progress of their referred deals

2 Year Cookie
2 Year Cookie

Get paid on any successful deal you refer up to 2 years after they clicked the link.


Use referral links or make an email intro for a personal touch. Not just Sellers. You can refer Buyers too. Send leads to anywhere on our website.

No Limits
No Limits

Refer someone that buys or sells multiple times in 2 years? Get paid for EVERY deal.

What will you get paid?

Sale Price EF Commission % Referral Commission % Your Payout $
$75,000 15.00% 20.00% $2,250
$300,000 15.00% 20.00% $9,000
$1,000,000 12.90% 20.00% $25,800
$3,000,000 9.63% 20.00% $57,780
$7,000,000 7.12% 20.00% $99,680
$30,000,000 3.58% 20.00% $214,800

Who is this for?

Brands with audiences

Make content for the online business, ecommerce, or SaaS industry? You can attach links into your content.


Share a community of online entrepreneurs? Make helpful recommendations to your tribe.


Have clients that want to exit? Share in their success and get paid when they get acquired.

Service providers

Provide a useful tool or service in the industry? Educate your customers about selling their business with us.


Have your own YouTube channel? Plug a link directly into your video description.

Online courses

Integrate content into your online course and educate your students about building a business ready to exit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Referral Partner Knowledge Center

Where can I learn more about the Empire Flippers Referral Program?

You can read more about it, including how to best use this program, in this article.

What size of business qualifies as a referral?

As of April 1st 2022, our minimum requirement for businesses is $2,000 net profit over 12 month average for all business models.

What type of business can I refer to you?

Anything that qualifies to list on the EF marketplace can be successfully referred to us. This includes Amazon FBA, Amazon KDP, e-commerce, and content sites monetized with displays, affiliate, and Amazon Associates, amongst others. For more about our vetting requirements check out this article.

How do I make a referral?

Referrals can be made using the custom link generator in your Referral Partner Dashboard. You can link to anywhere on our website by adding your referral code at the end of the link. You can also make referrals by sending an email introduction to us.

How and when do I get paid for a referral?

The referral commission funds due you will be moved to your Marketplace Wallet in your Empire Flippers account. When you wish to withdraw these funds, you can login to your dashboard to complete a Withdraw Funds request via ACH bank wire.

What does not qualify as a referral?

A successful referral deal has to close in order for you to receive payment. If a referred deal falls through for any reason, EF will not collect a commission. In that case, no referral payments will be made.

Do I receive a referral commission for earnout payments?

Yes, EF only receives a commission as the Seller receives payments from the Buyer. You will receive a referral commission on the upfront amount. If a deal is structured with an earnout, Seller note, or any other deferred payment, you will receive a referral commission based on that amount. EF does not collect commission on the value of any inventory in e-commerce deals.

How can I tell what’s going on with a deal I referred?

You can see the status of all Sellers you’ve referred in your Referral Partner dashboard. This includes every step of the process. For Buyers, you will see how many have verified proof of funds and how many unlocks they’ve made to review businesses on the marketplace.

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Referral Partner Program Terms of Use

I understand and agree to the EF Referral Partner Program Terms of Use. I understand these Terms of Use contain important provisions concerning the process of making referrals, including:

  • The Referral Program is only for individuals who have been approved at EF’s discretion to make referrals. You are not approved to make referrals until you receive confirmation in writing.
  • The Referral Partner is entitled to twenty percent (20%) of the commission EF earns on the underlying sale of the business. EF will pay the Referral Fee only after it has received a commission.
  • Referrals must be made via a Referral Partner’s unique tracking link or be made with a formal introduction via email.
  • A qualified referral must not have already submitted their business for sale with EF or unlocked a business on the marketplace.