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Customer Testimonials

Yep, that’s right. Our customers are saying something. Lots of stuff. We love talking to our customers and they love talking about us. Hear the tales of customers who have bought and sold online businesses the only way, the Empire Way.



“The Empire Flippers Team is great. My clients and I have done countless deals with them and they do a awesome job for both the buyer and seller in each transaction.”

Interview EFP 127



“I’ve know Justin and Joe of for a few years now, and always love the content they put out. As a result, I finally took the leap and sold one of my sites that I had been holding on to since 2010. The listing went live after I went to bed, and was sold before I woke up! The selling and transition process was smooth and I got a great price, I definitely plan on selling more of my sites through the Empire Flippers.”



“Buying my first income-producing website through Empire Flippers was a great experience. I had built a few websites over the years but was never able to get them to generate any income. Finally, I bit the bullet and decided that I needed to buy a site that was already making money, but after looking online and on the various other places that sell sites (Flippa,) I realized that it was very hard to know when you were really getting your moneys worth for the sites you were buying. I have been following the Empire Flippers and their podcasts for a while and decided that I was going to take the plunge. From start to finish, the buying experience was better than I had hoped. Excellent customer service and follow-up as well as answers to all my questions. A very smooth transaction. I am happy with my purchase, it has performed exactly as they stated so far and I have been able to increase the monthly revenue. My only complaint is it takes them a while to get new sites in and when they do they sell out almost instantly; will buy from again.”


TIM CONLEY / @TimConley

“Wow… just wow! Empire Flippers was fantastic to work with and did a great job selling my site. See, I had a problem. I bought a site a couple years ago with the intent of adding it to my portfolio of sites and growing it. Well, that never happened. I didn’t do anything with the site — not even check to see if my VA connected Google Analytics, which he didn’t. Two years goes by and I’m feeling guilty that I hadn’t done anything with this blasted site… well, other than spend the steadily growing monthly deposits from Adsense and the occasional affiliate commission. I didn’t have the time or desire to do a decent job of selling it on my own. Hell, I couldn’t even bother having any articles written for the site. So I contacted Justin (I’ve been following the Empire Flippers for a long time) and asked if he could sell a site that made good, solid steady income, but had been completely neglected by a lazy owner.”


Tropical MBA & Dynamite Circle

“When I sold one of my ecommerce sites, they were the guys I trusted to do it.”

Other Testimonials

“One of the best services that I have used for site selling in a long time.”

Kapil O., Seller


“The sites were earning within days, performing better than promised.”

Bradley E., Buyer


“After going through the vetting process I can see why they can get 20x.”

Andres T., Seller


“The curated marketplace makes it easier for me to buy with confidence.”

Jeff L., Buyer


“I’ve sold over a dozen sites in the past year and the sites actually move.”

Gunnar B., Seller


“I was one of Empire Flippers’ first vetted external sellers when they opened up their marketplace in early 2013. From my perspective it’s been a very enjoyable experience to sell sites through them as they take on much of the legwork involved. One advantage for both me as a seller but also for the buyer is that the brokered sites don’t get public exposure, decreasing the risk of copycats and other problems that may crop up. But the main thing for me as a seller is that the sites I have put on the marketplace actually move – I’ve sold over a dozen sites in the past year, ranging from smaller sites for $2,000 all the way up to authority sites for $50,000+.

I’m looking forward to seeing this marketplace grow in the coming year, and I know Justin and Joe are putting a lot of work into continuously improving and streamlining their process. If you’re looking to sell a profitable site, give Justin and Joe a shot. You’ll get the multiple you’re looking for – and with much less hassle and uncertainty than if you were to sell it on your own.”

Gunnar Bengtsson


“Empire Flippers makes it really easy to sell my affiliate websites. They find great buyers for me and make the whole transfer process smooth. Because I’ve shown them my websites are legitimate and high quality, they help me rise above the hundreds of scammy sellers that you’d find on marketplaces like flippa. Hidden URLs are also extremely important to adding long-term value to my sites. I trust Empire Flippers to take care of me as a seller.”

Josh Kelly


“Websites for sale are dime a dozen. Browse Flippa or other marketplaces today and you will find thousands of listed sites. The biggest problem for most buyers is transparency as most listings are dubious and sketchy… then came Empire Flippers.

As someone who builds out sites as a hobby, I never imagined that I would be buying websites. However, I’ve since bought 5 sites over the past few months from the Empire Flippers marketplace. They’ve definitely made things easy for me, not only because their team works diligently around the clock to ensure a smooth transition, but also because they hold their reputation on their line and actually spend the time to vet the quality of sites they allow on the marketplace. In essence, they’ve created a curated marketplace of high quality sites, making it much easier for me to buy sites there with confidence.

The Empire Flippers team have done a great job in creating a process that is not only transparent but also seamless for both buyers and sellers. Hats off to Justin, Joe, and Empire Flippers team for creating such a dynamic marketplace and community!”

Jeffrey Liu