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Empire Flippers Marketplace Changelog

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July 2020

  • Never get stuck again. We’ve added a buyer and seller resources page on all accounts so you’ll have all answers you want when you need them.

May 2020

  • We sell more Amazon FBA businesses than any other broker. To stay on top of our game for FBA businesses we massively upgraded our Amazon reporting capabilities, creating automations for inventory updates and streamlining how we report for Amazon businesses.
  • We’re rolling out more smart automations for our deals. Now when you have an incoming wire or credit on file pending for 7 days we will send you a reminder. After 14 days we will automatically notify you of the transaction cancellation.
  • Loving this Changelog? We don’t blame you. We wanted to bring you two closer together by adding our changelog under your account functions. Now you’ll never have to miss one another.
  • Life is full of searching for the right thing but now, your perfect deal doesn’t have to be one of them. We just unleashed our new hyper-specific filtering options so your dream business is just a filter away. We’ll even deliver businesses that fit your criteria right to your inbox.

April 2020

  • There’s nothing worse than someone not getting to the point. We get that. That’s why we’re getting right to the point with our sales automation for deals under $50K. Instead of setting up buyer-seller calls for sub $50K businesses, you can now communicate directly through email to discuss the deal. It’s one less step for closing deals and this gets businesses sold much faster.
  • Great news: fewer Zendesk tickets (these are the communication tickets that open anytime we talk to you via email) all thanks to our newest automation. You’ll be getting direct email and app notifications instead of unnecessary open tickets. We’re not sure who should be happier, you or us.
  • Unlock your potential…by unlocking your listing. We’ve just solidified our Unlock process which allows you to speed up due diligence, get a whole suite of useful buyer tools, and handy free downloadable resources for the buying process. We spelled it all out for you here.
  • One word: EFFICIENCY. Our Amazon MWS integration turns what used to be multiple back-and-forths between seller and vetting team to gather necessary data for Amazon FBA businesses into an automated and almost instantaneous gathering of the same data. It’s a huge time-saver for vetting AND the seller as they can get a quicker result on their business’s passing of the vetting process.

March 2020

  • Amazon’s on your phone, at your Whole Foods, on your TV, and now integrated into our platform for up-to-date reporting access.
  • You can now take a deep breath knowing you won’t lose the wire race on a business you love with our launch of Credit on File. Creating incoming wires and receiving wire instructions is now easier than ever.
  • You no longer have to fear the Google Gods (for your personal account) because we’ve added notification of when we lose access to your account or a verified buyer’s account so we can get it fixed right away.

February 2020

  • We didn’t want you to miss us, so we added in app and email notifications. You’re welcome.
  • Oh, you wanted even more of us? Don’t worry, we added live chat so we’re here for any random question you might have.
  • Our Google Analytics integration has gotten a makeover. You’ll now see these updated features:
    • Automatically adding verified buyer emails to seller Google Analytics accounts
    • Removing verified buyers when they close or re-lock a listing
    • Automatically updating traffic data for the listing
    • Automatically adding an Empire Flippers Google Analytics email to the seller account, which is used by the vetting, sales and price updates teams
  • No GPS for our platform needed – we added tabs to the My Account page for easy navigation (and this allows us to add more options for you in the future).
  • We listened to you on making our ticket messages easier to read through.  Ticket messages are now ordered from newest to oldest in our support dashboard.
  • And even better, those tickets can now be filtered 🙂
  • No one likes getting stood up, which is why messages are now automatically sent to verified buyers and sellers when a call is canceled.
  • We love keeping up a good flow, so we created a new seller submission flow which asks for users to log in or create an EF account during the submission process and keeps users logged in afterward.

January 2020

  • Prone to losing things? You now have one less thing to find with our listing page redesign. We put business URLs right in front of you so it’s easy to navigate listings with many URLs. Sorry, we can’t help you find your keys though…
  • Want to be astounded by our super stellar, nothing like it, high-tech, kinda sexy marketplace? It’s your day. We released a walkthrough and step-by-step guide to the best online marketplace around.
  • If you thought our marketplace was astounding, wait until you see our unlocked listings. That’s where all the goodies live, and we just added a screenshot of the primary URL to unlocked listing pages to make them a whole lot sweeter.