“The first website we sold was our own. Now we help others around the world do the same.”

At Empire Flippers, we remove friction from buying and selling websites.

For sellers, we ensure a profitable sale and an easy process. By weeding out the tire kickers, highlighting your website in front of thousands of buyers, and transferring the site to your new buyer, we save you weeks or months of time and get you money.

Many sellers struggle to find a serious buyer that is willing to pay what the site is truly worth. We price our sites on your actual profit and have thousands of buyers checking the marketplace daily. With a sell-through rate over 95%, selling with us significantly improves your chances of closing the deal.

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For buyers, we ensure that only the highest quality websites are listed. After thoroughly vetting every site and providing a wealth of resources to ensure the website is a good buy, we minimize the risks to help you make an informed decision.

The biggest concern for buyers is whether or not a website earns consistent traffic and profit. They spend several days or weeks performing due diligence on a website. Before even listing a site for sale, we put it through a rigorous process of ensuring high quality, meaning every single site you see on our marketplace holds up to our high standards.

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Sellers make more money. Buyers face lower risk. Both save valuable time.

— Meet Our Management Team —

Joe MagnottiJoe Magnotti – Founder – CEO

Joe has a background in engineering and spent the 90’s at a startup in San Francisco before moving onto the mortgage business. Now Joe spends the majority of his time in Manila, Philippines. Like the rest of the team at Empire Flippers he enjoys traveling often with frequent trips to the rest of SE Asia. In his free time he enjoys boxing basketball and playing poker.

He goes by “Joe” — only his grandmother calls him Joseph!


Justin CookeJustin Cooke – Founder – CMO

CMO/Founder at Empire Flippers and host of Empire Flippers podcast, Justin is the brand ambassador of the company. From content to paid traffic, he keeps the sales staff busy and the lead funnels full. He’s also a digital nomad (i.e. homeless), but spends most of his time in Manila, Bangkok, and Saigon. When not geeking out on sales funnels and marketing automation, he loves fruity drinks by the beach and watches Game of Thrones as a guilty pleasure.


Mike VranjkovicMike Vranjkovic – Marketplace Manager

Mike joined Empire Flippers as the Marketplace Manager in July 2014. He works closely with buyers and sellers from initial contact to completed transaction. Originally from Chicago he is currently based in SE Asia. Mike’s previous background was in Finance. In his free time he enjoys traveling and sports.



Andrew BradshawAndrew Bradshaw – Listings Manager

Andrew joined Empire Flippers in March 2015 as the Listings Manager and oversees vettings, active listings, migrations, and customer support. Andrew is currently based in Saigon, Vietnam, but was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is of Greek and British descent. Andrew loves both playing and watching football, (soccer for our American friends!) playing poker, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and attending deep house and trance music shows.


Greg ElfrinkGreg Elfrink – Content Manager

Gregory joined Empire Flippers in April 2016 as the Content Manager. He manages the flow of content surrounding our brand – blog posts, guides, podcasts etc. – from producing the content to promoting it. His goal is to grow the the reach of the company and introduce us to new audiences. Gregory was born in Anchorage, Alaska where he worked in the oil fields and now travels around Southeast Asia. He loves fiction, science and in his free time he moonlights as a novelist.


Mike SwigunskiMike “Swiggy” Swigunski – Marketing/Sales Coordinator

Mike joined the Empire Flippers team in April 2016 as the Marketing and Sales Coordinator. He’s originally from St. Louis, Missouri but has spent the last five years living and traveling abroad. He is a recent MBA graduate and has a passion for business, marketing, and travel! In his spare time he enjoys playing sports, traveling and is a not-too-shabby photographer.


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