“The first website we sold was our own. Now we help others around the world do the same.

At Empire Flippers, we remove friction from buying and selling websites.

For sellers, we ensure a profitable sale and an easy process. By weeding out the tire kickers, highlighting your website in front of thousands of buyers, and transferring the site to your new buyer, we save you weeks or months of time and get you money.

Many sellers struggle to find a serious buyer that is willing to pay what the site is truly worth. We price our sites on your actual profit and have thousands of buyers checking the marketplace daily. With a sell-through rate over 95%, selling with us significantly improves your chances of closing the deal.

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For buyers, we ensure that only the highest quality websites are listed. After thoroughly vetting every site and providing a wealth of resources to ensure the website is a good buy, we minimize the risks to help you make an informed decision.

The biggest concern for buyers is whether or not a website earns consistent traffic and profit. They spend several days or weeks performing due diligence on a website. Before even listing a site for sale, we put it through a rigorous process of ensuring high quality, meaning every single site you see on our marketplace holds up to our high standards.

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Sellers make more money. Buyers face lower risk. Both save valuable time.

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The Empire Flippers Story

We broke free of our cubicle chains in 2010 to become location-independent entrepreneurs, spending much of our time helping folks just like you buy and sell websites. You can hear more about our story on this podcast episode, but since then we've:


Aug 2014 - Empire Workshops launch in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Jun 2014 - Expanded to websites valued at $10k-$500K

Feb 2014 - 400K+ podcast episodes downloaded

Aug 2014 - Redesign and Relaunch of Empire Flippers

Jul 2014 - Reached 10K email subscribers

Mar 2014 - Vincent receives first secret admirer fanmail

Jan 2014 - Began targeting websites from $10K - $100K in value in our marketplace

237,847 visits, $259,403.22 in revenue

Nov 2013 - Vincent joins the team

Mar 2013 - Relaunched as Empire Flippers

Jul 2013 - 1,000 Websites sold and counting

Mar 2013 - Opened the Empire Marketplace to sell 3rd party sites

233,762 visits and $203,825.54 in revenue

Nov 2012 - Launched IntelliTheme

Apr 2012 - Launched the “Building a Niche Site Empire Guide

Jan 2012 - Justin's rendition of "Like a Virgin" wows at team karaoke night

May 2012 - Joe is victorious in our charity boxing event, the "Ka-Pow in Davao"

Feb 2012 - First apprentice, John, joins the team

67,430 visits and $112,011.55 in revenue

Nov 2011 - 1,000 email subscribers reached

Aug 2011 - Started selling our websites directly through our blog

Apr 2011 - Sold our first profitable website

Oct 2011 - Launched the Empire Flippers Podcast

May 2011 - Blog launched, story shared, first subscriber earned

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