Legend Atty M&A Associate

With 5 years of M&A experience and $55 million in transactions, Legend Atty is a seasoned professional in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Legend has dedicated his career to mastering business scaling and taxation.

Before brokering companies, Legend was selling commercial insurance when a client offered him a job as a business broker. Initially intrigued but uncertain, he decided to take the leap. Within his first 30 days, he signed up a $36 million listing and was instantly hooked. Despite facing significant challenges, including losing that deal and experiencing a tough period in his first year where he ended up sleeping in his car, Legend persevered. His determination led to successive deals, helping numerous business owners retire or embark on new ventures.

In his free time, Legend enjoys spending quality time with his family and savoring the sunshine whenever possible. He loves making music, whether playing the piano or guitar, and visiting museums. Having traveled extensively throughout the United States, Legend is looking forward to exploring the rest of the world.

The Basics

  • Full Name: Legend Atty
  • Title: M&A Associate

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