Empire Flippers Marketplace Changelog 2022

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November 2022

Feature Update

Messaging Page Redesign [3/4]

We continue the updates to messaging page which will allow users to handle all communication inside their Empire Flippers account. This will make it easier for buyers and sellers to stay on top of their messages. Here’s a summary of the updates in this latest release:

– The layout of the list has been improved

– A pending message icon will appear when there’s a message from a new user

– The last person to have replied to you will now be shown .

– Clearly shows what the status of the ticket is; open, closed, or new

– Tickets can be created directly through your account

Feature Update

Improvements to the Merge Account Feature

Accidently created two accounts? No problem, you can now log in to your duplicate account and merge it with your current account by entering the email and password of your current account.

Feature Update

Wallet Balance Notification

If a user attempts to make a withdrawal from their wallet and the remaining balance would be greater than zero but less than $100, they will receive an error message. This is to prevent users from leaving small amounts of money in their wallets.

Feature Update

Buyer Onboarding

– Interested in buying an online business? When you sign up for a free Empire Flippers account, users who select buying as their interest will be directed through buyer onboarding. This short process will create a saved filter to help you find suitable businesses quicker.

– A quick four step onboarding

– An item will be added to your sidebar to show your onboarding progress

– Click ‘View’ on your sidebar to see what steps are needed to complete the onboarding

Feature Update

Continued Wallet Improvements

We’ve continued to streamline the process of depositing and withdrawing funds from your wallet.

– The currency and country field have swapped positions

– The proof of business warning will only display for business accounts

– Additional information has been added to the wallet tooltips

– Added a’Payout Details’ button

– Updated the success message for withdrawels

Feature Update

Updates to Seller Payouts in the Wallet

– Ability for users to add a nickname to their bank accounts, which solves the problem of identifying accounts

– Crypto payouts will only be allowed for BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC

– When completing a withdrawal transaction, a confirmation screenshot should be added to the transaction, which is then automatically sent to the user in an email

– Added a seller payout transaction type. This should be used for crediting funds to a seller after they have sold their business

– This then triggers an email notification, informing them of the next steps to withdraw the funds to their bank account

Feature Update

Payout Details V2

When your listing sells or your payout details are needed, a payout details tab will appear on the seller dashboard. This allows sellers to get paid out quickly and to add any additional payees directly.

Updates to the Listing Page Design on our Website

Update WordPress Listing Page Design

Users of a free Empire Flippers account will be familiar with the updated listing page already. Now we have brought those updates to our website as well. Make sure to sign up for a free Empire Flippers account to add listings to your watchlist

Feature Update

Offers UX Update

On the offer details popup for rejected offers, we now show the rejection reason and a counter offer button
and updated the copy from “Incoming Offers” to “Offers Received” on the seller’s offers page.

Feature Update

Credentials task update

This update adds the improvements to Seller/Buyer credential task.

Feature Update

Grant Access to Your Amazon Account

The task where users have to grant access to their Amazon account has been given a visual revamp. This is to help provide more information about how and why we do this.

Website Update

Product Focused Header

A redesign to the header of our homepage encourages users to sign up for a free Empire Flippers account. We’ve added a range of free benefits when you sign up for an account so make sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

October 2022

Feature Update

Users not pressing complete on tasks UX update

To help with the issue of sellers not completing all tasks we have added a new info section to explain that all tasks must be completed or skipped for our Vetting team to be notified.

Feature Update

Make an offer UX improvement

We have added a new info area on the make offer page with a call to action to contact the seller directly for any questions before making an offer.

Feature Update

Update Registration & Login Page

We have updated the layouts of our registration and login pages to have a more modern look and feel. Included in the new layout are some advertising areas to display our company sales stats and the benefits of creating an Empire Flippers account.

Platform Update

SaaS MRR Multiple

We’ve adapted the way we value and display some SaaS businesses. Listings can now have two different multiple types; SDE and MRR. When MRR multiple is selected it is shown to the users with a tooltip explaining what it means.

Platform Update

SaaS Valuation Tool

You can now get an even more accurate valuation for your SaaS business with our refined SaaS valuation tool. We now ask for the MMR, average monthly net profit, monthly Churn %, and whether the business has a dev/support team. We have added a new SaaS valuation type which will be shown on the results page.

Feature Update

File Upload Task – Persist Uploads

For file upload and P&L tasks, we now save the uploaded files even if the task hasn’t been completed yet. This way when sellers leave and come back to the task, the files are still there. When the task is completed, the files will be uploaded to the Google Drive folder.

New Feature

Block Duplicate URLs

We will now block duplicate URLs from the same user, instead of every user. Sometimes some URLs are the same across users which is why we’re making this change. If the same user tries to submit the same URL within a week, they will see this error message.

Feature Update

Add Recipients – Messaging Feature

Messaging just got easier. This update will allow users to add recipients to each message thread by entering in the recipient’s email address.

Feature Update

Closed Unlocks UX Updates

We have made it easier for Sellers to see the feedback received each time a buyer has closed an unlock and provided their reason why.

New Feature

Seller Onboarding

After a user has successfully registered their seller account it will redirect them to the new onboarding page for sellers.

September 2022

Feature Update

Update Email Preferences From Your Account

We’ve made it easier for you to manage what kind of emails you receive.

Head over to the sidebar and click on the ‘My Account’ section in the drop-down under your name. Then go to the ‘Notifications’ tab and you’ll be able to hit ‘Update Email Preferences’.

This will send an email to your inbox to update your email preferences.

Feature Update

Seller Offer Experience Improvements

The most exciting time for sellers is accepting an offer for your business. To make sure sellers know exactly what is going on, we have created this new pop-up that will show what’s next and where they can find out more information.

Feature Update

Improvements to Offers Page

The offers page has had a refresh for both buyers and sellers. The following updates have been made:

– Rejected and withdrawn offers will be greyed out

– Counter offers are highlighted blued rather than red

– Offers are now sorted by time and not amount

Feature Update

New Homepage Hero Header Design

Our sleek new homepage header modernizes our homepage and simplifies free account sign up for new visitors.

Feature Update

Improve Finance Lender Approved Visibility

Finance lending makes acquiring online businesses more attainable for some buyers. We’ve made

the finance lending badge more prominent on the marketplace and listing pages to help buyers easily spot pre-approved listings.

Feature Update

Messages Feature – Design Upgrade Phase 1

In the first of a few exciting updates, it’s now possible to handle communication entirely from inside your EF account.

– When opening a ticket a new sidebar will open instead of redirecting to Zendesk (our messaging provider)

– Users can reply to tickets and add attachments

– All replies will be synced to Zendesk

– Improvements that allow the page to load much faster

Feature Update

Verify Your Identity Task Update

As you may know, we ask all our buyers and sellers to verify their ID to purchase or sell businesses on our marketplace. So this isn’t a new feature, simply one that we’ve given a design refresh to make it even clearer how and why we do this.

Feature Update

New WordPress Security Page

Both us and our customers are always thinking about security. To help users see what we do to protect their data, we updated our security page with a new design and even more information.

Feature Update

Buyer Call CTA on Marketplace

See a listing that you need to know more about? Now all you have to do is to hit the call button and you can schedule a call with a Business Advisor who can give you more information about a listing or some advice on finding a suitable business.

Please note that the call button may not show for some users depending on the amount of verified funds you have

Feature Update

Restrict buyer/seller calls to 8am-8pm eastern weekdays only

With a completely remote team that’s spread across the world, our “opening hours” can be quite confusing. To solve this we have now created a 12-hour window to arrange buyer-seller calls.

August 2022

Feature Update

Add Axis Titles to VT Results Page

For this update, we have added ‘Average Monthly Net Profit Multiple’ at the top of the axis and ‘Business Valuation’ at the bottom of the axis on the valuation tool results page.

Feature Update

Referral Program Leaderboard

Our Referral Program continues to see exciting updates. This update will add a leaderboard to the referral dashboard showcasing our top earning partners.

Just had a big referral deal sell? Head over to your referral dashboard to watch your name climb the leaderboard.

– New section called: Leaderboard

– Ranks the most referral commissions of all our referral partners and shows the top 10

– Referral partners except the current user will have an obscured first name and last name

– Indicates the current user’s rank with a star next to the rank number

New Feature

Unlock Approvals

Security is always our number one priority at Empire Flippers. This feature allows sellers to take even more control over securing their business’s identity.

Available by request for certain sellers, the ‘Unlock Approvals’ feature allows sellers to review each unlock before the buyer has access to private listing details and sensitive information.

The seller will be able to see the primary details of each buyer, such as name, email, and country. The buyer can add additional details when unlocking the listing to help inform their decision. Once approved the Buyer will be notified via email and in-app notification that the listing is now viewable.

New Feature

Remaining Unlocks UX Updates

Inside the ‘Unlock’ popup, we now show the full remaining unlock count (up to 100) and made some visual changes to clean up the layout.

Platform Update

Add Security Icons to Verification Steps

This update adds security icons and links to our security page where you can see everything we do to protect your data.  The icons have been added to the following popups on the verification page:

– ID Verification popup – Persona

– ID verification popup – Document

– Proof of Business popup

– Proof of Funds popup

New Feature

Self-Serving Unlock Groups

Unlock groups allow a primary user to create an unlock group with additional users. This means that members of the group will share proof-of-funds, unlocked listings, and buyer-seller call info. A feature that is particularly useful for business partners, aggregators, and the like.

This improvement allows the primary user to manage the unlock group in a variety of ways from inside their account:

– Primary unlock group users can now add, view, or remove secondary users via the My Account page -> Group Members tab

– Added a table that displays information about the users

– The invited additional user will be sent an email or a platform notification

New Webpage

Verified Listings WordPress Page

We always try to be as transparent with our customers as possible. To continue this, we created a new page that informs users of all the areas we check during the vetting process.


New Feature

Hide Listing

This feature makes it even easier for buyers to narrow in on the types of listings they are searching for.

It can be found on the marketplace:

– When hovering over the star icon, it shows a dropdown of both “Add Listing to Watchlist” and “Hide listing”.

– When clicking the “Hide listing” button, the listing initially turn gray. Reloading the page will hide the listing totally.

New Feature

Referral Program – Pending Referral Emails

We know that sometimes the best referrals need a bit more of a personal touch and an email introduction is a great way to connect us with those warm leads.

To help our referral partners do just that, we’ve brought the ability to set up email referrals inside the referral dashboard.

This is how it works:

– Referral partners can add a non-platform user’s email to the list so that when they register they automatically get attributed to that referral partner

– Referral email adresses are removable by clicking the X icon next to the email

July 2022

Feature Update

Referral Program – Split Out Buyer/Seller Stats

This update includes improvements to the referral partner dashboard. We have moved total commissions, clicks and total user sign-ups to a separated section and for the chart added Buyers/Sellers toggle buttons to switch between what statistics you want to view.

Platform Update

Include Unpriced Listings

This allows users to look for listings in a specific range while also including unpriced listings if the checkbox is enabled.

New Feature

Give Feedback

The idea of this new feature is to encourage users to provide us with feedback about specific features/parts of the process, so we can discover more pain points our users experience when working with us.

Feature Update

Referral Program Terms of Use

This update adds a new improvement to the referral partner dashboard forcing any user to accept the referral terms of use before using this area:

– Mandatory popup to agree to the referral program terms of use.

– Creates an event in the Events Log that the user has agreed to the terms.

Platform Update

Changing Monetizations During Vetting

When monetizations for a listing are changed the following will be updated:

– Incomplete irrelevant tasks are deleted.

– New tasks are added depending on the new monetizations.

– Questions task unanswered tasks are deleted.

– New questions are added depending on the new monetizations.

– New P&L file is added to the vetting folder.

New Feature

Payout Multiple Users & Payout Details

This feature allows the primary seller to set payout portions to all parties included in the sale of a listing – here is a list of the complete features:

– A new “Payout Details” tab to the sellers dashboard (only accessible by the primary seller).

– The payout details task now links to this tab and is completed when the seller creates or selects bank details.

– Sellers can now select and create bank details on the new tab.

– Sellers can now add additional payees on the new tab.

– If the payee they’ve added is not registered with the platform, an email will be sent to let them know they should register an account and verify their ID.

– The payees are editable by the Seller by clicking the ‘Edit Payout Portions’ button.

Feature Update

Marketplace Notes UX Improvements

We have made the following improvements to the marketplace notes functionality:

– Notes icon is now highlighted blue when the user has notes for that listing.

– Information is added clarifying that notes are only seen by the user and not the seller.

– Icons have been updated to match for consistency

Platform Update

Zendesk CC Ticket Thread Updates

For listings with automated sales enabled, all secondary sellers and partners are now added as CC when unlock tickets in Zendesk are created. Previously, only the primary seller was included in the ticket.

Feature Update

KDP Revenue Screenshots Update

The KDP Revenue Screenshots task description is now updated to show more detailed instructions on how to capture the correct values.

Feature Update

Cost of Advertising Task Update

The seller task instructions are now updated to be more clear that the values should be exclusive of VAT.

Platform Update

Improve Referral Chart When No Data to Display

To improve the layout and user experience of the referral program dashboard we made some design updates to help with that. There is now a placeholder displayed instead of the blank chart / graph for when no data is present. Some visual cleanup has been completed for the chart also to make that look nicer.

Feature Update

Syncing Google Analytics UX/UI Improvements

This was quite a big feature with a few changes both customer and admin side on how Google Analytics is synced with listings. For customers we have updated the following:

– An authorize Google task is now generated for every site in a listing, so if a listing has three sites, three tasks will be created and need to be completed individually.

– After syncing their Google account, they will be shown a list of properties to choose from, if a URL matches, it will be pre-selected.

– When they complete this flow, their account will be synced with the site and EF account will be synced, any users that need to be added, will be added and the metrics and tests will run.

– If they skip the task, “uses google analytics” for that site will be unchecked.

Platform Update

Move Summary to Top on Listing Pages

This update moves the listing details/summary in between the listing overview and site links further up the page for higher visibility.

June 2022

UX Updates

UX – Marketplace Updates

To continuously improve the overall experience for all users we work on batches of user interface / user experience design updates. The following is a list of what has been worked on for this release:

– Redesigned unlock popup when a user either has no remaining unlock and/or listing price is above the unlock limit.

– Replaced select sort field into a button (tooltip is also added) on the marketplace grid view.

– Tooltips on the filters and columns buttons on the marketplace.

– Smaller niche image.

– Niches text is over-layed on the niche image.

Feature Update

Referral Program – Pending Sold Column

This update improves our platform’s referral page:

– Adds a new pending sold column.

– The column header has a tooltip explaining what the column is for.

– The new column is filterable.

– Existing and future pending sold listing with a referral will be shown in the pending sold column.

Platform Update

Improved Withdrawal Transaction Notifications

When a withdrawal transaction is created or set to completed, we now send new in-app and email notifications to keep users informed.

UX Updates

UX – Tasklist Updates

To continuously improve the overall experience for all users we work on batches of user interface / user experience design updates. The following is a list of what has been worked on for this release:

– The address task has been updated to require less clicks from the user.

– A link to the seller FAQ has been added in the footer to make use of the extra space.

– The mobile submenu has been updated for improved UX.

– All tasks now show a notification when completed and have a checkmark icon.

– The dropdown icons have been increased in size for better visibility.

Platform Update

Verification Page Redesign

This update improves our platform’s account verification page drastically to help streamline and improve these complex processes that we require our platform users to complete.

– Merges ID Verification, POF verification and business ownership verification into one page.

– Verify funds and business ownership sections are disabled until the user has verified identification.

– Business ownership is skipped by default and can be enabled by the user if required.

– Business ownership is not interactive when there are pending or approved documents.

– Completed popup for each sections are also redesigned.

Feature Update

UX – My Account Updates

For this release we improved the UX of the Two Factor setup flow by fixing some buggy areas and also styled a few sections that were inconsistent with our platform design.

Feature Update

Specify Rough Numbers on Seller Submission Form

We have added a blue information notice box to notify users that only rough numbers are required when entering in the business income for submitting the listing to the marketplace.

New Feature

Collapsible Sidebar Menu

Exciting release that enables users to collapse the side menu bar to allow for more screen space when viewing the marketplace. This works across the platform on any page you visit. Users are able to collapse and expand the menu sidebar.

Feature Update

Improve No Listings Found Page

This update improves our marketplace’s no results found page and returns listing suggestions based on the filter criteria set at the time. The page will also return a list of suggested monetizations and their count based on the suggested listings.

May 2022

New Feature

New Scoreboard!

The old scoreboard design was starting to look a little outdated so we decided to revamp this page to provide a much cleaner scoreboard experience.

Platform Update

Monetization Listing Page Metrics

“Monetization Listing Page Metrics” feature has been deployed. This allows you to display the following metrics on the listing page:


– COGS %

– Churn



– Growth

– LTV / CAC Ratio

Feature Update

Registration Page Updates

We wanted to improve the experience for users when accidentally creating multiple accounts, so upon entering in an existing registered email address we now prompt users to reset their password.

Feature Update

New Marketplace Layout for EF Website

To align with our newly updated card view layout inside of the Empire Flippers platform we have also updated the public website marketplace layout to match in design.

Platform Update

Unlock Limit Increased from 10 to 100

This update will change the default unlock limit from 10 to 100 and resets all POF verified users’ remaining unlocks back to 100.

Platform Update

Improve Frontend Error Page

This update includes a newly designed error page layout to improve the UI/UX for users. We now include the EF branding and a button to reload the page when encountering a page error.

Feature Update

New Card View Layout

To continuously improve the user experience we have updated the design for the card view layout so that users across all devices and screen resolutions benefit from having a unified consistent layout. The design has drastically improved how we display the data so that users can easily read and digest all of the available information.

April 2022

New Feature

Unlock Groups

We’ve now deployed the “Unlock Groups” feature. In short, this feature allows groups of associated customers (e.g. like employees of an FBA Aggregator) to share their Proof-of-Funds, Unlocked Listings and Buyer Seller Call info to that Unlock Group.

New Feature

Send Remaining Funds Feature

For Buyers purchasing listings we have added the ability for them to send the remaining funds to our accounting team via a new button on each purchased listing under the ‘Purchases’ tab. Clicking the new button opens a payment popup with two options to send funds via a wire transfer request of using funds available in your Empire Flippers wallet.

Feature Update

Lock Listing Tooltip Explanation

To help improve the user experience we have added a tooltip explanation for the lock icon on any active listing. The lock icon when clicked opens a popup allowing buyers to close the unlock when they are no longer interested in that listing.

New Feature

Hidden Listing Price – Make Offer (Website)

We have created new functionality that allows us to have a listing live on the marketplace with no fixed listing price, and the ability for buyers to submit unique offers for the Seller to consider. *These updates were made to our main website.

New Feature

Hidden Listing Price – Make Offer (In App)

We have created new functionality that allows us to have a listing live on the marketplace with no fixed listing price, and the ability for buyers to submit unique offers for the Seller to consider. *These updates were made to our application.

Feature Update

Referral Program Landing Page

For the new Empire Flippers referral program we designed and built a landing page for our website to inform people of the benefits of being an EF referrer.


New Feature

Oh No You’re Leaving! Popup

This update adds a new popup in the sell your site flow that is triggered when a user tries to exit the form before completion. We present the user with the ability to book a call with one of our business advisors to help answer any concerns you may have.

March 2022

New Feature

Oh No You’re Leaving! Popup

This update adds a new popup in the sell your site flow that is triggered when a user tries to exit the form before completion. We present the user with the ability to book a call with one of our business advisors to help answer any concerns you may have.

Feature Update

Referral Program Pipeline View

This feature update provides referrers with a new section on their referral dashboard allowing them to view the status of each referred deal.

Platform Update

UX Visual Cleanup Tasks

This update improves/enhances the following areas of the platform:

– Buying area we updated the title / subtext and update the checkpoints section.

– My Investment Page the Amount Refunded column is hidden if no amount has been refunded.

– Users Wallet area, for consistency the icons were moved to the right side of each button.

– Seller Tasks we added external icon to represent a few of the links navigated to external parts of the platform.

Feature Update

Wire Transfer Popup Success Screen

We have redesigned the wire transfer success screen, upon successfully submitted your wire transfer you will now see a much more improved / cleaner page guiding you on how to submit your wire to Empire Flippers.

Platform Update

Listing Page Updates

Recently we have implemented a couple of changes to the listing details page, in particular the layout has significantly changed. We aim to continuously improve the user experience, so as part of this latest round of updates we have:

– Optimized the layout to allow more critical information higher up the page above the fold

– Implemented sparkline charts for monthly revenue / monthly profit

– Added KPI to show the profit margin %

– Navigation header to quickly scroll down the page easily

Feature Update

Buyer/Seller Conference Call Availability

We have made some updates to improve the experience when users are booking a buyer/seller conference call via the availability calendar. If a business advisor has been assigned to the Seller it will sync both the Seller and BA calendars to show what call slots have availability for both parties.

February 2022

Platform Update

UX Mobile Updates

This update removes the list view layout button on mobile and only redirects the user to the card view layout. The reason for this being list view not being properly optimized for mobile and card view is the correct mobile approach.

New Feature

Overpriced/Underpriced Feedback Option

When closing an unlock, if a buyer selects “Overpriced” then a new field will display asking what price the buyer would be willing to pay for the listing. Depending on the amount entered it would then present the Buyer with the option to submit an offer to the Seller.

New Feature

Completed Payout Details Task

This feature provides the customer the ability to view the payout details they entered for the payout details task. Account numbers and sensitive bank details are still displayed as masked values as this is an important security feature. If a seller has entered incorrect details, they can now edit the payout details in the task to change the payout details. For security reasons, this will not update the existing bank details, but will create a new bank record and update the payout details with the new payment information.

Platform Update

Marketplace Pagination

The platform marketplace is now using pages instead of infinite scrolling. This makes it more performant and hopefully easier to use. You can switch between list and grid view whilst remaining on the same page. There’s also a new improved loading indicator.

Feature Update

Restrict Extended ID Calls for POF under 20K

Buyers will only be able to scheduled an extended ID all if they have at least $20,000 of verified funds. An additional popup will appear after a user clicks “Book a Call” if the customer requires extended ID verification and has less than $20,000 of verified funds. This only applies to buyers that require extended ID verification.

Feature Update

Plaid Error Message Popup

This update would add depth into our platform’s user experience by adding a popup when a user experienced an error in Plaid which suggests uploading a financial document or retrying to re-connect to plaid.

Feature Update

Add % Progression Bar to Tasklist Area

Adds a progress bar to track in percentage the overall tasks with the completed/skipped tasks.

Platform Update

Update Seller Checklist in Platform Resources

A new updated seller checklist has been added to the resources section.

Feature Update

UX Update for Wire Transfer Selections

– Payout options have been updated to provide more information to the user on the main section instead of the tooltips.

– Comparison of options and estimated transfer times have been added so users are aware of the transfer times and fees.

Feature Update

Improve Unlock Listing Flow

The previous version of the unlock page included all of the required steps on one workflow, which could overwhelm some users. Therefore we have broken up each section into individual parts to allow the user an easier time focusing on the required tasks.

Platform Update

Swapping SBA with “Private Lender Approved”

The SBA Financing Approved icon has been updated to ‘Private Lender Approved’ and a new associated icon.

New Feature

Invest In All Deals

Investors can now invest in all deals much easier by using the “Invest in All Deals” button, and we also present the user with this option before they invest in individual deals.

January 2022

Feature Update

EF Capital Updates

This updates the following areas of the EFC platform:

Investing → My Investments

– Rearranged the columns of the cards

– Amount funded bar is removed from all deal cards

– Cancelled deals are now separated with a button to show the deals

Investing → EFC Deals → Current Deals

– Amount funded bar is removed from all deal cards

– When a deal has 0 funding, it would show “Awaiting Funding”

Investing → EFC Deals → Past Deals

– Amount funded bar is removed from all deal cards

– Cancelled deals are now separated with a button to show the deals

Deal Detail Page

– Amount funded bar is removed from all deal cards

– When a deal has 0 funding, it would show “Awaiting Funding”

Platform Update

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Marketplace Speed Improvements

Our engineers have been working tirelessly to rebuild the entire marketplace codebase to improve the speed in all areas, this is a huge update for our team and company as it significantly improves all users experience when on the marketplace and listing pages. Load times will be much much faster across the board, we hope you enjoy 🙂

Platform Update

Amazon Tracking ID Screenshot Updated

An outdated screenshot was replaced in our platform with the most recent version of Google’s interface for instructing how to add users to the analytics account.

Feature Update

UX Batch Improvements #2

This update adds the following features to the following areas:

Login Page

– Instead of a toast notification to display the authenticate login notification, it will now be a separate area to display the notification.

– Redesign to the device/email verification.

– 2FA is now automatically displayed when filling up the reset password form. (if user has 2FA)

Seller Tasks → Upload Files Tasks (Profit and Loss, Upload FIles, Etc.)

– Improvements to the file upload interface

– Files are linked to the task when the user has marked the task as complete

– Previously uploaded files are shown as a link

My Accounts Page

– Major improvements to the mobile functionality replacing the dropdown menu navigation with a much improved mobile menu

– Small text updates to the verify funds area for clarification on times to get approved

Feature Update

Alternative Commission Calculator – Listing Price

A new version of the commission calculator has been released allowing users to calculate commissions using the listing price.