EFP 164: How Monetize More Bounced Back from Losing $2.2M

Justin Cooke

December 2, 2016

Losing your AdSense account is bad enough, but losing your account AND the $2.2M you had in the account is probably the worst we’ve ever heard.

We originally sat down with Kean from Monetize More simply because we thought they had an interesting business model that’s valuable to our listeners. They’re looking for high-traffic sites they can help optimize and take a cut of the profits from the improvements only…interesting, right?

As we dug in a bit further we heard about the $2.2M hit…damn.

In this episode we’ll run through the business model, dig into the lost account, and look at how their company bounced back from the massive hit. We’ll also get some feedback on where they see the industry heading.

If you love tragic episodes, I think you’ll dig this show! Their bounce back is a nice touch too. :-)

Check Out This Week’s Episode:

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • Background: How Kean Graham began his entrepreneurial journey
  • Launch: Getting Monetize More launched
  • Disaster: How they lost $2.2M when their account was shut down
  • Growth: Where they’re at today and where they’re going next


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“It’s great to make a rich person richer and then take a cut!” – Kean – Tweet This!

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