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A Few Months Into the Empire Flippers Referral Program

Nick Chi Updated on May 4, 2023

A Few Months Into the Empire Flippers Referral Program

The announcement of the launch of the Empire Flippers referral program received an overwhelmingly positive response. If you were on the fence before about considering the program before, you may be wondering how is the program going after a few months in, and has anything changed since its launch?

In this article, we’ll discuss our current partners, how much our top performers are making, and some details about the program itself. By the end of this article, you may have a better idea as to whether this program is right for you.

How is The Program Going So Far?

The referral program has so far been a huge success. We nearly doubled the program within a few weeks, and currently have 121 referral partners.

On average, our top-performing partners are on track to make $50k-80k within a year.

Changes to The Referral Program

As of now, the only change we’ve made are those to improve the onboarding efficiency of the referral application process. Partner onboarding calls are no longer necessary and most referral partners can complete their onboarding session by watching a simple video.

Who Has Not Qualified For The Program?

We’re excited by the response and the number of applications we’ve received to become a referral partner. We have also, however, had to decline many applicants who didn’t meet the qualifications for the program.

Any qualifying partner must be able to prove they have a genuine connection with their clients, audience, or following. It’s also important that this audience would be able to meaningfully engage with Empire Flippers, meaning they would qualify to list their business for sale with us or would be able to buy a business.

Non-English websites were previously not qualified, but we’re excited to announce that you can now sell foreign SEO sites on Empire Flippers! This also means many more referral opportunities.

Who Tends to Be A Good Fit As a Referral Partner?

In the first article announcing the launch of the referral program, we defined some examples of partners who have already seen success with this program.

As a reminder, here’s a list of some people who tend to be a great fit as referral partners:

Influencer / YouTuber

If you have a Youtube channel in an area related to online business or investing, you could be sitting on tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of potential referral commission.

One of our referral partners sold his business through us, and after posting about his experience on Youtube, he received 1,000 clicks on his referral link, which resulted in three buyers and 12 sellers, amounting to $150,000 in potential referral commission.

Online Course Creator

Similar to Youtube, if you create online content, especially educational content related to building a specific online business model, you may be speaking with an audience who might want to buy and grow a business instead of building one from scratch, or who might want to sell an online business that they built using your online material.

A Brand Within The Industry

If you are known in the online M&A space or work with buyers or sellers of online businesses, you could potentially make a significant amount of referral income. Our partners in this category tend to be significant referral sources, and have generated some of the highest commissions this year.


If you have access to a community of people who could benefit from investing in an online business or from selling a business, you could be in a position to secure a significant referral commission.

One of our referral partners sold a business through us. After the sale, he appeared on a podcast and discussed his positive experience with us. He is now making the equivalent of a full-time living from the commission he has received by just sharing his story.

Email Newsletter

Our email newsletter is one of the main ways we communicate with our community about the deals on our marketplace. If you actively engage with a community through an email newsletter, you could potentially see a lot of success with referrals.

Agency / Service Provider

Whether you’re a bookkeeper, accountant, PPC agency, or SEO agency, you likely work with owners of online businesses, some of whom might want to sell their business if given the opportunity.

As someone who consults on a certain part of the business, you may be able to recommend selling as an option and receive a potentially significant referral income if a sale closes, and you may even be able to continue providing your services to the new business owner.

Private Equity / Fund / Portfolio Operators

If you operate or manage a portfolio of online businesses, you can likely see which businesses within the portfolio would be in a position to sell, or which businesses could benefit from acquiring other related businesses.

Still On the Fence?

As the referral program continues to grow each week, we’ll provide updates on the progress or major changes to the affiliate program.

If interested in learning more or applying for the referral program, you can get started here. Similar to before, we recommend applying earlier than later to maximize your presence in this space and the number of referrals you can potentially receive a commission on.

Otherwise, if you can’t find an answer to your question about the referral program on the page above, you can contact

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