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Mike Swigunski Updated on April 18, 2020

For many business people, true success starts with choosing a different path than the one laid out for them. This is such a difficult moment in many entrepreneurs’ lives because it often includes walking away from a “sure thing”. Taking a leap into the unknown can be daunting. But for most of those who have embarked on this journey, doing the thing they were “supposed” to do just didn’t feel like an option. They knew they wanted a different life.


Years ago, the course of Travis Jamison’s life took a major turn. He had studied for and was just about to take an exam to get his insurance license. There was just one problem: The day before his exam, he realized, “I hate this.” So Travis dropped out of college and started his first business, though it took a couple of years before he could quit his job and become a full-time entrepreneur.

Travis’s entrepreneurial journey has included purchasing all kinds of businesses from Empire Flippers. “The biggest one I’ve purchased was a software company in the Amazon space. I bought it for about $180,000. I think it was doing around $7,000 or $8,000 a month, and since then, we’ve 4x’d it in about a year.” (4x means they’ve quadrupled revenue). This is a strategy that many of our DIY Buyers implement. They find a business that is not performing up to its potential and get to work putting systems and improvements in place, which often results in dramatically increased revenue.

Travis has bought over a dozen businesses from our marketplace in his quest looking for websites for sale. “Empire Flippers makes it easy for me to buy companies. I can look, and they have evaluated all the numbers; they’ve evaluated the health of a business. I can take a snapshot in 10 seconds.” Travis continues, “Knowing that the financials are solid is what really counts. Some of the huge fears actually are that the numbers could be faked. Empire Flippers are validating that the real revenue is there, the real profit is there.”

One of Travis’s favorite aspects of working with Empire Flippers is our one-of-a-kind Migration Team, which is dedicated to the transfer of a business after it is sold. “I bought a business a few months ago, and the Migrations Team took care of it all. They went and changed out the AdSense code; they went and changed out the affiliate links; they changed the logins. They give this all to you and just hand it to you. They are the middleman so that I don’t have to do this stuff.”

We love working with Travis to find businesses that meet his criteria. But this isn’t just a service we offer to repeat customers. If you are interested in finding businesses that are the right fit for you, schedule a call, and we’ll help you figure out exactly what you’re looking for.

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We are committed to helping our customers enjoy the privileges that the entrepreneurial lifestyle offers, such as traveling to exotic locations and spending more time with friends and family. But even more, we love knowing that many of our customers are like Travis: pursuing goals they’re truly passionate about, thanks to buying or selling a business with Empire Flippers.

Travis is the founder of Supremacy SEO and Moat Ventures. He can also be found on Twitter here.

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