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Empire Retreat 3.0 – Join Us for an Amazing Breakthrough

Greg Elfrink Updated on February 29, 2020

What if one idea could change everything?

What if you were one conversation away from something that could literally transform your business? Something that could change the entire trajectory of your career?

It is often said, “It is not what you know, it’s who you know.”

That line holds a lot of weight in our industry, as people are often not overly open about what they are doing to succeed online. This is especially true when it comes to “leveling up” your business.

But there is a way to solve this problem, and that is by attending masterminds with peers who are growing in the same direction you want to grow.

We have hosted two such masterminds before, in a villa nestled in the rolling green hills of Phuket, Thailand.

Now, we’re about to host our third mastermind.

The Empire Retreat 3.0 has officially been announced for July 27th–30th.

We will be gathering 15 six-figure-and-up digital entrepreneurs to hang out with us. It will be a powerful mastermind where secrets are spilled, problems solved, and amazing friendships are created.

The fact is, a mastermind is only as good as its attendees, which is why we have a few requirements before a person is even allowed to come.

If you want a quick taste of what previous Retreat attendees thought, take a look at what two of our attendees said about our last Retreat:

Here is what Felipe Vasco, owner of Every Day One Thing and six-figure business acquirer, had to say about our last Retreat:

empire retreat

Here is what Tung Tran, creator of Cloud Living had to say about it:

empire retreat

Felipe acquired a six-figure business from us and then scaled it even further, and Tung has mastered the art of building authority sites to the extent that he has created an entire course on how to grow a niche site that produces thousands of dollars in monthly net profit. These two serve as great examples of the caliber of guests we’ve been honored to have at our previous Retreats.

If you’re interested, you might be wanting more information on who is allowed to come.

Who Will Be Attending? Who is This For?

We mentioned earlier that only entrepreneurs with six-figure-and-up online businesses will be allowed to attend the event. If you are under that threshold, keep hustling — we know you will get there, but this event isn’t for you yet.

This event is for entrepreneurs with established, six-figure businesses who have a burning desire to:

  • Grow
  • Scale
  • Build something truly valuable

While the event is going to be fun, with boat ride excursions and exploration of the natural beauties of Phuket (as well as the fun nightlife), we DO ask something of our attendees.

We ask that you are willing to openly share your experiences, trials, and accumulated wisdom with those around you. The other attendees will be sharing theirs with you, too.

We have had people from Google, active digital investors, SEO gurus, and e-commerce moguls attend our past two events. Imagine the knowledge you’ll glean from this gathering of experts openly sharing their wisdom; all you have to do is openly share your wisdom, in turn. Together, the total net worth of the 12–15 guests may well total several million dollars.

This boat ride right here had more than two million dollars in soon-to-be done deals sitting aboard:

Here is a video of our last Retreat:

Here is the video we did for our very first Empire Retreat last year:

If you are willing to be transparent with your successes and failures, we are willing to give you the advice that not only will make your business grow, but also show you how to turn it into a real sellable asset for a big exit down the road, should that be your goal.

At our retreat, you will create new connections that will last your entire career.

What is the Itinerary?

You will be joining us in Phuket, Thailand, at two villas we have rented for the occasion, which boast picturesque views of the ocean.

We have four days and three nights planned for you, from July 27th–30th.

  • Day 1: Arrival, meet-and-greet, get settled in
  • Day 2: High-level networking and mastermind, with a night out on us
  • Day 3: Boat ride and island exploration
  • Day 4: Checkout

Feel free to arrive early if you would like to hang a little with the team or drop by to say hello to us before the event gets going.

We cover all the food at the villas, the villas themselves, the boat ride, and all transportation. We’ll be buying you dinner, along with a VIP table, at the nicest club in all of Patong (one of the beach cities in Phuket, close to the villas) for a fun night out, Empire Flippers style.

Network throughout the day with high-level entrepreneurs, and party with them throughout the night. Come see why Thailand is called the Land of Smiles while learning invaluable business lessons.

Remember, this is a limited event.

We have already sent out a few private invites to past guests, and a few days ago we made our event tickets live to our 40,000+ email list. That means if you are only now reading about this, you have a chance to still get a ticket, but a few of the slots have already been snatched up.

The sooner you order the tickets, the more value you are going to get for your money, since at the time of this blog being published we are still offering early-bird discounted pricing.

As the event gets closer, whatever tickets remain will go up in price.

Here are some pictures of the villas where you will be staying when you join us:


Phuket Beach

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What to Do Right Now

If you want to change your business, make a breakthrough, and make contacts that could revolutionize your business… then buy a ticket now (providing you meet the requirements).

Our masterminds are intense, honest, and insightful — we have been repeatedly told it was the best mastermind experience that our guests have ever been through. Some of these guests go to all the big name-brand conferences in our industry, so this feedback is quite humbling for us.

When it comes to buying and selling businesses, we STRIVE to be a thought leader. We want to help you GROW your business even further, regardless of whether you sell the asset or acquire another one.

Click Here to Buy a Ticket

See you in the villa pool!

Photo credit: Pakhnyushchyy

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