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The 3 Tiers Of Internet Marketing

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

The 3 Tiers Of Internet Marketing

With so much content on the web it’s easy to feel a bit of information overload. I seem to find myself sliding up and down the scale between input and output, but more recently I’ve taken quite a bit more in than I’ve put out. When I start to feel a bit guilty about the consumption I have to remind myself that some of my best output is borrowed from or inspired by those people who I think provide true value and actionable information.  This will be a very subjective post, of course, but thought I’d share with you my thoughts on other blogs and how I view the content they put out.

With so many bloggers/authors/podcasters out there, it seems that you have to step through quite a bit of shit to get to the good stuff. Keeping that in mind, I’ve come up with a simple classification system I use to help separate the “wheat from the chaff” so to speak and wanted to share that classification system and method I use to determine which of the categories the content should fit in. I originally wasn’t planning to name any names or include some of the most popular blogs, but I thought it might be important to share that as well so that you can see exactly where I’m coming from. I should add that their Tier is in no way determined by how much money they’re making, how many readers they have, etc. as you’ll see below.  I’ll also mention that it’s specific pieces of content that are technically in each tier, but based on the overall content the person puts out I assign a general category to that person.

Tier 3 Marketers: Always Be Closing

Definition:  These are what I consider the “weakest” forms of content or marketers. Their content can range from gobblety-goop stuffed with affiliate links to even more well-known marketers that put out a bit of content, but ultimately stand to hammer you until you buy something from them. The newer guys and girls are those that read some free eBook extoling the riches that can be found online by simply putting some content up with links and decided to run with it. Those that have been in IM a while probably found some success with their method and look to expand their reach into the new or gullible by continuing the process, not trusting that there might be a better way for them to do things and not having tried to do it differently. Most of their fan or reader base consists of those they network with to promote products together.  These blogs don’t tend to be very popular or, if they are, tend to have a focus on people new to IM.

How To Spot:  The lowest forms of content in this tier are relatively easy to spot and, if you’re reading this post, you can probably classify that content within 5 seconds of checking it out. The upper levels of Tier 3 might take a bit longer to catch, but there are some general guidelines you can follow:

  • No Meat On The Bones – You’ll find that their posts are quite general and might explain the benefits of something without getting into how to actually get it accomplished.
  • Heavy Sales Push On Their Email List – They’re constantly promoting products to you in emails, using list swaps to help others sell products, etc.
  • Silly Comments – They’re less likely to have real discussions or questions in their comments (or many comments at all) so they tend to accept somewhat spammy comments or short replies from those they know.
  • “Fake It Till You Make It” Mentality – While I don’t necessarily disagree with parts of this philosophy, these are the marketers that will do everything they can to make it seem like they’re killing it online while pushing info product after info product on you. They’re generally not very up-front about their intentions, either.

Examples:  Time to call some people out! I’ve mentioned the lower level content on this Tier is pretty easy to spot, so I don’t need to describe that in too much detail, I think, but sites like makemoneyfreemoney dot com and makemoneyinlife dot com should give you a pretty good idea as to what I’m talking about. Towards the middle of this spectrum you have sites like adsensemakemoneyonline dot com that aren’t cluttered with advertisements, AdSense, etc. but don’t provide any real meat behind their posts. On the upper-end of this Tier I’d mention sites like 2createawebsite dot com. This site is quite popular and gets a ton of traffic. I hesitated to put this site in Tier 3, because it does provide some useful content for beginners, but the promotional nature of the content ad-nauseum would classify the site in the top of Tier 3, I think.

Tier 2 Marketers: Balancing Content And Profit

Definition:  Tier 2 covers quite a wide range of good content online. These marketers either trade off between useful content and promotional content or they provide useful content and fit in promotional offers when and where they can. They’re usually up-front about their approach, telling you what products are theirs, which they’re promoting for financial gain, etc. The problem with Tier 2 is that you often have to dig a bit through their information to find the really good stuff. They typically have a few fanatical readers or followers with the rest fitting into the casual reader category, although this varies due to the wide range found in Tier 2.

How To Spot:  Unlike Tier 3, I find it’s a bit more difficult to classify content as Tier 2. You’ll also find some Tier 1 content that’s been provided by these marketers, usually in the form of pillar posts or those that have obviously had more time spent on them than others. These marketers may show flashes of Tier 1(or Tier 3, depending where on the spectrum they lie) and do include blogs I read on a regular basis.

  • Varied Quality Of Content – You might find a few posts, podcasts, videos etc. that you found to be exceptional, with others falling into the “filler” or promotional category.
  • Product Reviews – You’ll find reviews ranging from somewhat useful/promotional to excellent. These reviews are typically honest, but the promotional intent is evident. If it’s TOO salesly, it might be a Tier 3 post from a Tier 2 marketer.
  • Useful Comments – You’ll find a few true fans that post on a regular basis. Many more comments than Tier 3 marketers, but you might find less debate or thought-provoking points made.
  • “Honesty Is The Best Policy” Mentality – Tier 2 marketers will usually be very upfront about how they’re making their money by letting you know which are affiliate links, providing income reports, etc.

Examples:  At the lower end of this spectrum, you’ll find sites like Michael’s or Trent’s Both of these sites bounce around a bit in the value provided in their content, but provide good value overall with some useful information and are upfront about how they’re making their money, even if they’re a bit more promotional than others. In the middle of Tier 2 I would place sites like Chris’s and (surprisingly) Tim’s (While I feel Tim’s book the 4HWW was definitely a game changer and Tier 1 material, his site would be a wildly popular example of your average Tier 2 site, I think) In the upper tier, you might find sites like Pat’s, Spencer’s, or the site. These guys are providing high-level content on a regular basis, offering extremely useful reviews and posts, and offer their own products or services in a much more passive way. I’d also put forums like the WarriorForum in Tier 2, although probably at the lower end of the spectrum, overall. Alternatively, the Dynamite Circle would be classified as a high Tier 2 (or possibly low Tier 1?) forum.

Tier 1 Marketers: Thought Provoking And Game Changing

Definition:  These guys and girls are at the top of their game, providing mind-blowing content on a regular basis. They’re so passionate about what they’re doing that they don’t even have to bother being upfront about their intentions and the content is so good you WANT to give them your money so that they can continue their work/mission. Typically, they find a way to explain a story or situation in such a way that, even though it might apply to their particular niche, it speaks volumes to you in yours as well and has broader appeal. Their content is the type you can get lost in and it’s important to intake in bite-sized chunks so that you can have a chance to digest it and implement in your work or life.

How To Spot:  It’s easier to find these people that have already become quite well known, but I’ve found secret pleasure in trying to discover them before they reach the point at which they go mainstream and start running popular blogs. (Probably similar to those who are really into music love digging through the Indy singers and bands and finding the diamonds before they become “famous”) Often, their content comes out without any obvious promotional intent that’s noticeable at all…they might have written or produced it simply because they had the need to make their point or to help others.

  • Sometimes Less Actionable, More Philosophical – If I’m looking for more information about how to setup and distribute a podcast, I’m more likely to look for a high-end Tier 2 to help me. If I’m dealing with a problem like determining the best point for me to fold on a project or to pivot/change strategy, I’m looking for a Tier 1.
  • Strategy Reviews – They typically don’t focus so much on particular products, but more on your overall strategy or approach to business.
  • Debate/Discussion In Comments – Some of their writing would be considered quite controversial and you might see some pretty high-level debate or discussion going on between the readers or with the author in the comment section. (If they leave comments open at all)
  • “Change The World” Mentality – Typically, their vision goes way beyond affiliate or book sales and they have a laser-like focus on getting out their message. (Although the subject of their message may change over time.) They may consider taking their best content and providing it on their blog or through videos for FREE, simply because selling it may have less of an effect as it won’t be distributed enough to truly make a difference.

Examples:  I would mention Jonathan Fields and Eric Ries at the lower end of the Tier 1 spectrum. Some of the more famous or well-known Tier 1 marketers would include Seth Godin, Derek Sivers, or Paul Graham. A great way to find some Tier 1 content is to go to TED Talks and research some of the speakers, as they have a very high quality-to-noise ratio there.

This tiering structure helps me make sure that I’m going to the right places and people to get the information I need. I find that Tier 2 provides more of the actionable content required while I rely more on the Tier 1 content for strategy, business ideas, inspiration, etc. In case anyone was wondering, I’d classify AdSenseFlippers as a mid-Tier 2 resource (with flashes of upper Tier 2, I hope?) but, if I’m being honest, I really wish I was regularly producing content at the upper Tier 2 or lower Tier 1 level. I’d classify our niche sites as low Tier 3 resources, although I’m hoping with time we can be more in the upper Tier 3 or low Tier 2 range with them as well.

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So how do you rate the content and content providers you come across? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • aziz haida says:

    Great classifications, i feel like confused which type to classify my blog, im not too promotional but believe the content is still low, will try to move to tier 2 if you could point a content strategy will be great.

    • Greg Elfrink says:

      Hey Aziz,

      I would recommend picking up some books on content marketing like Content Machine or Web Copy that Sells. Both of these are great books to get you started in the right direction with content marketing.

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  • sokly says:

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  • riththear says:

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  • bon tong says:

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  • Eko Dinda says:

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  • routna says:

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  • routna says:

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  • Sdfkn says:

    honesty. in im.

  • Blake G. says:

    Hey Justin Great Post. I really like that you “ranked everyone” definitely a move that should get some traffic I am thinking ! What do you think about ? I put him in a top tier 2 site since he seems to give all of his material away and is so in depth with his reply’s to his audience. One of the same reasons I love your content. I can not connect with any blogger that is representing himself as an expert in the field and will not answer any questions that the readers have.

    Excited to go check out a few of the sites I have never heard of before that I just found in your comment section.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Awesome, Blake…thanks!

      Joseph Archibald seems like a straight-shooter with strong content. He has some fanatical readers, which is pretty cool to see. I haven’t read a ton of stuff on his blog, but I did like what I read. Someone was “calling us out” on one of the comments on his blog and I responded…turned into a pretty interesting conversation…I love blogs where that happens, hehe.

  • David Ledoux says:

    Justin, well done. I like the self-analysis especially. That’s often harder than rating a friend’s blog.

    Congrats on having a big 2011, good luck in 2012!

  • Ziga Milek says:

    Wow, Justin great stuff! I’m shocked I haven’t found this site until now. I came here through link on SmartPassiveIncome.

    At first I was surprised to not see copyblogger or problogger on the list. I always regarded them as authorities in the field. Justin, is there a reason why you don’t read them? Were you reading them at first, but later decided they’re not worth it?

    Well, after reading the comment from Lis it became clear to me that that’s exactly what they’ve become – a guest-posting machine (well, copyblogger less so, since they have sort of a team of regular writers). Given their authority and tremendous reach, I suppose everyone wants to guest post there. Which gives the owners more time to focus on their side business.

    Of course this comes at a cost, the once respectable blogs start to lose their shine. I’m sure CB and PB were great to read 4 or 5 years ago when they only had one author.

    I suppose it’s hard not to give in to all the guest posts requests when your blog has 150k+ subscribers. What are your thoughts on that, Justin? It’ll be interesting to see if e.g. Pat Flynn (chose him based on the number of subscribers) remains a “one-man band” or sometime in the future decides to go the Copyblogger route.

    Anyway, are you familiar with Glen Allsopp from ViperChill? If so, where would you put him in your classification?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Ziga…thanks for the great comment!

      I’ve read some random articles on Copyblogger and Problogger but don’t follow them regularly. I thought Lis’s comment was quite interesting and on the mark.

      I think guest posts can be useful as they provide a different perspective, but they shouldn’t make up the majority of your content and should be particularly useful/valuable…not a link tool for the author.

      Vaguely familiar with Glen and ViperChill. I don’t read the blog (probably should) but several people I largely respect read it regularly, so I really should check it out.

  • Interesting, and useful classification. One group that you haven’t mentioned are the ones that end up with pretty much just guest posts unless they want to sell something then they jump in with a “real” post – copyblogger does it all the time. I’d put that approach firmly in tier 3 – but many would disagree with me I suspect!

    Also I do take exception to you calling WarriorForum anything but a dangerous cess-pit for the beginners. Given their policy of deleting all negative comments on WSO’s is a prime spot for the un-scrupulous to prey on the naive and beginners

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Lis,

      I don’t read copyblogger, but based on your description…yes, probably high Tier 3 for me. Keep in mind that this is very subjective and will be unique to each person!

      You might be right about the WF…but there IS some really good information there…you just have to wade through so much to get to it! I don’t necessarily mind deleting negative comments (personal attacks, people who haven’t purchased the product, etc.) I view that section as an advertising section, not true product reviews anyway…but I see how that could be quite confusing to someone that’s new there…

  • stevewyman says:


    VBl well that’s fine i guess but i don’t see any original content in smartpassive that justifies a differential over the others.

    Niche pursuits certainly deserves a higher slot that SPI.

    in the interests of calling people out. can’t put trent in tier 2. its recycled content with little or no original work. Unless you classify the “ill teach you how to do this shit” which i think is tier 3 at best.

    My only other issue (do i have to many?) is that your tier sites whilst i see where your going are really a very different type of site to the top of the tier2.

    I think NichePursuits, VBL, adsenseflippers have a very very important place in our market and I’d hate to see them become more theoretical and less practical..

    Spencer or Justin doing a sebastianmarshall.. Please no just keep growing with in your own niche spaces we all have along journey still to take 🙂

    And for the record Id vote adsenseflippers inline with Nichepusruits 

    Great post again Justin and very thoguht full. Qudos

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Steve, thanks for the comment!

      Keep in mind this is extremely subjective…my opinion as to where they rank is not definitive…it’s just where they rank for me.

      I think Trent’s site is better than your average Tier 3, but I hear what you’re saying, for sure.

      I think SPI has some case studies and interviews that (for me at least) have had a major effect on how I do business, so I hold them in a pretty high regard…maybe biased?

      Yeah, I guess I can’t see AdSenseFlippers (or Niche Pursuits for that matter) turning into more theoretical blogs…they’re based around actionable content. Still, I’d like to have a Tier 1 blog/site someday…and maybe mix in some of that content (if I can get to that level) here as well.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence, Steve…appreciate it!

  • Where would you classify the guys whose unique selling proposition seems to be “I’m not like those gurus”?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Charleen,

      I guess it depends on how close to those gurus they actually are? 🙂 I don’t like the title of guru…but title or not, I try to look through the salesy stuff and see if they actually have any business sense and good approach/methodology. If they are then sharing that information with me, I think that’s useful.

  • Phil Jensen says:

    It’s so easy to get sucked into “hard sellling” when your site begins to gain some momentum. I’ve struggled with this in the past and now I find myself “checking myself” every time I “cross that line”.

    I guess the lesson here is……provide value, value and then more value to your readers and you can’t go wrong. Also, try not to promote anything that you wouldn’t use yourself.

    Justin, if you see me slipping from tier 2 to tier 3 please call me out!!! lol

    Great post!

  • Johan Woods says:

    Really interesting take and categorization. Haven’t even come across any Tier 1 sites before you mentioned them here. Probably a good thing!

    I’d love to be a Tier 2 one day. More attainable than Tier 1, maybe.

    But for that to happen, I’d need to actually start blogging or something, lol.

    A bit too busy for that at the moment.

    3 of the 10 sites I’ve created so far are pushing 1st and 2nd page in Google, much higher in bing without any linkbuilding efforts. Not sure if that’s good or bad. But no adsense cents rolling in just yet!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Cool, Johan…weird no $$ yet though…still pretty early though, eh? Get on the first page for good keywords and you’ll see the clicks start rolling in, for sure.

  • Kate says:

    Yes Justin, that was what I was thinking… I’ve been resisting using WP cuz it take a longer time to set up everything right and the transfer process is more complicated. But I guess if my plan is to flip the sites then WP is the way to go.

    • JustinWCooke says:


      Our next podcast will be all about buying websites…should be recording it now and have it out in a few days…will mention that, I think…thanks for bringing it up!

  • Kate says:

    As always, great post! I have a question though regarding selling small niche sites on Flippa. I’ve always use Xsitepro to build my small niche sites and they rank just as well. But for flipping, do you think I would need to start building them on WordPress rather than Xsitepro? (html, static sites). Not sure if having static sites will dampen sales on Flippa… any advice on this?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Kate,

      Great question! While you do want to differentiate yourself by selling sites that are up, earning, etc…you DON’T want to turn people away because they don’t think they’ll be able to run/manage the sites after they’ve purchased them. Due to the fact that the use of WordPress is so widespread and relatively easy to use, your buyer pool is much broader than simply using static html sites. While there are some that might prefer that to WordPress…a large majority would not and it would actually keep some potential buyers from bidding on your sites, if that makes sense.

  • That right there is a nice bit of philosophizing! Working your way up to Tier 1 material dudes! 😀

  • Dan says:

    PS, thanks for the HUGE shout. I like this and now it will infect my brain: how the hell can I push it to tier 1. I actually would put you guys in my Tier 1 because your content is so USEFUL to me right now which is so very rare to find… so it’s tough to put it in the middle of the pack for me… that said, I dig where you are heading here… i think the road you guys are on lands you in Tier one.. thats exciting stuff.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Awesome, Dan. Funny…we feel similarly about your content. Some of the stuff you’re working on is just amazing and easy to get passionate about…we definitely get it and are excited to see where it leads.

  • Dan says:

    Justin, would you indulge us: any tier 1 marketers you have recently discovered that aren’t mainstream yet?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      I think Sebastian Marshall is up there with some of his latest stuff…just gut-wrenching and quite controversial, but I find myself rooting for him and it feels like he has a message, audience be damned…but you know about him already, of course!

      I think Penelope Trunk is up there Probably low-end Tier 1 content for the most part with some Tier 2 mixed in? Some of it’s mind-blowing, though. But…she’s pretty mainstream.

      Here’s one you probably haven’t heard of, Smart-Ass Cripple I first heard of this blog through a TED talk by Roger Ebert who found some comfort in connecting with this guy with the problems he was going through. I get less out of this for business, but connect with it personally and think he has some interesting insights and is awfully funny.

      I’d definitely recommend checking out Phil’s He’s a relatively unknown Tier 2 that’s getting it done…I really like his style…I think he’s on his way, for sure.

      I’ll have to get back to you on some more!

  • Sud.Lamiran says:


    In case I’ll get LTPro from your aff link:
    1. What is your aff id?
    2. What do the bonus/es you provide if any? 🙂


    • JustinWCooke says:

      Yeah…a little less-proud about our pushing LTP in the podcast. I mean, we do LIKE it and use it now…but it felt a little more promotional than I usually feel comfortable with. I do believe it came with some useful information (interview with the creator, video showing how to use the competition section, etc.) which puts us squarely in Tier 2, I think.

    • Phil Jensen says:

      LTPro is awesome…highly recommended. Just be careful…it’s addictive, once you start using the program you won’t want to stop. I now have too many ideas…….if that’s even possible.


  • aldovargas says:

    I agree with you, sometimes some bloggers forget that people will know when they are trying to help others and when they are just trying to look like helping others but their main goal is to promote or talk about a product to promote.

    I have i blog but i hadnt updated it since long time and the main reason is because i would like to provide real and killing stuff that works right now. I could go from keyword research to duplicate content but i think is not the time yet for that.

    My advice for those people is that please just to from their experience and testing themself so they dont become the next guru which have webinars every week with new top technique for making money online and they eve ndont have a clue if this works or not… , most of the type all that webinars are trash content.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey, Aldo. Yes, I do think there’s a different between how the 3 tiers treat their readers…that’s a great point.

      Tier 3: Generally treat their readers as if they’re suckers or gullible, playing to their fears or their ignorance.
      Tier 2: Generally treat their readers well…as if they can decide for themselves whether they want to buy from you.
      Tier 1: Don’t seem to give a shit, necessarily, about their readers…they’re much more interested in the message. Agree or disagree…your choice.

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