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Flipping Websites For Fun And Profit

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

Turning our website publishing into a major part of our business was not something we set out to do initially. Our business has been offering more traditional outsourcing services through, our Philippines outsourcing company based in Davao City, Philippines. This has included everything from providing back-end support to local SEO companies in the US to telemarketing support for a fencing company in Australia. While we value our clients, we also realized that much of what we’ve done has not been through a partnership with the company and, ultimately, builds little value for our organization. Through a vendor-client relationship, we’ve helped make their respective companies successful, but have never had any front-end services of our own to promote.

After months of trolling through the posts and comments on WarriorForum, we came across a post that described in some detail one person’s successful strategy at creating website and monetizing those sites through Google AdSense. As we dug a little further, we found that this was a strategy practiced by many and well detailed and discussed through well-known forum members like Xfactor and Clickbank. It was discouraging to read the hundreds and thousands of people that had attempted this before and were talking about having “$15 months” with their AdSense strategy, but we decided to devote limited resources to a test campaign. At most, we figured we’d have a nice side-project for our agents to work on when they were not currently engaged in a client’s project directly.

Our goal in providing this to you is to document our process and to give you a case study you can relate to as you continue your journey through internet marketing. From keyword research, site creation, backlinking, and flipping our websites on various marketplaces, we hope to share our experiences as we continue to learn and grow in this industry. We are looking forward to your feedback and hope that you feel comfortable sharing your experience as we all help each other to improve.

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  • mike says:

    How can I get started making quick money selling and buying websites?

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Hey Mike – this isn’t exactly a quick/easy business.

      The best way to get started is to…start! Find a web property that interests you, buy it, and see what you can do.

  • Don Minor says:

    I have been work with this myself, I’ve setup a couple of sites they are starting to earn a little but I have not finish the tweak them yet.

    Been think on the flipping part but haven’t try it yet. Still trying to learn the in and out of it.

    • jwcooke says:

      That’s good, Don. It helps to test it out first and see if you can get a few earning. Once you have a process, you’re off to the races!

      Let us know if there’s anything we can help you with.

  • Trenz says:

    Just wanna say “Thank you for sharing!” =)

    I’m one of those “hundreds and thousands of people who had attempted” but I’m not quitting till I get there.

    • jwcooke says:

      Good on you for sticking with it! Remember though, if it’s not working the way that you’re currently doing it, you need to tweak/adjust to get there.

      Also…don’t be one of those guys that spends WAY more money on products than they earn from internet marketing. That’s one of the things we really hate about this business…it seems like everyone’s out to sell their products rather than help others achieve their goals and it really has that “icky” factor or feel to it. It has a bit of an MLM feel to it…lots of people spending but very few really earning…

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