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Our Linkbuilding Strategy Part 1

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

One of the difficulties surrounding effective backlinking strategies is that they’re constantly changing and evolving. What worked 5 years ago (1 year ago? Even 6 months ago!) may not work now. Additionally, you might hear one thing from some self-proclaimed guru and something else from another…who’s really right and whose advice should you follow?

Luckily for us, we feel we have a keyword research strategy and an on-page seo strategy that doesn’t require a ton of backlinking at all to be effective. In fact, we’re not entirely convinced that we need to do much backlinking at all…the reason we do it is mostly precautionary. (That and we DID slack off on backlinking and think we observed an after-effect of that, as stated in this income report.) We limit our backlinking to a minimal amount because we’ve found that our plan mostly works without them and any additional cost would have to have a proveable ROI associated and that’s very difficult to do with backlinks. (It’s not so difficult to measure the $$ effect of rankings, but MUCH more difficult to determine which backlinking strategy helped you get there!)

My plan with this post is simply to share some of the backlinking paths we’ve taken, give an overall picture of what we’re doing now, and to share with you some resources that we think are effective and worth paying attention to. By no means is this a full-on blueprint, guaranteed to make you successful and we’re far from gurus at any of this…just a couple of guys with good resources available and a hustle mentality when it comes to business.  We hope that you can find your own strategy and mix in anything you get from us to come up with your own successful plan.

Backlinks we’ve used previously:

  • Profile Links – We’d previously heard raving reviews about the value of profile links such as Angela’s Backlinks and wanted to try it out for ourselves. Knowing that our sites are extremely micro-niche, we thought a few of these definitely wouldn’t hurt and might actually help a bit. After doing this for a few months, I just noticed very few were getting indexed and they just didn’t seem to provide much value for the time we were putting into them. I have no proof either way, but we discontinued profile links after a few months.
  • SENuke X – While I think this is a pretty powerful piece of software overall and it’s a pretty neat tool, well-built, etc. it just seemed like overkill for niche sites. It’s definitely effective at building links for larger, authority sites, but I just didn’t feel SENuke X was needed for the types of niche sites we were building. I may go back on this in the future, but for now we’re not using this on any of our niche AdSense sites. In fact, we only tested this on a few of our sites overall pretty early on.
  • Ezine Articles – A real love/hate relationship here. While definitely the most well-known general article directory, their recent hit with the Panda Update left them scrambling for ways to improve quality. After a few less-than-cool messages from their service staff back and forth (Their customer service was never very friendly, but it got downright rude post-Panda) we noticed that less than 50% of our articles were being accepted and published. While these articles were unique and not spun, they would be rejected for a number of reasons that kept our Content Managers constantly having to go back, edit, change, repurpose, etc. and the hassle just became too much to deal with and outweighed the benefit, we thought. We’re still considering replacing Ezine Articles with something like HubPages or Squidoo, but haven’t got around to it yet. We have done a few Squidoo lenses that point to our niche sites and I have to say I’m a fan of Squidoo overall and we definitely might continue this in the future. (Plus, HUGE Seth Godin fan and it makes me “feel good” to donate any earnings there to charity!)
  • Article Directory Submission Service (WSO’s) – In an effort to get caught up on our article directory backlinks, we outsourced this process to a couple of different vendors on the WarriorForum. You can review their offers here and here. Since we had SO much to do, we got a pretty decent bulk rate and had them run with it. This is a one-time project and we’re still considering whether or not we want to use this in the future. My real concern is that they won’t be putting nearly the love and attention we put into our work and I worry about the negative effects that could bring. The pricing was right, (TOO right, perhaps?) but we’re still deciding whether we’ll continue with this type of service long-term. They submit to a bunch of different article submission tools, though…quite a bit of value there, potentially.

Backlinking we’re currently using:

Note Added 3/20/12: We CANNOT currently recommend a BMR purchase as an effective linkbuilding strategy.BuildMyRank has been going through some major changes recently. Many are talking about a large portion of their blog network getting deindexed and their links no longer providing the value they had previously. We checked in our account for some of the posts BMR had previously indexed and 9 out of 10 that were checked were nowhere to be found. We haven’t seen a negative effect on our sites from this, but believe the value of the BMR network to be severely decreased. It remains to be seen how this will play out, what BMR will do to recover, etc. We’ll keep you posted!

  • BuildMyRank – There’s no shortage of praise for this service online, but I’m guessing most of that has to do with a generous affiliate package and so it gets a little difficult to wade through the BS. What we’ve ultimately found, though, is a blog network that effectively offers you a “guest post” service, allowing you to place a link for every 150 words of unique content you provide them. They have a VERY high indexing rate for their links and they actually build backlinks to the backlinks you create, which is quite nice. For a pretty decent write-up of BMR, check out this page and this page for reviews. Currently, we’re creating between 5 and 10 BMR posts for each site and, anecdotally, it’s had a pretty positive effect overall. If you’re building more than that, I would highly suggest targeting partial-match contextual keywords to build some diversity and also building links to internal pages rather than only the home page.

Note: You can BMR articles written for cheaper than the prices BMR offers directly. You’re looking at just at $1.00 per post here, for example.

  • SubmitYourArticle – It’s funny, because we originally chose SYA as it was one of the few that submits to EzineArticles and now we’re not even using that directory with the service! Still, though, SubmitYourArticle allows you to submit content, spin it, and send it out to a host of the majory directories. (and many of the minor directories too!) You’re able to spin resource boxes, contextual keywords and links (highly recommended) and even include keywords in the main article, foregoing the resource box to get them posted as a ghost writer on a blog network. We used to have a somewhat complicated process of having each article link to two sites, having those sites randomly selected from spun options, etc. We’ve simplified…one article links to the main page and one of the secondaries (randomly), with spun anchor text.

Note: I’m not really going to get into the ethics or utility behind article spinning. I have some doubts about effectiveness and serious doubts about overall usefulness, but I’ve also read some compelling arguments for using and we’ve continued so far, although I have to say I would NEVER spin anything I’ve written myself.

  • OnlyWire – Social bookmarking tool that we use early in site creation to help get our sites noticed/indexed faster. Long-term viability of these links is questionable, but we’ve found it useful for getting the sites crawled early. It’s a bit of a pain to sign up for all new accounts with all of the services, but once you do it’s a breeze. We used to go with the free option and multiple accounts, but one of the readers here pointed out that was probably pretty silly and costly overall and we listened and ponied up the cash for a paid account. I think we’re currently paying for the $200/month option.
  • Blog Commenting – We have a rep on staff here that will seek out relevant do-follow blogs, read through the post, and make a useful and relevant response. We’re currently doing 5-10 of these per site and use anchor text when possible and just a name when it’s not. Nothing groundbreaking here at all…you can use a do-follow search engine like DoFollow Diver or use any of the useful search strings that look for CommentHut, CommentLuv, or the like. We have her take an hour per site and get as many done as she can in that timeframe.
  • Fiverr Gigs – I know, I know…we keep pimping Fiverr’s services here, lol. The truth is we do NOT use this as a regular part of our process, but I have ordered backlinking gigs from various Fiverr providers for our larger sites and for some of our niche sites. Check this out for a recent Fiverr backlinking experiment someone reported.  I’m not sure if I really expected anything out of it, but I’d usually make the orders when i saw we had $5.00 – $15.00 left in our Fiverr account, it bothered my OCD, and I just HAD to clear out our balance and add another round of funding to the Fiverr account. (As one of the Content Managers forgot to take it to $0 and remind me to refill! lol)

Note: You can find some pretty cool Fiver gigs at  I really like that blog and recently ran across the owner on the Warrior Forum and had a chance to tell her directly…I like when that happens!

  • Social Oomph + Ping.FM = Automated Social Media – While we haven’t used this on any of our niche sites (yet) we are using on our more robust “authority” niche sites that we’re building. Effectively, these two together allow you to set spun/recurring social media updates to all of your social media accounts for the niche. It gives you web references/mentions for your targeted sites and can help drive additional traffic. For our smaller niche sites this seems hardly worth it, but any site making over $30/month we’re looking to add this in the future. It’s a bit time consuming to set up and to initially create all of the content, but once it’s set it’s self-sustaining…just check in on it every once in a while and try to add some engagement so you’re not a boring bot.

As you can see, we’re really not doing too much regarding off-site seo and are mostly sticking to the basics.

Useful Backlink Resources:

There’s a ton of noise out there when it comes to backlinks and seo.  Trying to cut through the clutter to find information that’s particularly relevant to niche sites AND is written by someone I think knows what they’re talking about can be challenging. I wanted to share a few articles, strategies, and plans that I found that stuck out to me and, hopefully, you can add them to your arsenal as well.

  • SmartPassiveIncome Backlinking Strategy – Pat goes into an effective strategy he put together, modeled after a WF post by Joseph Archibald. It’s quite useful, although I’d say it’s more applicable to authority sites (which I would consider, his “niche” site) than our mini-niche sites. Still, effective linkbuilding that works.  Here’s another similar post from him.
  • SEOmoz competitive Backlink AnalysisAlmost anything that comes out of SEOmoz is useful...those guys really know their stuff. This particular posts is looking at how to methodically review the backlinks for the competition, but I think it’s extremely useful at giving you ideas to create your own, once you understand that competition. Good read.
  • SEOmoz on anchor text – See…I told you I liked these guys! Interesting post I got from Spencer at NichePursuits regarding the use of partial anchor text instead of always focusing on exact match anchor text. Aside from appearing less artificial, I think it will significantly improve your ability to rank for more long-tail phrases.
  • Spot reserved for YOUR recommendations!

Keep in mind that many backlinking strategies are best applied to more aggressive niches and tend to be a bit more involved than we actually need. Still, they’re useful if we’re able to pull bits and pieces out of them and create a useful backlinking plan for us that works without breaking the bank! It wouldn’t be cost effective for us and our mini-niche sites to have a backlinking budget of $100-$300, where it would be worthwhile for a site that’s going to have 50-200 quality content pages, targeting an exact match term with more than 10,000 exact match searches per month, etc.

Download your free report

Lastly, just a reminder, we’re far from experts here. I know that many of you have much more experience with backlink strategies than we do and we’re really asking for your help in adding to this post from your breadth of experience. If you have anything useful you’d like to share please feel free and we’d love to add it here for others to benefit from as well!


Update 3/30/12 – Want to see what we’re up to more recently?  Check out Part 2 of our Linkbuilding Strategy here!

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  • ClickOnHR says:

    Very great and helpful article!
    Thanks for sharing. Are you using these backlinking still?

    • Greg Elfrink says:

      Hey there,

      Backlinking strategies change over time, and obviously we’re no longer in the adsense niche site creation days anymore.

      For us personally, our strongest method of getting backlinks back to Empire Flippers is simply guest posting on influential blogs. I know, it is boring, but it is tried and true and works super well to get more than just a backlink but actual referral traffic and hopefully someone who wants to promote our brand to their audience over and over again

  • Marcia says:

    Building healthy backlins without having money to invest gives a lot of work and unfortunately is more than necessary to have a good positioning, but it is difficult for anyone who has no way to automate everything.

    • Greg Elfrink says:

      Everyone has to start from somewhere, and sometimes that somewhere just does not allow for automation. Over time though, as the business grows, the entrepreneur should be able to start documenting their processes where they can hire a VA or start earning enough money where it makes sense to invest in more automation tools that can lift the heavy load from them.

  • bennix says:

    I just drop by.I never use any of the software you’ve mentioned above.First of all, I am a poor blogger, I can’t afford any paid backlinking or affiliate tools.Second, penguin is really allergic to any automated backlinking methods, my friend got bashed.

    Right now, I am improving my on-page seo and getting some good backlinks from Blog Engage.

  • Michael says:

    I’ve read this article and read the SYR section of “Building a Niche Site Empire” on pages 63-64… but it’s still unclear what you are actually doing with the whole SYR service. Can you clarify your actual process?

    In the Empire ebook, it says: “…we will generally have to unique articles written for each site we create. However, we link to two different sites in each article. So, each site gets a total of four links from two different articles. However, more links than that get indexed since these articles get spun and are submitted to multiple article directories.”

    1) If each article links to two different sites, are you only choosing two niche sites that are related?

    2) When you write two articles, do you ever use spun content from the actual niche site… or are they completely unique (almost like writing two more pages to your site)?

    3) You only write two articles per site, but then how many do you submit total for each site once you spin content? From THIS paragraph in Empire, one would be led to believe you complete a total of 8 articles per website: “When linking out from these articles, we spin in two exact match terms to the homepage, two partial match to the homepage, two non-match to the homepage, and two partial match to the secondary articles on our site. This sends 75% of the links to our homepage, and 25% to inner pages.”

    4) Also, the paragraph I pasted above could also be interpreted as each article has 8 outbound links… but that’s probably not the case.

    Sorry for the long comment, but thank you for your insight! You guys ROCK!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Michael! A quick reply:

      1. One article will link to two different sites. We try to make them related, but they’re not always. It’s in the signature part of the article and not (typically” in the body.

      2. Completely unique…we don’t reuse the content from the sites.

      3. Sorry if that’s unclear…for every site we submit one article to SYA. So, for example, if we had a site about “blue ski boots” and another about “baseball gloves” we’d submit two SYA articles. Both would have links to both sites in the signature…

      4. For the articles mentioned above, we “spin” the anchor text so that when it’s submitted to all the other article directories it will go to the home page 75% of the time and a secondary page 25% of the time.

      Think of it this way: Let’s say that a single SYA submission will be posted on 100 different article directories. 75% of those links (on average) will be sent back to the home page and 25% (on average) will be sent to a secondary page.

  • Uncle Bob says:

    The best backlinking strategy that has delivered results for me in competitive niches is to setup your own private network of high pr sites. You can control your anchor text and link placement. Very involved to get it done right and it took me a while to get there but thoroughly worth it in the end.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Yeah, quite a bit of work there but if it works, it’s worth it, right?

      My bigger concern is that I’d do something silly to get the network found and taken down. I know Google’s targeting larger networks and if I screwed up and they found mine I’d hate for all that work on both the network and the sites they point at to be lost..

  • Michael Forey says:

    What is your take on buying aged domains with page rank and / or existing backlinks?

  • lh linh says:

    i learning more from this blog.

    Thank you very much

  • greg milner says:

    Hey, I totally dig the site and everything you do!

    It’s fairly safe to say that I am a beginner in regards to creating adsense websites and SEO.

    However, something has been bugging me since starting to read a lot of content on the internet and on your site (including your Adsense website blueprint). I know that the internet is a very fluid and dynamic platform on which to base a business model and it is very important to keep up to date with the ever changing face of technology, especially when trying to research techniques and methods.

    My question is, how do you feel the information you provide relates to the modern situation on the internet? (With Google updates, software updates, etc) and how would you compare the techniques you use now to the techniques you used when you first started making money from this venture? Is it a drastic difference? Or is it just a case of getting stuck in and seeing what works?

    Im trying to make educated moves with starting to create my own sites and any advice would be golden!

    Thanks for everything so far guys!


    • Thanks for stopping by Greg. I would say it’s a case of getting your hand dirty with the actual process and seeing what works for you. It’s a bit different for everyone as skill sets vary from person to person. There’s not a drastic difference, but once you have a process you might need to fine tune things a bit.

  • Steve says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m getting into the groove now, and am creating 5 sites a week. I have a keyword research/setup/content creation in place, but I’m a bit stumped on the backlinks.
    The initial setup is costing me around $15, now I need to figure out how best to build backlinks cost effectively.

    How much of your $50 per site is spent on backlinks? And how much of that is spent on backlink tools, as opposed to the backlinks themselves? I imagine if you are building 100 sites a month you are able to spread monthly subscriptions over a lot more sites than if you were just building 20.

  • dano says:

    I hear a lot of people at blackhat forums having success with linkpyramids so to rank my sites low budget I’m going to try the following:

    – 1 youtube video
    – 20 social bookmarks
    – 10 blogcomments on high PR pages
    – 1 submission to 15 social sites (facebook/twitter/etc)
    – 10 web2.0 sites tier1, 200 AMR articles tier2, 20.000 scrapebox comments tier3
    – 100 article links from ALN (can use 3 urls and change weekly so with $69/month comes down to $5.75 a site)

    Will post an update once I’ve tried it a couple of times, now busy setting up solid scrapebox and amr lists. The web2.0’s will be created using seolinkrobot which is a pretty crappy tool cause of the very low succesrate but 10 out of 29 blogs that it supports is doable as well as the 20 social bookmarks.

    Ofcourse I can outsource all but I have a review site where I want to add 100’s of products so if I have to rank 2 pages a day (as thats my target) it would cost me around $25 each. Thats $50 a day = $1500/month.

    Wish me luck 😉

  • Info says:

    These articles that you submit using SubmitYourArticle, how heavily do you spin them, 80% unqiue or 20-25% unique. I found that it’s pretty hard to spin them to 80% in a quick way while maintaining the readability. Or spending like almost an hour to spin them manually at sentence/paragraph level

  • Alex Murphy says:

    Balla post bros. You guys do a hell of a job responding to most all of the comments! Really quite impressive. Doesn’t it ever bother you guys when people comment with sloppy grammar and poor sentence structure? I find it quite unnerving as a reader.. Anyway keep pounding out the great info!

    • Thanks Alex. Sometimes I am just as guilty of bad grammar and spelling especially when I’m in a rush and don’t proofread. I use a bunch of tools to check for this, but sometimes I just miss it. I imagine this is what happens to most readers too. Honestly, I prefer to have the action, give me useful comments with good ideas even if they are filled with grammatical errors.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Alex. Unlike Joe, I’m probably a little more biased against those who use poor grammar, although I do understand and agree that it’s the message or point that I really care about. Thanks, man!

  • Tom says:

    Part 1?!??!? Is that a joke?? You guys have put together an authority ‘backlinking for niche sites’ article to rival anything I’ve ever seen all in one place. Such value here. I’m no stranger to niche sites but you guys absolutely have it down to a science. I learned plenty and filled some gaps in my knowledge. Your responses in the comments are as valuable as the original article.

    Nice meeting both of you poolside in Bali at chez Dan & Ian, it was way too brief but we’ll hopefully cross paths again.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Tom,

      Nice meeting you at the house…sorry it was so brief…we were on a tough schedule to make it to the temple before sunset, hehe. Really hoping we get to chat a bit more in the future!

    • Thanks for the thumbs up Tom! Justin put so much work into this one he is have trouble coming up with a part two!

      It was good meeting you too and if you ever find yourself in Davao, please let us know. We’d love to meet up.

  • Patricia302011 says:

    Link building is both time consuming and can be expensive, seems like you have a good balance between ease, automation, and human contact. I am going to ask Andrew Shotland a few questions about some of the tools that you mentioned, he didn’t have them in his “Link Building Faves” list. This is just great! I do really enjoy this kind of articles.

    • Thanks Patricia for stopping by and commenting. Let us know what Andrew says about our post, we’ve met him a few times and have several mutual friends.

      I did have to edit you post and remove the link as we are unfamiliar with the service and do not want it to be viewed as recommended by AdSenseFlippers. I hope you understand.

  • Carolee Collins says:

    Interesting article Justin and it couldn’t be more timely. We are trialing two approaches to link building, but as some of your commenters mentioned, it can be a frightening endeavor. Especially when you already do a good job with ranking. Link building is both time consuming and can be expensive, seems like you have a good balance between ease, automation, and human contact. I am going to ask Andrew Shotland a few questions about some of the tools that you mentioned, he didn’t have them in his “Link Building Faves” list.

    • Hey CL, thanks for stopping by! We really try to give a little human touch to everything we do, because we can afford it here.

      Interested to know what Andrew says about the tools. They’re pretty much industry standard stuff, but can be overkill in some situations. Let us know!

  • Jenni says:

    I’m scared of automating link building to be favourite strategy is to comment on blogs and submit my sites to CSS galleries (as they have higher PR than pretty much all directories and far fewer pages).

    • I would agree, that automating link building may not be best. That’s what outsourcers are for! It’s like automation with a manual touch!

      I would add article directories and something like Build My Rank. This should make things much easier, yet still require a bit of a human touch.

  • Servent1 says:

    Hi Justin,
    Nice site! I heard about you thru your comments on Spencer’s site.

    That service you suggested have you found them to be solid? There contact form is broken (maybe on purpose) so I couldn’t ask them anything.

    How many words are there posts and do you just submit the KWs and anchor text to them and they come up with the content?


    • JustinWCooke says:

      One of the providers (don’t remember which) kept getting their posts declined for a while which was a bit annoying. They guarantee acceptance rate, though…that’s what we’re paying for…so they had to re-do the posts until they were accepted.

  • Nate says:

    Is it safe to plug back linking tools such as SENuke directly to your site or is it better to use them to pass link juice indirectly through Web 2.0 and blogs sites?

    • Nate, it’s a smart idea to use a site in between your target and SENuke campaign. You just never know how Google is tracking these things. It may take a bit longer to get the results you were looking for, but safer is better.

  • Sam says:

    Hey guys, just found the site through Pat’s SPI blog. Great information – thanks for sharing. I took a quick look through the comments but couldn’t find anything about your blog commenting – how do you avoid being flagged as spam with commenting too quickly (you say you do it within an hour). I was doing the same thing, leaving real comments, but somehow my email/site got flagged and black listed as spam so I can no longer leave comments….

    • aldovargas says:

      Try using a captcha plugin or switch to Disqus comment pluging which will make people to register or use FB to comment. this way you will avoid lots of spams.

  • Edgar says:

    I tried buying web 2.0 links wheels on fiverr and to be honest I got dinged by Google. My site was doing great and was a page rank 2 and after I got the links I was no longer in the search engine and a zero page rank. so I stopped buying links from Fiverr.

  • JamieHudson says:

    Well honestly, I agree with most of the tools you’re using and I think you’re in the same boat as me. What’s more effective in terms of building links and boosting rankings is totally irrelevant. It’s all about what’s cost effective.

    Like me – I have 50 niche Adsense site, a load of affiliate marketing sites, a few cpa gateway sites and a personal blog or two. Right now link building is becoming less effective by the day. On-site factors are dramatically more important than ever before.

    Load time, crawl errors, time spent on site, average page views per visit, number of tweets, facebook liks and all that stuff. Link building is still king, but its all about high quality links. I an avid senuke user, but its becoming useless.

    1 senuke campaign that’s very strategically created using stolen spun content yields little to no results. Hardly anything gets indexed. It’s a huge job – indexing. That costs more money. Captchas cost money, the help costs money and the tools themselves.

    Now when you’re building micro/semi authority sites that only make a few bucks a day, you have to think what’s worth it?

    I have a full time senuke guy on $300/month building 20 campaigns a day to my sites, the captchas are another $300/month min. So $600 a month and the results are so so.

    Right now where its at is unique quality backlinks, authority websites or if you want to flip, micro niche stuff.

    Also, build my rank rocks! It works very well, I also recommend Link A Motion which I just started using.

    • aldovargas says:

      Hello Jamie Could you share more information about Link a Motion Network and how could we use it?

      I saw they have a $97 month giving 3700 link .

      I would like to see your experience on that.

      • JamieHudson says:

        I just started using it and am seeing good results. I love BMR, they have better features like analytics. Linkamotion seems to produce better results and is worth the money. I’m struggling to outsource my BMR submissions.

        Right now I pay $200/month for 50 snippets a day. But that only covers 5 sites so it’s not immensely profitable. Go checkout Link A Motion and take the trial… I think they still have one.

        They have a great bulk upload feature which is very handy.

  • vutha says:

    I am not good at doing blog promotion, that you wrote is important for me. I just heard SEnuck from my friend but I dont know use it. I am not sure whether it is good for making blog to get traffic fast. honestly, I do not good at doing backlink.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      SENuke X has a bit of a learning curve and, I think, does require that you know a bit about SEO to use correctly. There are so many less than useful backlinking services and promoters out there that, honestly, try to build out yours sites targeting keywords that don’t require a ton of backlinks!

  • Sud.Lamiran says:

    Do you have experiences using Matt Gareth’s Niche Reaper
    for finding good keywords…


    • JustinWCooke says:

      We’re not familiar with it, but have heard of it before. Generally speaking, we’re less likely to use tools that do all of the work for you. In general, we avoid auto-content, automatically created sites, auto-links, etc…so we probably would be hesitant to go with auto-niche research as well.

      • Sud.Lamiran says:

        have an in-dept explanation why you sounded like ‘an anti-auto’ man?
        while we here are trying to automate everything.

        • JustinWCooke says:

          Maybe that’s worth a post? It’s probably a good idea to think this through enough to write about it…at least where we stand and why it doesn’t appeal to us.

          The short answer is that we subscribe to the “If it’s too good to be true…” rule. Push-button solutions just seem that way to me. I’m sorry I don’t have a more thorough explanation…will try to include more about this in the future, for sure.

          • Djlest_uk says:

            id have to agree with Justin on this for the simple reason – they build a big ship that sails on adsense earnings. To go against the tide of google is to go against the tide of adsense. Getting a panda shuffle is just part of life and one can usually get back on board after a little work.
            However getting completely banned from adsense due to automated quick and drity content (which we all love who the notion of, who doesn’t? ) i just think if you got a lot invested in a project, keep it clean. But if your an experimentalist and not in it for the longterm and have a few extra accs. Take your grey hat and make it black…

          • Djlest_uk says:

            id have to agree with Justin on this for the simple reason – they build a big ship that sails on adsense earnings. To go against the tide of google is to go against the tide of adsense. Getting a panda shuffle is just part of life and one can usually get back on board after a little work.
            However getting completely banned from adsense due to automated quick and dirty content (which we all love who the notion of, who doesn’t? ) i just think if you got a lot invested in a project, keep it clean. But if your an experimentalist and not in it for the longterm and have a few extra accs. Take your grey hat and make it black…

          • JustinWCooke says:

            Yeah…we’ve talked to people that are KILLING it (or CLAIM to be…you never know, right?) with all kinds of automated methods…and we talk to others that have been banned to holy hell because of it.

            I just don’t think it’s something we’d like to do as a strategy.

  • Freddy says:

    Great article Justin

    I just realize myself that spinning your anchor text can have a huge impact on your ranking ! I was stuck with 50 Web page sending articles using UAW and no move for few months. After spinning correctly my anchor text my sites start to move forward. I even now spin the adress with “www”or not and even with “/” or not, like that it look more natural !
    hope that can help

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Yes, we think it’s a good idea. Glad to hear you’re finding success with it too!

      • Djlest_uk says:

        Google and its crack pot underground lab – with the most complex of biorhythms seek out patterns that look too right. Then penalise them for being too right.
        If you want to rank well in google then i think ‘Chaos Theory’. Google loves sites that look natural, and the laws of nature is Chaos. therefore mix it up and then mix it up again. Crop circles and pyramids have distinct patterns that the spiders are getting wise too. but spinning the anchors is a great way yes – personally i love balls of string..

      • Djlest_uk says:

        Yes i agree with Freddy too, i think the secret nowadays is really going against synthetic techniques. ‘Chaos Theory’. Google loves sites that look natural, and the laws of nature is Chaos.
        Crop circles and pyramids have distinct patterns that the spiders are getting wise too.

        Google favours the simplicity of chaos, knowing full well many will try to crack the code yet there really isn’t one. Only that there are no rules only patterns and shuffles to break those patterns.

        Everything is transient in this world and nothing remains forever – Google has a god complex and follows the law of chaos.

        guess ive strayed away from the spinning anchor text, but i’m sitting here in a country that has almost entirely flooded and there is 1.5 meters of water in the streets. Chaos and its laws of nature prevail today – tomorrow the apocalypse theory 😉

        • JustinWCooke says:

          Sounds VERY philosophical considering we’re talking about niche sites! hehe…Still, I think your point is right/clear.

          Be safe over there, man…Bangkok’s pretty messed up right now, eh?

  • Sadiva says:

    Hey guys, I did some snooping and noticed you’ve guys have been using the CTR Theme on a few of your sites. How did that theme perform? I’m thinking of getting it.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Well…we LIKE CTR Theme…but the numbers so far are underwhelming. The look/feel of the sites is significantly better we think and are of higher quality, but performance has not been as strong, unfortunately. We’re testing out rotating the ad placement. The plan will be to find one in particular that stands out across the board and go with that on all sites. We then may look at our top 10% of earners and tweak them further…

  • Tyler Boshears says:

    Hey guys, quick question… and maybe I missed it.. but how many total backlinks is scheduled per site?

    I see where you mention 5-10 with BMR then 5-10 comments, so 10-20 links per site on average?

    Looks pretty simple if thats the case!


    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Tyler,

      No….you’re about right. You’re missing the OnlyWire backlinks (30-ish?) and the SubmitYourArticle directory submissions (20-40, depending). Still…pretty easy!

      • Servent1 says:

        Hi Justin,
        Is that total per site or monthly? And what would you say your average cost on a niche site is? I’m trying to create a program to massively pump these out and wanted to of course keep my cost down but be effective as well. Thanks!

        • JustinWCooke says:

          We started off around $40/site but are closer to $50 now, overall. You could do it for cheaper if you’re willing to sacrifice your time, but this is (almost) on autopilot which is how we prefer it, heh.

          • Dean says:

            Thanks for the reply. What I mean’t was is that back linking amount you mentioned above done each month or the total amount of back linking per site (obviously I know you’ll kick it up later if a site starts to rank).

            And is the $50 per site including total hands off? Meaning, you don’t really do much except maybe approve niches, KWs and manage the VAs?

            How many per month are you doing if you don’t mind me asking? I’d like to do 10 a week or about 40 a month once I have all the pieces in place.

            Thanks for your time! 🙂

          • JustinWCooke says:

            $50/site is MOSTLY hands-off, yes. We’ve been doing around 80/month the last couple of months, but were up to around 130 the months before.

            We actually don’t do anything more to sites, whether they’re doing well or poorly…our process is quite standardized. We leave it up to those who buy our sites to expand them, add more backlinks, etc.

  • You told about Market Samurai and its effectiveness in keyword research. MicroNicheFinder is yet another popular tool for internet marketers. Do you have any experience using it? Or what do you think about such tools?

    Why I ask is that am about to buy Market Samurai but MicroNicheFinder is something that competes with MS. So I just wan to make sure that am going to buy the right tool.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      I know that MicroNicheFinder is popular, but I have no experience using it and really couldn’t say. From what I’ve read, though, Market Samurai is more robust…but a bit more complicated.

      You could also take a look at LongTailPro. It’s much simpler than Market Samurai and can’t do everything MS can, but is much faster. We use it mostly to check first page competition rather than actually finding niches or keywords.

  • Sud.Lamiran says:

    Hi, are you guys ever using P. Drew’s EVO Pro as your SEO tool?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey There,

      We’re familiar with Brute Force, but don’t use it for any of our sites.

    • Aldo says:

      EVO is not that good this days , since most of your profile links will have the same user name as the others links and this will look like a duplicate content for google. Still works but not like before.

      You still could have different user names on each profile account but it will be very hard to achieve this with EVO, With Senuke is very easy to have this but most of the profile website and aware that people use Senuke to build Profile Links for that so my best advice is to go and search for new profile pages and add to the Senuke X software so you could have your unique Profile Source and not as the Others.

  • Harry says:

    I was eagerly waiting for this post and it was very helpful.

    I have a specific question about BMR which I read a little about but don’t have an account with them yet. The price can get steep if you have multiple domains and you guys must be pushing close to 1000 in the near future. Is there any strategy you use to combat the cost or just bite the bullet?

    As an aside I did hear somewhere you can delete domains out of the dashboard and they will still retain the backlinks, then add new domains but I’m not sure if that is true.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Harry,

      Good question…someone just emailed us about this, actually.

      We tested it out with a 10-domain account and then upgraded to a 50-domain account for $159/month when we were ready to roll it out. This is more than the sites we’re creating each week right now, on average, so we simply add new sites over the weekend, archive the older sites, and then get them approved and ready to go for the BMR content writers on Monday. We rinse and repeat each week. We emailed them before rolling this out to make sure it was ok and they said it was fine.

      We have a few sites that remain in BMR (more authority-type sites) but have up to 45 spots that can rotate each week. Can check out their pricing plan here.

  • Hey Justin,

    Great article. I remember starting out and this was the topic that caused the most headache … what to do with all the backlink knowledge floating around, but it’s nice to see some sense being made of it.


    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Justin…HUGE fan of Your content is AMAZINGLY helpful and I reference it on a regular basis. I do wish you’d post a little more often on the blog though…it’s depressing checking back and seeing the same post! lol

      Anyway, keep up the great work over there…

  • Sud.Lamiran says:

    Mind answer these Qs please:

    1. What is the anchor text you’re using?
    Full or partial? Have any experience which of both is better?
    2. How much and what pages/homepage the anchor text is pointing to?
    3. How many link is considered to be safe when you are targeting homepage and pages?
    4. What parameters do you use to determine the backlink is useless or useful?
    5. What’s your choice: highly PR or relevant contents (authority) sites?


    • JustinWCooke says:

      Generally speaking, you’re digging way deeper than it needs to be, really. Too much thought about it can cause inaction, I think…better to do something than analyze it to death. (This isn’t necessarily meant for you…I’ve read your stuff and it’s EXCELLENT…more for other people just starting off. BTW, you OWNED us with your analysis of our site! lol)

      1. Primary keyword…full, but there’s a little bit of “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”, here. It should be more varied and will be with us soon (Part 2!)
      2. Homepage almost always
      3. We don’t do a ton of links…probably around 100-150 total? It depends with the article marketing…
      4. We don’t, really. These are fairly low-level links all around. There’s more analysis and research to be done when looking for high-end links, but we don’t put that level of analysis into these sites.
      5. Relevant content is my choice, especially with these sites, but overall as well.

      • Sud.Lamiran says:

        Thank for the warning Justin and the reply. Yeah too much thought never good for your health and it’s better to take action instead. I learned a lot from your sites and yeah owned you for sure! Gracias for the compliment too…Lol.

        Can’t help reading Part 2!

  • Brian says:

    great post guys. pretty daunting for anyone without staff to do that for a lot of sites…curious do you measure time taken for each site for backlinking by your VA’s or how you allocate these tasks….ie- does 1 VA sprecialize in all backlinking or 1 per backlink service,etc…

    ps- this site must have the longest captcha character count of any blog I’ve seen 🙂

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Brian,

      We track everyone’s work and know just about how long it takes everyone to do a task, which is how we track overall costs and can figure out how much it costs us per site. Our agents are specialized now…when starting off, each would have to wear more hats as we had less on the project, of course.

      Not sure what you mean about the captcha?

  • Maleeqa says:

    Hi Justin,

    This is very informational post and I’m glad that i found it.

    Very good reccomendation which i’ll use it in near future building my adsense site. Recently, i have a WF thread that scam peoples…very sad story,

    Fortunately with your guide like this post adsense won’t banned any account.

    Truly fantastic info!

    Thanks justin and i can’t wait for part 2.

    I just subscribe and share your post through my Fb and twitter account.

    Thanks again. 🙂

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Awesome, Maleeqa…thank you so much!

      We ran across a scam on the WarriorForum as well. I tried to warn people, but it was a part of a WSO and so I didn’t want to hijack someone else’s advertisement too hard…I wish i would have been even harsher and saved some people their AdSense accounts…ugh…

  • Wesley says:

    Very nice post. I especially like the resource links as it gives me the ability to gather a little more information on the topic.

    Quick question…how long do you continue backlinking for? Do you backlink until page 1 or rank 1 and then stop? Or what?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      No problem, Wesley, glad you found them helpful!

      We don’t continue backlinking at this point, actually. We have a fairly set process that we apply to every site and where they end up is where they end up. The idea was to standardize the process, applying the same effort/energy to every site and to focus on MORE rather than improvements to individual sites.

      Because of that, though, we’re definitely leaving money on the table. One idea is for us to setup a clean-up team. They would be responsible for going through every site 3-4 months out and knocking out additional seo to tweak the sites, getting them the highest ranking possible.

      I highly recommend that strategy, actually, even though we haven’t yet applied it ourselves. I would IGNORE the low-earners that are still stuck on the 3rd or 4th page after 3-4 months and instead focus on those that are on the bottom of the first or top of the second page. Work on improving their rankings with a little bit of tweaking/links each week until they get up to where you think is as high as they can go. If there are REALLY tough sites in the top 2 spots, but the third has an Amazon or article directory site, you might want to continue until you’re in position #3.

      Great question!

  • James Hussey says:

    I’ve been finding a lot of my own sites are ranking well with much less linking needed – that all depends on your SEO, keywords, etc. I was so impressed by it I wrote my first premium book on the matter – this after buying a hard drive full of tools (all of which work, by the way).

    Looking over your list here, OnlyWire lost me as a customer because the thing is, you’re still linking from one account (your own). Then they wanted to demand $200/month? I laughed.

    I own BookMarkingDemon and it’s much more robust, one time fee – for less than that.

    But then the problem is the time-consuming process of: indexing links, setting up hundreds of accounts, proxies, CAPTCHAs…so I dropped using it altogether and instead found SocialAdr to be the way to go.

    I have the $40/month option and other people use their accounts to link your stories manually – worth the price for me, my favorite social media tool out there.

    Another is SocialMonkee, and you don’t use your own account. Submit up to 300 social book marks a day (100 per URL), easy stuff and it was free to get the premium account (had to get 12 others to join or something).

    Just some food for thought…Oh! ArticleRanks…love them to pieces and they’re cheaper than most others. They socially bookmark your articles, so more gets indexed. Solid service.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Excellent recommendations, James! I knew there must be something better than OnlyWire out there…will have to check out the options you mentioned, for sure.

      Thanks for the info!

      • Brian says:

        what about you can just have them submit to PR2-3+ social sites for you and its all with accounts they have set up so the posts on these accounts are varied rather than all being your accounts….

  • Ben says:

    Yeah, I noticed (based on your Flippa auctions) that many of your sites rank on the first page with little backlinking. You guys seem to have really strong on page SEO. Now; just a question actually, that may be a little off topic. I’ve been researching more and more about small niche sites, and see stories of people having some or many of their websites deindexed by the big G. Have you guys ever ran into any similar problems? Or is what I’m hearing just a case of people trying to scare off their competitors, haha.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Ben,

      As far as I know, we’ve only had 1 site that has never been indexed and we’re really not sure what the problem is there. Our guess is that it was previously a problem site and that carried over to us when we purchased the domain. We use that site as a test case now, mostly.

      That being said, we DID have a customer who had sites he purchased from us (along with a bunch of his other sites) deindexed. We confirmed with him and researched the problem. Best as we can tell, a couple of months after transferring to his hosting, he then went to transfer again himself and the websites got really messed up and were down for days/weeks. Really oddly, one of the sites that was still up actually had the sitemap pointing to a different site…one that was down. We’ve helped him to correct the problem and recommended resubmitting for inclusion.

      • Ben says:

        That’s good to hear then; reassuring. Another question for ‘ya. As far as SubmitYourArticle, do you recommend the Silver Level or the Gold Level.

        • JustinWCooke says:

          We use the Gold level, as it’s required for you to submit with spintax. It also allows you to have multiple pen names, so we think it’s worth the extra $20/month.

          • Ben says:

            Thanks Justin. Gonna look into them a little more. Definitely looks like its worth the money.

          • Ben says:

            One more question for ‘ya Justin. I noticed you guys mentioned that you follow a set backlinking plan for each site, and if a site doesn’t get on the 1st page with that plan, you don’t really bother with it anymore. Now, a rough estimate is fine, I’m just wondering how much you guys spend roughly PER site? I’m currently spending around $50 per site, and wanted to see if you guys think that’s a bit overboard or not?

          • JustinWCooke says:

            Hey Ben,

            Yes, that is the strategy we use…but it’s based on us doing a ton of sites. If I was doing this independently or by myself, I think I would already probably take more time with sites that are working out well and put a little love/care into those that are close to doing well, ignoring the losers.

            We used to be around $40 per site, but with some cost-creep we’re closer to $50 per site right now. In the end, it’s all about ROI, right? I’d be happy to budget $500 per site for sites that get up to $100/month on average within 3-4 months of course!

  • Aldo says:

    Senuke X is an excellent tool if things are doing the right way since is almost the same as doing it manual if we keep Up the Quality of every Article.

    I started testing this tool since i havent used since it was Senuke Only, I have to say that it has a a nice potential that i will be exploding when i get my system up and running on this tool.

    I will be testing this tools on different competition keywords and see what i will be able to with this Bazooka.

    After i manage to have some nice examples i will revive my blog and start talking about this tools.

    What i have notice is that there are lots of people out there that claim to achieve nice ranks with senuke but if you do a reverse engineer to their backlinks you will notice that there isnt a lot of backlinks created from sources like social network, Bookmarking or Articles Directories inside Senuke X.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hmmm…maybe the links were created but they didn’t get indexed, Aldo?

      • Aldo says:

        Maybe, but in my opinion a like that is not indexed is not counted for rankings, so maybe is not Senuke X Fault but also they still couldnt say their rankings are thanks for it.

        The indexing part of the links is part of the backlink builder job if there any hope to increase rankings.

        I’m already testing myself Senuke X and playing with it using (90%-99%) unique articles (This Number Is giving by the best spinner.)

        I would be glad to share the results after i manage to use this tool for good stuff.

  • Talk about overdelivering! There’s so much good stuff here, it’s almost too much. And thanks for the kind mention, Justin. You and Joe are straight-shooters, exactly my kind of people.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey…there you are!

      I was looking forward to a post where I could throw in a link to your site…I love what you’re doing over there…really cool. Do you have any connections with the Fiverr crew? I bet they’re fans of yours too, of course.

      By the way…we have over 1,800 gigs completed and over 2,200 ordered in total. Do you think that puts us pretty high on the buyer’s scale? You’d think they’d have some kind of program where they reach out. (thanking us? surveys? testimonials? feature requests?) My guess is they grew way faster than they planned and are still reeling from the massive growth, heh.

      • I once suggested to Fiverr that I’d like a Frequent Buyer’s Discount. Their response could best be described as a “hollow laugh”! Rapid growth, you bet, but at some point growth slows, they might offer an affiliate program and I’ll be all over that. They’re buying PPC now, which they weren’t doing a year ago.

        • JustinWCooke says:

          Hey Charleen,

          Wow, I wasn’t even thinking about a discount…I was just thinking they should reach out, say thanks, and ask for improvement suggestions, possibly. I think it would be smart of them to just show a little more love to those that are helping to support them. I know they’re probably understaffed and undermonetized…but it’s the little things that go a long way.

          We just signed up for Shopify and I got a welcome email from my rep there. He said something about this not being a “canned email” and included the picture below…classic! That’s the kind of zany customer service I really like!

  • Javier says:

    Great article Justin, as many others here I was waiting for it!

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) BMR: All the articles you submit are 150 words long each? Do you also submit longer posts?
    2) BMR: All the links you post with this service are pointing to the home page using the exact match keyword or do you also link to inner pages and use variation in the anchor text?
    3) I’m wondering about the speed of link building. Do you do all the link building at once or do you spread it over the time, like for a week? For example, Day 1 use onlywire to get indexed, Day 3 post to post articles to BMR, Day 4 do some blog commenting. If so, at what time do you stop the link building?
    4) Do you do another round of link building after a couple of weeks or months? This could be the case when a website is not ranking high enough, or maybe just to do a “maintanance” link building to avoid losing ranks.
    5) If you see that a website is performing above average ($100 or so) and you see potential to make it grow, how do you continue the rest of the link building?
    6) Do you launch your sites with all the articles posted or do you schedule some of them? (I mean inside WordPress)

    Well…that was more than a few :). Hope you have the time to answer a few of them. Thanks for sharing this with us!


    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Javier! Will answer them, but I’ll try to be brief, heh.

      1. All 150-160 words. We don’t write them ourselves, we outsource that content. Have submitted longer here and there, but we don’t as a general rule, no.

      2. Well…yes. As a process, we use exact match anchor text to the home page. We just went back to add more BMR posts to sites, though, and we’re varying those links. The first 5 were exact match to home page, but the 10 we’re adding were 4 of the same, 2 varied to home page, and 4 to secondaries.

      3. OnlyWire is done quite early on. (Within the first 1-2 weeks of having the site up) BMR posts are currently around 2 months out and blog comments are around 2-3 months out.

      4. We don’t usually, but we’re running a test right now where we’re doing exactly that.

      5. Right now…we don’t! I know it’s probably leaving money on the table, but we don’t currently expand out the large earners. We’ve been more focused on production rather than expanding sites, but I’m sure that will change in the future…just not sure when.

      6. We launch with just the primary content posted and secondary is added a week or two later.

      Hope that helps!

  • HI Justin

    You’ve covered a huge amount of ground there and provide sufficient links to keep me busy researching for an hour or two.

    I agree fiverr is a great resource. My caution is to fully validate the offering and see how open the vendor is to answering questions. If they are not are they dedicated to the task or just a quick $5 my sites are all too valuable to have rubbish links thrown at them. SO I ask 3-5 rounds of questions and if they don’t respond or I get the wrong answer I just move on to the next vendor.

    Senukex. It’s awesome but yes its overkill for micro niches and certainly your strategy. The learning curve and cost are also just too high for most people. I use it every day and after a few months I have a handle on it.

    One thing I’d like your feedback on is Given that I have Senukex does onlywire do a better job of bookmarking? Nuke seems good but I’d like your input.

    Link diversity and link building velocity are things that need to be looked at. It’s a complex field and things that should not work do sometimes.

    I would always suggest you have 60+% of links with the anchor text your targeting and the other 40% on any related keywords your targeting for each URL your link building to.
    So for anchor text would be
    Main keyword: Dog Training Tomorrow the majority of links
    Secondary keywords such as Dog training Tuesday,Dog Training with your hound
    The secondary keywords don’t need to have much traffic just relevant, Just pick some from the KW research for the niche

    The reason for the ratio is to make sure that when googlebot comes to your page it knows what the theme of the page is (Dog training tomorrow) via the URL and also the Anchor text.

    There’s nothing wrong with irrelevant anchor text such as author names (when leaving blog comments for example) or no follow links. Diversity is a good thing.

    Services not mentioned that I’m using

    IMautomator, I use the free bookmarking services as the membership is closed.
    Backlink Genie – but it’s not flexible enough yet.
    Backblasts – links may be low value but I want to have links being created continuously on some sites also adds to diversity.

    So my aim is similar to yours with one potentially important difference. I want to build the links on a consistent basis over 90 days. Not in one batch of actions. I’m looking for the perfect tool or set of tools. Might have to have it built one day.

    Thanks for the thought provoking article.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Steve!

      Totally agree with you about SENuke X. I haven’t asked many questions of Fiverr providers in general. My thought was that if they’re actually doing a good job, maybe they’ll be too busy to really go over some questions about the gig? Sorting by rating is somewhat helpful…but I see people with crappy gigs sometimes that still have a ton of orders. Still though, a good “first filter” and you can drill down from there.

      OnlyWire is so much more basic and easy to use that it’s great for us. We have several reps trained and they just knock it out between their other tasks.

      Link anchor text AND source is key, you’re right. Some argue an even lower percentage for your primary KW, although I think your ratios are fine.

      Of the tools you mentioned I’ve only heard of Backlink Genie…will have to check the others out!

      Totally agree with you that a well put-together service that drips a blended link program for niche sites would be killer. If someone were to set something like that up…white hat, with some love/care and drip feed the links like that, we’d find that valuable. We’d probably pay $15-$20 per site for a program like that. Even if it’s more it would simply save us the hassle of doing it ourselves, extra staff, etc. REALLY good business idea for someone, I think. Someone could put together a Silver package (as we’ve discussed in the post and your comments for sites like ours) a Gold package (same stuff but more, for sites like our authority sites, Spencer’s sites, etc.) and Platinum (Something more appropriate for Spencer’s authority site or Pat Flynn’s Security Guard Training site…an all-in-one for a large niche site) With just a bit of exposure they could get a ton of business! It’s not our model, but we’re rooting for someone to run with this one! lol

      • Hi

        I have the Domain name!

        Just finalising the packages as we comment… and there in line with your thoughts.

        Your prices are a challenge 🙂 I’ll drop you an email to get specifics if you like.

        • JustinWCooke says:

          Lol, that was quick, Steve!

          Don’t worry…what you’re lacking in margin you’ll make up in volume! 🙂

          Let’s say that our “package” included something like this:
          1. 6 relevant, manual DoFollow comments (Around $2 cost)
          2. 5 BMR posts with links ($5 cost)
          3. 1 SubmitYourArticle written, spun and posted (Around $8 cost)
          4. OnlyWire submission (Around $1 I think?)

          Geez…that puts you at $16 cost already, I guess. Let’s just say those costs were right and we were paying $20 per site with volume (Maybe tiered, $20-$30 depending on volume?) at 40 sites/week. You’re making $4 per site or $160 per week…probably something we’d pay out of convenience. We’d be a larger client and probably harder to find, but there are LOTS of people building like 5 sites per week…$20/week or $80/month profit customers aren’t too bad if you have enough of them.

          Make the package more robust and in the $60-$80 range for the mid-level package and probably $150-$200 for the platinum package? I don’t know…something like that maybe?

        • This is something i’d be interested in. Might be giving it a go. 🙂

  • Sud.Lamiran says:

    That’s it.
    The article we’re waiting for.
    Kudoz Justin!

    what I admire most the guys here is you never hold everything back!

  • Finally Justin the article everyone has been waiting for. Good job partner!

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