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Income Report – May 2012

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

Income Report - May 2012

Another month and another income report!  May was a pretty crazy month for us at AdSense Flippers between attending the Startup Weekend event in Cebu, putting on our charity boxing event, the “Ka-Pow In Davao”, and working on quite a few business projects…we were swamped!  Luckily we have an amazing team with TryBPO and AdSense Flippers and they were able to keep the engine running smoothly.

We’ll get into the various projects we’re working on and talk a bit about our strategy moving forward, but I have to tell you our income overall was pretty dismal this month, compared to previous months.  We purposefully held off on selling any sites publicly or privately so that we could refocus internally and while we did a great job on moving things forward, we definitely didn’t make much money!  I’ll cut to the chase and give you our total revenue for the month: $4,744.41.  Ouch!  Read on to find out why…

Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links where we will get paid if you like and purchase the services.  You don’t get charged anything extra and we appreciate that so many of you choose to purchase through us!

Juggling Current ProjectsCurrent Projects

As we mentioned in our April monthly income report, our plan for May was to buckle down and focus on internal projects as we continue to grow our company forward.  We did a great job of advancing some of our projects, but this kept us from selling any of our sites this month which, of course, adds up to a major portion of our revenue.  It’s not so bad, though…this focus will help to make sure our revenue is better diversified in the near future.  Here’s a look at some of the projects and where they currently stand:

Niche Site Gold

We were able to launch our weekly keyword research newsletter, and already have 706 subscribers as of 6/4/12…not too bad!  The idea is to break down the exact reasons we do or do not select a particular domain or keyword to target based on our measuring the first page of competition on Google.  In addition to the content, we also have special offers on some of the tools we use (LongTailPro, Whoosh Traffic, etc.) and use specific examples of actual domains we’ve researched.  We can then offer those domains for sale so that readers can build their own sites, based on our keyword research.  While we’re missing out on keywords that we would have been able to build sites around, it’s only a few each week and we currently have more keyword research being done than we actually need.

The other purpose for NicheSiteGold was to build a highly-targeted list of readers that were interested in improving their ability to read the first page of Google.  As we’re currently working on a tool that will help with this, getting our thoughts down on keyword selection has been helpful in solidifying some of the rules involved with creating this tool.

Keyword Evaluation Tool

While this project/tool doesn’t yet have a proper name, we’ve advanced this project considerably in May.  The basic idea is this:

We have the majority of our niche site process completely automated and run by other people…except for the second part of our keyword research.  That’s something that, up until now, has been a manual process we haven’t felt comfortable handing off or automating.  (Remember…we only select around 20% of the keywords/URL’s that meet our criteria in every other way!)

Our thought was that maybe this CAN be automated and, if so…we’re probably the best guys to do it.  We’ve researched over 12,000 keywords and have built more than 2,000 niche websites.  We’ve got this DOWN.  The plan is to take a BUNCH of the data points (including those mentioned in our KW research webinar) and assign values to them.  Once we have a usable model, we can then go back to our 12,000 researched keywords and see how well the engine pulls out the “winners”…our sites that were easy to rank.  From there, we can tweak or modify the model until it can accurately pick out those “winners” with a high degree of certainty.  Once we’re confident in its accuracy, we can start to replace our own keyword research by allowing our agents to use it directly.  Sweet, eh?

IntelliTheme LogoNiche WordPress Theme – IntelliTheme

We have a name AND a logo…sweet!  More importantly, we had a major breakthrough in programming in May, allowing us to get much closer to our vision on where the theme should go.  We added the theme to six of our sites to start and are currently in the process of adding them to an additional 94 sites.  It’s still really early and we only have a few days worth of data, but everything we’re seeing so far is encouraging.  The plan will be to continue to test/tweak over the next few months and then have a limited beta release to get additional user feedback.  Exciting!

Traffic To AdSenseFlippers

We only had 17,204 visits in May, compared to 24,956 visits in April…a loss of around 31%…ouch!  I think this mostly comes down to inflated traffic in April (due to the release of our niche site guide) and the lack of content posted in May.  Not counting podcast episodes, we only published 3 posts in May and one of those was our April income report.

AF Traffic Analytics May 2012

We should see a marked traffic improvement in June with our plan for sales on our BuyOurSites page, Flippa auctions, and a push to post more content in the coming weeks.

Podcast Statistics

AFP downloads May 2012

Podcast downloads were down in May, probably because we skipped an episode while we were away in Cebu.  (Sorry about that!) We were planning to record while out of town but the island hopping and umbrella drinks were pulling us off-track!  We’ve launched another niche site giveaway for the podcast…any iTunes review we get through June 30th will put you in the drawing for a free niche site!  Click here to give us a review!  (Limited to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia only)  We’re up to 84 reviews on iTunes as of today and the feedback has been fantastic…thanks, all!

AdSense Earnings

AdSense Income May 2012

Our AdSense income was lagging a bit in the first half of the month, but really started to pick up in the second half.  We ended up pulling in $3,007.10 in AdSense for the month, with our best day at $142.94 and our worst day at $56.09.  The swings in AdSense were more drastic than usual which, we think, has to do with all of the changes going on with Google.  It looks like things are finally starting to settle down and we’re back to a growth cycle, based on the second half of May and the first few days in June.

Flippa Sales

We didn’t offer any Flippa auctions in May, but we’re planning on at least one auction in June.  While we like to offer private sales through our BuyOurSites page (and the privacy this offers our buyers) there’s a branding advantage we get by listing auctions on Flippa.  We’re able to reach a wider audience that may have never heard of us before.  For an interesting read on our thoughts about Flippa, check out this article where we get into some of Flippa’s problems as we see them.

Private Sales

We didn’t offer any sites up for sale in May, but we just listed a bunch of sites available today.  Joe was able to work with our programmer and finally finish up some of the changes to our BuyOurSites page, allowing us to offer website packages for sale.  Similar to the other sites for sale, these packages will update and prices will change on a daily basis based on the last 30 days worth of earnings.  Each package will give detailed information about the individual sites.  As of today, we don’t have a rolled-up total for the packages…you’ll have to add that up yourself…but that should be fixed by the end of the month.

Affiliate Sales

We had another strong month for affiliate sales, bringing in a total of $1,637.34 for the month.  A huge majority of that came through our Long Tail Pro discount, where LTP brought in $1,315.04 for the month.  We’re happy with our affiliate sales, but we mostly view them as just a bonus.  It’s not like you can’t make a killing through affiliate sales…it’s just that it takes a TON of work to verify and test through all of the offers that are out there.  Doing that would take up more of our time/focus than we’d like to give it and is outside the scope of this site/blog, I think.

Download your free report


It was a strong month for us overall…even with the significant drop in overall revenue.  We’re happy with the progress we made on our projects this month and are looking for a much-improved June to finish out Q2 strong and to keep our revenue goals on track.

Sites Created: 182 (56 last month)
AdSense Earnings: $3,007.07 ($2,856.31 last month)
Flippa Sales: $0.00 ($0.00 last month)
Private Sales: $0.00 ($13,761.80 last month)
Niche Site Gold: $100.00 ($0.00 last month)
Total Affiliate Sales: $1,637.34 ($1,934.32 last month)

  • LongTailPro: $1,315.04
  • HostGator: $50.00
  • SubmitYourArticle: $58.49
  • CTR Theme: $30.49
  • GoDaddy: $39.78
  • Amazon: $20.67
  • SECockpit: $55.47
  • SENuke X: $44.10
  • Agoda: $18.40 (Which of you is taking a trip…sweet!)
  • Whoosh Traffic: $4.90

Total Income: $4,744.41 ($18,552.43 last month)

So…what do you think?  Will we bounce back in June?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or come say hi on Twitter!

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  • Raja says:

    good income, but i do not see any google ads anywhere on page

    • Raja, we don’t put AdSense on this site. That would be a bit silly. We build micro niche AdSense sites where we collect revenue from. Then we talk about the process of creating them and flipping them here. Please check out the rest of our site before for more information.

  • Sebastian says:

    Hi Guys!
    Is there any update on the intellitheme? I know you guys had been working on this and I wanted to follow up to see how beta was coming along….I’d love to be a guinea pig if your interested!!

  • bennix says:

    great inspiring figures sir.I was wondering if that adsense income stats was solely from or combined with other channels…

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey there!

      It’s combined with other channels…none of the AdSense income comes from this site, actually. We create a bunch of niche websites that earn us money with AdSense.

  • Richie says:

    Just a thought: Maybe you can name your Keyword Evaluation Tool as “Niche Site Gold” too, because keyword evaluation is what you are really doing on the NSG newsletter. Or maybe something alluding to Niche Site Gold like Niche Site Gold Rush.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Richie,

      That’s a pretty good idea…they are definitely related. Really hoping we can get all the details worked out on this tool. We’re coming up on 1-2 weeks of just sitting down and hammering it out. Ugh…quite a bit of work, but will be all worth it if we can work it out!

  • Paul Kassens says:

    Looks like (as expected) the low May numbers reflected on no site sales, and simply when the calendar changed (the chick on the June calendar is hotter then Miss May as well). The first week of June kinda made up for the May numbers already, with the swift sales of a barrel of niche sites!

    I’m sure you didn’t exactly switch to Mami Noodles (Philippines version of Top Ramen), and you should be treating yourselves to another umbrella drink by now. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, and looking forward to continued updates on the upcoming new projects!

    Looking forward to the next podcast, as always!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Paul! Another umbrella drink is definitely in order!

      Joe’s actually heading to Manila this week to get out of town and relax a bit. I’m a bit envious…but I’ll be holding down the fort until he gets back, hehe.

  • Salman says:

    Truly amazing numbers … (not much when compared to the last month’s earnings). Hope you’ll surely bounce back !

  • I think if you can ride the troughs you’ll kill it on the peaks.

    Good luck for June. It does sound like May was a great month socially. The boxing event sounds cool as.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Jamie!

      Agreed…the plan was to chill out in May and deal with everything we had going on and finish out Q2 in June with a bang. We’ve started the month of June off strong…if we can keep it up over the next 3 weeks or so we’ll be doing quite well!

  • MR says:

    Oh and I wanted to ask you guys; I had a few spare articles that weren’t worth making a niche site for, so was thinking on posting them on Hub Pages as I have made a couple of dollars on there before… Is this the “ad revenue sharing” site that you would recommend, or are there better options then Hub Pages? Thanks

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey, MR…

      I can’t really say who I’d use for a revenue-share platform because i have very little experience in that area. I’ve read that Infobarrel is decent, but I have no actual experience there. I would suggest using something like Hub Pages, Squidoo, or InfoBarrel and consider them as both side-earners and use for links to your niche sites. More on that in the future!

  • Sounds like you guys have your heads down and are working on a lot of projects (niche site gold, building out sites, intellitheme, keyword analysis tool) that will create new revenue streams in the long run. Don’t be let down by a one month gap in revenue!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Matt!

      Yeah, not too down about it…but wasn’t the most exciting income report to write, lol. Really happy with the progress on our projects, though…think we took quite a few steps forward!

  • Cloudventruesgroup says:

    Hi Guys

    Clearly the most proffesional approach was to hold sales until things calmed down.

    Ive also seen some uptake towards the end of may early June.

    Have you got the inital backlinking process Post panda 3.5 and Penquin established in your process? I know you were lookng to tweak it.

    Congrats on teh awesome sales of sites. Very nice and certainly a good start to the Month! I thought the addition of the groups of sites was an excellent idea.

    Glad to see the market demand is still there at the x20 point whilst to high for my brand at least it proves the buyers are still there.

    Have a great june

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Steve!

      We’ve been using the backlinking process we discussed in Part 2 of our backlinking strategy. We’ve been talking about revamping that but, unfortunately, haven’t implemented yet. (My fault, I’ve pushed it back several times…ugh!)

      Yeah, we like the package idea…but I really do like to use Flippa for the additional brand exposure. I especially like that they now have “Verified Earnings” for AdSense sites and we’re looking forward to trying that out.

      Best of luck to you too this month, Steve!

      • steve wyman says:

        Hey Justin!

        Thats good news. about to build out a new batch so wanted to checkin on your strategy.

        Also looking forward to seeing the software to help with the front page eval, Even if it only cuts down time taht would be great. If you need some beta testing let me know.

        I use to run a software company! so testing is something i did a lot of 🙂

  • Aussie Domainer says:

    Hey guys, nice stats and amazing adsense revenue. I’m wondering, are you able to reveal the number of sites you own which combine to give you that adsense figure?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey there,

      It’s a somewhat tough question to answer. We’ve created (all-time) right around 2,000 sites. We’ve sold hundreds of those off…especially our top earners. Of the 1,500 left or so, maybe 500 of those are so new they’re not really earning yet.

      That leaves us with around 1,000 sites earning around 3K/month or so. That makes sense…a bunch of those are low-end earners that we didn’t sell off or that are sporadic and not as attractive as an investment.

      If you’re really looking to get a feel for how much our “average” sites earn after 3-4 months, we measured this quite a while back and it came out to around $10/month. I backed off that as I’d seen our average slip to around $8-$10 though in more recent months.

      • Keep in mind though that 20-30% of those never made any money AT ALL — ever. That’s our failure rate. Which means just about 700 sites are earning us $3k a month and those 700, probably 20% make 80% of the money.

        • That’s interesting and sounds similar to my situation but on a smaller level. I have probably around 12 sites with adsense on it.. most of those don’t earn at all, but about 4 of them are earning, with one of those having earned half of the total. So it sounds like it really is about picking the winners. I heard Matt Cutts talking about having a large number of sites, he said something along the lines of “What is the likelihood of you being able to maintain good quality over so many different sites?” Do you guys worry about waking up one day and seeing your adsense account is banned?

        • netspiders says:

          I am making $30+ using adsense from just one site (building few more in the same niche).. how come you are earning only $3K with 700+ sites??

  • Dan says:

    It was universally agreed over in these parts of the woods that holding back on site sales was a really smart thing to do, looking forward to how things proceed there. Also, this theme look like it’s gonna be awesome! Was pumped after listening to the podcast the other day.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Dan!

      We’d talked to a few people that, after the Penguin update, wanted to offload all of their sites. We thought this to be a REALLY bad idea…better to weather the storm, see where you’re at, and then decide what you’re going to do. Screwing buyers with sites that are in bad shape is one of the worst things we could do, IMO…short-term gains but horrible long-term damage to reputation.

      Really excited about the theme, man. Remember talking about it like 9 months ago in Puerto Galera? A really unique idea, I think…

  • stevebuchanan says:

    Great going guys, I recently had a Company Google adsense account closed, it was 3 days old, with 6 page views and zero Ad clicks. Diversification is the way to go.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Ouch, Steve…

      Any ideas on why it was closed? Did you have multiple accounts? (Another personal account, several business accounts attached to your name, etc.?) Did you have any previous accounts that were in any way attached to you?

      • Steve says:

        No nothing at all, It was a completely new PTY LTD Company, My only thought would be the Site was only days old.

  • Michelle says:

    Hi guys, this is the first post I have read from you guys and just recently started listening to your podcasts. I also looked at your sales sites revenue v sales price and was shocked. I expected income to be a lot higher to do those numbers and was pleasantly surprised, thinking my site wouldn’t sell for squat, but it probably would do quite nicely. Food for thought! Thanks

  • Michelle says:

    Hi guys, this is the first post I have read from you guys and just recently started listening to your podcasts. I also looked at your sales sites revenue v sales price and was shocked. I expected income to be a lot higher to do those numbers and was pleasantly surprised, thinking my site wouldn’t sell for squat, but it probably would do quite nicely. Food for thought! Thanks

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Michelle,

      Glad to hear you’ve found our podcast! There are plenty of people that sell for quite a bit less…but they’re also (on average) much less trustworthy. Also…there are those that sell for MORE! They tend to have been at this quite some time and are pretty trusted sellers.

  • I have been working very hard with the editorial staff at the Verge this week and we thoroughly reviewed this blog post.

    Ok we perused, barely skimmed, glanced at this article. We just looked at numbers that matter to us and did not allow any of your sound reasoning to sway us.

    So clearly the sky is falling and AdSense is a dead business model based on your revenue decrease month over month. Also Google hates you and is trying to eat your young, I know a guy who knows a guy at Google, trust me.

    Ipso Facto if you build niche sites you are Satan, Hitler, and Madonna all rolled into one.

    [this blogpost review brought to you by the standard bearers of shoddy journalism, The Verge]

    • Paul Kassens says:

      Sounds like Damian has also been enjoying umbrella drinks… and after 3 AM here in the islands! LOL

      Next month – I’ll look forward to your review of The Verge!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Damian!

      Funny stuff, man…lol. That article “scamworld” from The Verge got a TON of attention, eh? It definitely doesn’t paint the “Internet Marketing” community in a very good light.

      There ARE some real problems in this business without a doubt…but I think they used a pretty broad brush in the article. For anyone wondering what the hell we’re talking about, check this out:

      Hmmm…maybe we should consider selling our email list to call centers? Screw the $17.95 ebooks people sell…we can have the call centers charge THOUSANDS!! Mwahahaha!! 🙂 lol

  • Great job guys!

    And I see that your sites on the Buy page are selling like hotcakes.

    Are the bulk of your earnings coming from certain sites? Sites that have the possibility of becoming “semi-authority” sites? Are you looking into building bigger sites at all some point in the future?

    The latest Google updates really smacked my smaller sites pretty bad, so my new focus is on bigger, more authoritative sites.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Kris,

      In general, the 80/20 rule applies. (80% of our income comes from 20% of the sites we create) At this point, we’ve been selling off all of our sites. Before the end of the year, though, we’ll have started testing out a “leveled-up” version of our process…to see if we can build out larger sites with our engine. This would help diversify a bit and give us a chance to target the higher-end buyers as well.

  • Vin says:

    Hey! There’s nothing wrong with taking a step back to take a giant leap forward. It looks like you guys are heavily diversifying your interests, which is a REALLY good thing to be doing.

    I’m really enjoying the Niche Site Gold newsletter. Some of your insight into why or why not you chose a website has helped me a lot in my competition analysis. Thanks much!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Vin! We’re definitely giving it a shot!

      We looked at info products and thought that just really isn’t us. Tools on the other hand…those are fun/interesting to work on and help us out DIRECTLY. Not to mention we’re able to base our decisions on what to build based on what people are asking for…that’s convenient!

      Glad you’re liking the newsletter! We thought it would be a great lead segment for the competition tool, but the fact that it’s making just a little bit of money from domain sales is a nice bonus! It’s not terribly time consuming to put together either…and it has the opportunity to help or give ideas to a large amount of people.

  • Andre Garde says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m looking forward to IntelliTheme and seeing how well it holds up versus other AdSense themes like CTRTheme and Niche Website Theme. From personal testing the latter two are neck-and-neck in terms of CTR. Will there be any new features that you will bring to the table, or can we expect similar functionality but just a different look?

    Also, I have some questions about your competition analysis tool:

    1. Will it be cross-platform? (PC/Mac -> Adobe Air)
    2. Will we be able to customize or define what we think makes the criteria for an “easy” or “hard” niche within the tool, in addition to having it decide?

    Keep up the great work.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Andre!

      We’re interested as well! We’re currently doing some testing but we’re only a few days in and don’t have much to report, lol. We’re tracking the data, though, and will keep you updated. There are definitely some new features to our theme…it won’t look SO much different when compared to the others but (we hope) it will be extremely clean, easy to use, and have features that are just…well…awesome.

      For the other tool…we’re really not sure. It doesn’t have much functionality at this point…we’re still trying to work out the back-end stuff…the values on the competition…and that’s not an easy step.

      I’m thinking it will have some level of customization, while other parts of it will not be adjustable. We’re setting it up in a way where that’s possible, but not sure which pieces the user will be able to access/adjust if at all.

      • Andre Garde says:

        Hi Justin,

        I think I may have suggested this before but did you take a look at SerpIQ? They have a free trial of their keyword tool and it does competition analysis. You may want to have a look and see how they present the data (not so much how they assess difficulty) for inspiration.

        I have another tool (Ultimate Niche Finder) that just gives you a graphic representation of the keyword difficulty, but looks at all the numerical data in the background. The data is abstracted from the user, which I think is good for beginners, but being more experienced it’d be nice to have both.

        I did a review here:

        • JustinWCooke says:

          Hey Andre,

          We’ve emailed back and forth with the SerpIQ guy a bit, actually… I haven’t sat down and gone through it, but I think Joe has…I’ll ask him about it tomorrow.

          We were with Ultimate Niche Finder since it came out. We had an extremely low fee as we were way early and never canceled, lol. I like the platform generally, but I know what the competition numbers are based on didn’t think that would work for us.

  • Really excited to see how you guys are going to do with the top 10 competition software and the theme – great to see that you’re diversifying your income! All the best!


    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Thomas!

      Yeah…we’re interested to see if it will work, too! We’re not yet to the “fun” part…tweaking the engine/model to see if we can get it where it needs to be. We’re still determining the rules/values for the competition software and it’s pretty tough to put together, heh.

      Theme is further along and looking fantastic…really excited about some of the features/functionality…

      • Are you guys outsourcing via Elance/oDesk or doing it internally?

        • JustinWCooke says:

          Most of our stuff is done internally…although the content is written externally and checked internally.

          Theme – John The Intern is managing the project and working with a contracted programmer.

          Competition Tool – Joe has handed that off to a high-level programmer and we’re just giving input.

          NicheSiteGold – No programming…I’m currently running directly but will hand off at some point…maybe to next Intern?

  • Kevin says:

    Great info & insight here guys after what could have been a bad month after the penguin update.How many of your sites made more than $10.00 a month in May.

  • Phil Jensen says:

    Hey guys

    Looks like you two have some awesome projects/products in the pipeline. Are you going to be offering review copies so we can take a peak before launch??


    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey, Phil…thanks!

      To be honest, we really haven’t considered release, launch strategy, etc. Right now we’re still trying to build and test through the tools to make sure we can get them to work internally. Once that’s done we’ll need some help testing them for further release, I’m guessing.

      I really don’t know much about product launches other than what I’ve read, so I’m interested in heading down that path to see how it works. I’d like to see what we can do “differently” to shake things up! 🙂

  • Your revenue is still nothing to scoff at. I really like your “Buy Our Sites” page. It looks really nice.

    I’m pretty sure your income will return to normal this month since you’ve got $3000 in site revenue in your adsense account. If you sell that off you’ll have $60,000 🙂

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Mike!

      Yeah, I think we’ll have a strong June to finish out the Quarter. I’d like to squeeze in a few Flippa auctions toward the end of the month to boost traffic and brand awareness, but they’re much more work on our end than just listing the sites here. Still…I think it’s probably worth it!

  • Maddy says:

    Did you earnings went down due to Penguin update ?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey, Maddy,

      Sort-of. With the penguin update we decided to hold off on site sales through May to see how things played out. We wanted things to stabilize first so we didn’t hand over sites to customers that might be in flux, if that makes sense.

  • Jonny says:

    Has your drop in income come due to the penguin update? my adsense income has dropped 90% since this update and has cost me thousands!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Ouch, Jonny!

      Our income dropped because we didn’t sell any sites in May. We were holding back…waiting to see how the Penguin update played out. Once we were confident and the shake-up had stabilized we were back on track, but thought we’d hold off until June to sell sites again.

      90% Geez, man…that’s horrible. Multiple sites or a single site?

  • Gordon McNevin says:

    You’ll bounce back guys, as it forces us to look at new things. I’ve suffered a lot since Google update but I’ve every confidence in myself to look for new revenue streams. Trouble is we’ve got so many ways to try! Just hired my first VA today so fingers crossed this will help out lots.

    Keep the faith!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey, Gordon!

      Hang in there! Interesting you hired a VA…in the Philippines? Let us know how that works out. We have a fantastic crew here, but it’s not always easy to find the “right” people…

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