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Our Best Podcast Episodes For New Website Sellers

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

We’re always a little torn with what to do with all the content we put together.

With two podcasts (one with over 150 episodes in three years!) and our blog and guest posts and podcasts elsewhere, it’s hard for us to keep up. Let alone expect you to know where to get the best of the resources we put out every week.

For new website sellers, it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out where to get started. Not just in terms of the backlog of stuff we have for you, but the information available across the whole internet.

It’s enough to make a person close their browser tab and slowly walk away.

This week, we decided to make it a bit easier for you, by going through our entire Empire Flippers episode library and finding the best episodes for new website sellers looking to get started in their own online empires.

The episodes aren’t just our favorites. Our content team went digging through Google Analytics, our iTunes and Libsyn download data, and general goodwill and shares to figure out what our listeners voted for with their interest.

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Our Best Podcast Episodes for New Business Sellers

Episode #106: 6 Types of Website Sellers – If there’s one thing you should know as you get into the website selling game, it’s what kind of seller you want to be. Whether you’re looking to leverage your time for a higher ROI or have some cash to burn on a new online investment, there’s a different reason that all of us get in the game. Like the old phrase says, you have to know where you’ve been if you want to know where you’re going.

Episode #33: Niche Sites Are NOT A Business – Getting back to (almost) basics, this episode from was from when we were the good old Adsense Flippers Podcast (man, remember that theme music?!), and we still stand by this statement. Yes, we got our start building niche adsense sites and flipping them, but even then we knew that a niche site isn’t a business.

It is an asset, a piece of a business model, an income earning cash flow – but simply owning a site doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. That doesn’t mean you can’t start a business with one of these puppies (that’s how we built the empire), but it does mean thinking bigger than a site and some affiliate notifications.

Episode #98: Is Your Online Business Defensible? – How easily could your website or business model be copied and what would that do to your business? When you’re getting into niche selection, one thing to consider is how easily your site can be replicated. Nothing sucks worse than getting a bidding war cut in half by a competitor showing up with the same exact site, only with a higher value. Defensibility shouldn’t be your only consideration, but it should definitely be a factor, so we break down the whole “Spectrum of Defensibility” in this episode for you. That way you know exactly where your new niche idea falls on it.

EFP 134: Building 6-Figure Sites In Questionable Niches – Would you sell your soul for a site? Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But some of the hottest niches out there are in some dicey markets. From the kinda innocent vaporizer industry (hey, it’s for plain tobacco, right?) to the adult site industry to gambling and medical marijuana. Where do you draw the line when there’s serious cash to be made?

Episode #58: 8 Tactics To Building A Sellable Website – Awesome! You’ve got all that mindset stuff squared away, you’ve chosen a solid niche, and you’re ready to dive into the meat and potatoes of getting it up and making money. Cause even though your thoughts in the beginning are on getting your site created and live, you really need to think of it in terms of its sellability from Day 1 if that’s your end game. Joe and I went back to our roots for this one, talking out the eight things we eventually learned to do with every website we created (save yourself the trial and error!)

Episode #126: Is It Better To Buy Sites Or Build Them? – I still laugh every time I see that picture at the top of this one. Going back to the first episode on this list, there are many different types of sellers. Some may choose to put in the sweat equity, trading in on their time and building out the site. Others, who have a bit more capital to invest, may just want to buy a site that’s already up and going, and make some tweaks to flip it at a profit. So, which is gonna be the better choice for you?

Episode #147: Business Model Showdown: Amazon Affiliate Vs. Amazon FBA – Better than Joe’s “Ka-Pow in Davao,” we get pretty heated in this episode, so it’s an entertaining listen, even if you aren’t thinking of getting into Amazon monetization. But seriously, you should be getting into Amazon monetization. (If you land on the Amazon FBA side of the showdown, then you might be interested in this episode from a few weeks later, where we outline a Quickstart Guide To Building An Amazon FBA Business.)

Episode #79: How To Prepare Your Site For Sale – You’ve figured out how you plan to make your millions, built or bought and developed the site, added monetization, have some solid data and proof to share with buyers…now what? It isn’t as easy as just throwing your listing up for sale and waiting for the masses to come knocking at your door. There are a few simple tweaks and processes you can implement now to make sure that when you are ready, those buyers won’t be able to stay away. (We also have created a ton of resources for our marketplace, so take a look there if you want even more tips and tools.)

Episode #102: Downsides To Selling Your Website – It’s not all sunshine and gummy bears for entrepreneurs who choose to sell their websites or businesses. It’s pretty great when you see all your hard work and investment pay off, but what if it doesn’t? What happens when you get that one-time hit of cash, but lose all that recurring revenue? Or the worst…when the new website owner kills your beautiful bouncing little baby site? Most of the time it’s worth it, and we’re here to help you through the steps of giving up your first created.

Episode 149: Selling Websites In 2016 – Finally, we just sat down to talk about the big things you’ll need to be on the look out for in 2016 when you start the process of selling your site. Of course we’ll being doing this all over again in twelve months, but for now you can learn about what’s hot and happening in the world of website sales.

Plug in Your Headphones and Start Listening

There you have it. Our Top 10 Best Podcast Episodes for New Website Sellers. Take a few hours, grab a notebook, maybe crack open a frosty beverage if that’s your thing, and dig in. Click on over to our Sell Your Site page after you’re done for even more information and answers to your FAQ’s.

You’ll leave ready to take on the world!

Make sure to check back next week for our Best Podcast Episodes for New Website Buyers, if you are looking to pick up some sites for your empire.

Did you get all the information you were looking for to get started selling sites? Are you a longtime listener, bummed we didn’t include one of your favorite episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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