EFP 126: Is It Better To Buy Sites Or Build Them?

Justin Cooke

February 12, 2015

Is it better to build or buy websites?

It’s amazing to me how adamantly each will argue their case. Some can’t believe paying $20K, $50K, or more for a site they can build from scratch. Others can’t imagine spending all of that time building sites (and failing) to (hopefully) create one profitable site.

Building Versus Buying Profitable Websites

In this episode, Joe and I sit down to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages that come from both sides of the table. We hope you enjoy!

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • Ease Into Water Or Cannonball In Pool?
  • What else could you be doing? What’s the opportunity cost?
  • Looking at risk – losing your time, your money, or both!?!
  • Selecting A Niche Vs. Finding One That’s Proven


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“Let’s not use up all that time in education that never gets utilized” – Joe – Tweet This!

“It’s not just getting to where the site is currently, it’s getting to where that site would be in a year” – Justin – Tweet This!

So – do you find yourself in the buy or build camp? Which is the better choice for YOU? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Russell Lobo says:

    Hi Justin,

    Just a quick question. Do you support your podcasts with transcriptions?
    As you know it would help with SEO (a 26 min podcast like this would have ~4,700 words- Huge SEO content and long-tail keywords) and audience reach (some people prefer reading to listening, cant listen in office, etc).

    Can I do a transcription for your next podcast (pro bono ofcourse)?
    You can then check if its adding value to your podcast post :)

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Hey Russell,

      No podcast transcriptions, currently, and no plan to get them done in the near future.

      I understand there’s SOME value, but this is so low priority for us that I don’t want to spend any time messing with it.

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