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Ordering Content On Fiverr

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

Writing content can be a chore, especially when it comes to writing about such banal subjects as “custom made drapes” and “glass tv trays”. While we definitely recommend that you begin writing the articles yourself first, it ultimately comes to be a better use of your time to outsource your articles so that you can start creating the amount of sites that will make you some serious cash.

If I were to write the articles for our sites myself, I could write a Primary and four Secondary articles in around 2.5 – 3 hours. The content wouldn’t be amazing and I wouldn’t look back at the articles with pride and joy, but it would be enough to reasonably inform the reader and would be 100% unique, making the search engines happy. Now…you can have those same articles written for you at a cost of $15.00 or less by ordering through From a value perspective, you may not have the additional cash to fork out for your content, but if you write them yourself you have to consider the fact that you are effectively working for around $5.00 – $6.00 an hour. Choosing to outsource your content and using some great outsource tracking software can be an effective time-saver for those who value their time higher than that and here are a few quick tips to get you what you want:

  • Search Effectively – A search on for the word “content” will provide results ranging from translation services to ebooks available. Refine your searches by being more specific and including quotations in searches like “write content” “2 articles” and “write articles”.
  • Use The Sort Function – Sorting by “popularity” or “rating” will give you those writers that have had plenty of reviews and have already been tested by other buyers, upping your chances of getting a quality writer.
  • Avoid Poorly Written Gigs – If the content writer isn’t careful enough to use proper grammar and spelling in the gig they’re writing you can expect the content to be pretty poor as well.
  • Sneak A Peak At A Sample – It can be time consuming to ask for a sample and wait for it to come in. Many buyers will leave a URL in their feedback to get more traffic. Check the seller’s feedback to find real-life examples of the content in action.
  • Too Good To Be True? – It probably is! We’ve found that anyone offering more than 3 articles in a Gig will give you auto-spun PLR, is selling non-unique content to multiple buyers, or won’t complete the gig, wasting your time ordering. A good rule of thumb is no more than 1 article from a westerner and no more than 2 (maybe 3) from a non-westerner. Anything else is not worth the time of the person writing and isn’t likely to be done well.
  • Have They Logged In Recently? – Check the user to make sure they’ve been with Fiverr for a while and have logged in recently. Avoid sellers that signed up 1 month ago and haven’t logged in for weeks.
  • Be CLEAR In Your Order – You can’t expect the content writers to automatically understand the style of writing you’d prefer, the number of keywords you’d like mentioned, etc. The more clear you are in your order, the better chance you’ll have of receiving the content exactly as you’d like it.
  • Start With 2 Gigs Max – Having to re-order multiple gigs from a non-delivering seller is frustrating. When testing out a new seller, don’t order more than 2 gigs at once. You get your money back if they don’t deliver, but it’s a pain having to re-order and then wait for that content to arrive.
  • Tracking Your Orders – Once you have a ton of Fiverr gigs ordered, it can be difficult to find which gig goes with which piece of content. Track your content ordering in a spreadsheet and include the Order # from Fiverr for easy recall. This is important if the seller cancels, doesn’t deliver, etc.
  • Check Their Work – Especially for new writers, it’s worth checking CopyScape and making sure their work is original. After the first few orders you can generally spot-check their work. Make sure with CopyScape that you’re using the paid version and check paragraphs, not the entire article. (You’re more likely to find duplicate content this way) If you’d rather not pay for CopyScape, simply take random 5-6 words strings unique to your article and Google search with quotations to find duplicates.

Eventually, you may want to outsource your Fiverr ordering as well! You can test out a few content writers on oDesk after documenting the process yourself. Once you’ve found a decent writer, have them order, receive, check, and edit the content you receive and get a report each week on what’s been completed! Alternatively, you can chat with one of your current Fiverr sellers and see if they’d be willing to work with you on a part or full-time basis as an Editor or Content Manager.  You can manage their work through the use of HiveDesk, which provides a freemium option for reviewing agents work that we use with TryBPO.

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  • brad says:

    Sorry to comment on an older post, but I was just referred over from

    I was wondering if there is any reason you choose to outsource writing to fiver instead of Odesk? I would really like to start making some traction with my sites, and its like pulling teeth to make myself sit down and write content.


    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Brad,

      Thanks for visiting from SPI! The reason we chose Fiverr was that we thought it would provide us heavy variance on the content…with lots of different views, perspectives, etc. We still use it heavily, but I would say this:

      If I was creating niche sites by myself, I wouldn’t take the time spent accepting, rejecting, revising, and editing the content. There’s QUITE a bit of work to do there. It makes sense for us to leverage our low-cost outsourcing team here in the Philippines to do that…but it would be QUITE time consuming and “expensive” if I had to do that myself. If it was just me, I would pay a little extra and go with someone like Textbroker who will deliver 99.9% of the time, almost always deliver unique content, require fewer edits, etc.

      • brad says:

        thanks for the reply Justin.

        Time is one thing I have plenty of right now. I went over to textbroker, and it seems to me they have about doubled their prices in the last 6 months? Maybe I am just remembering wrong. But I do see your point on it being time consuming. So maybe once I get going and get some steady income I will be in a better place to use them or outsource similar to you.

        • brad says:

          Well, I was wrong on the pricing. It has gone up a little bit, but not even close to double.

          • JustinWCooke says:

            If it takes you 20 minutes EXTRA per article and you value your time at least $10/hour…that’s roughly $3.50 extra per article you have to play with, you know?

  • Nicole says:

    I’ve been following your blog because I’m starting the process of doing something very similar. Thanks so much for all of the useful information. I look forward to your posts in my email! I’ve hired quite a few people from Fiverr and some I’ve had great luck with but one of them didn’t pass copyscape and a few others just never did the job in time. I’ve been using for a while now and I’m so impressed with their service! Sometimes my articles are done just hours after placing my order and they have a nice interface for submitting your keywords and directions for the writers. They also run everything through copyscape for you before delivering the work! Most of the stuff I’ve gotten back is top notch. I use the Basic quality writers because I’ve tried all levels and there isn’t enough of a difference in them to justify the price difference. A basic article is $4 for 400 words. You can save any orders you really like and place direct orders from them also. They all set their own individual rates and recently I discovered that an author I have marked as a favorite only charges $1.62 for 400 words!! The writing quality was so amazing I thought it was a mistake! Anyways, I’m not affiliated with them in any way (although it sounds like I am!), just wanted to share!

    • jwcooke says:

      Awesome, Nicole!

      We’ll have to check out the site you’ve mentioned. One of the benefits of ordering from Fiverr is the diversity of the content you get. One of the things we HATE though is the number of cancelled orders by the sellers, for sure! $1.62 for a 400 word article, if it’s decent content is a steal!

      Are you actually into Forex or is your site just promotional? I ask because I have a friend that’s into it and makes a fair amount of money with it.

      • Nicole says:

        The forex site is just promotional. I’ve learned so much about forex making the site that I probably should try it! I know there’s a lot of money to be made in it if you know what you’re doing. Update on the $1.62 for a 400 word article author: as of one week later he or she has failed to deliver any of my orders. Well I guess that was too good to be true!

        • jwcooke says:

          Too bad with the article writer, that would have been a pretty sweet find! We’ve found that you can’t get really good content for under $5.00 per 400-500 words, and anything less than $2.50 usually doesn’t get delivered, is horribly spun, etc.

  • David says:

    I just used Fiverr for two articles to give it a try. I wanted to add a little more content to my site. I had a great experience and I got two well written 500 word articles returned the same day I requested them. I probably won’t be a regular purchaser of content but it worked out for me this time.

    • jwcooke says:

      Nice, David!

      Did you get our list of Fiverr content writers that we sent out? There are quite a few…you definitely don’t have to stick to them, but we’ve tried and tested those on the list and they’ve passed by:

      – Delivering on-time
      – Passing copyscape
      – Readable articles

      It can be a pain ordering a ton of content there as Fiverr isn’t really set up for that, but I like the diversity of the articles you get.

      By the way, we’re currently doing some research on the value or ROI for additional content…we’ll post about our findings in the next week or so…I think you’d be interested.

  • Jay D says:

    Here is what works for me:

    * I stay clear of Western article writers. Think about it, if they were any good at all, there is no way that they would be writing for $2 – $5 per hour.

    * I’ve tried lots of different Nationalities – Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Indonesian, African … the simple truth (for me) is that when it comes to article writing they do not stack up. I’ve learned this the hard way, through trial and error. When it comes to Web Development and Coding, then yes sure you can find someone from these countries to do a good job. But content writing – no.

    * I’ve found my best content writers in countries where English is spoken and taught as a first language. For me, so far this has been the Philippines and Hong Kong. It’s no coincidence that in these countries there is a heavy English influence and strong expat community.

    * For articles that require creativity and research, I normally use my ‘Grade A’ writers and pay them a little more – e.g. $5 per 500 words is my going rate here.

    * For articles that are more tech related and less personal style is required, I use my ‘B Team’ of writers on a lower rate – normally around $2 – $3 per 500 word article.

    * For backlinking – I use Angela and Pauls backlink packets. No need to sign up for the A&P monthly packets yourselves, as many of the Filo backlinking contractors will already have them as part of their service. Like I said, 100 high PR backlinks with detailed Reporting for only $5. Then I create RSS feeds from these links and Ping.

    * Now that I’ve got my team stabilised writing articles and doing A&P backlinking, I’m starting to think of SEO where I can expand on using ODesk workers … maybe Blog Posting ?

    * I’m supplementing this with SENuke X (social bookmarking, article submission, forum profiles, social network, etc).

    I’d be interested to hear what strategies others are using to promote their Micro Niches ventures.

    Oh – and what about Micro Niche Selection itself – I reckon that would make a very interesting article topic for this website 🙂


    • jwcooke says:

      Jay D,

      Wow, that’s extremely similar to the process we currently use!

      It’s interesting you mention Hong Kong. I was just back there six weeks ago for a business/vacation trip and was amazed at the changes over the last 12 years since I last visited. It’s an amazingly international city, but with international prices as well…I had a bit of sticker shock coming from the Philippines!

      Our prices are extremely similar to yours. We generally avoid western writers as well, but just recently started a couple working for us on contract. We had them write a few test articles and they were decent, so we’re going to give them a shot. They’re both new to article writing…I imagine they’ll either try it out for a bit and decide it’s not for them or get really good and look for others to pay a higher price.

      We’ll definitely be getting into niche selection, but this blog is still quite new. It’s hard to find the time to break away and write articles, keep the niche sites growing, and run our outsourcing business at the same time, heh.

  • Jay D says:

    I started off getting my writers from Fiverr, but have found a better option of late.

    Try, and go for the Filipino writers only – they live in country where English is spoken often and have a good education system. You can get a good Filo writer for $2/hr. Though with anything, there are good and no so good – so what I do is normally order x1 ‘Trial’ article (paid). That keeps them on their toes to deliver quality – if it’s good I order more, if it’s crap I say ‘see you later!’.

    Filo’s are also great for doing Angela and Pauls backlinks — 100 A&P backlinks for $5 – now that is great value!


    • jwcooke says:

      Jay, funny you mention it…I’m sitting at an internet cafe in Davao City, Philippines as I write this!

      We have an outsourcing company,, and AdSenseFlippers started off as a side-project for our main business/company. We interview and hire all of our agents directly and either have them work on projects for customers or for our projects directly.

      Filipinos are great workers, have a good understanding of English, and are great additions to the team. We started off outsourcing work and had so much success that we created a corporation here, moved here, and began working for ourselves!

      Some people complain about oDesk, but much of it is your approach and not the workers themselves. Can you share more about your process and how you’ve found success there?

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