EFP 98: Is Your Online Business Defensible?

Justin Cooke

June 19, 2014

How easily could your website or business model be copied and what would that do to your business?

We get asked by listeners why we don’t just publicly list all the websites we have for sale and our answer always comes back to protecting the buyer. If we shared the information publicly, we’d be creating a ton of competition for each buyer from copycats and others looking to recreate that success from scratch.

Inevitably, the next question goes something like, “If the websites are that easily copied, do they have any real value at all?”

It’s a fair question and one we attempt to answer in this episode.

Learning the Different States of Defensibility

We’re going to look at the “Spectrum Of Defensibility” when it comes to profitable websites and online businesses. We’ll point out some examples from our own sales and also from guys like Pat Flynn at SmartPassiveIncome.com and Dan Norris from WPCurve.com.

We’re not sure that defensibility should be your first concern when you’re going through the process of niche selection, but we do think it plays a factor in how you scale your business. We think you’re going to dig this episode…

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • Whether you should start building an “asset” or “cash flow” for your first business.
  • When and why higher defensibility isn’t always best for you.
  • The gap between a “township” and a “fort” business – can it be overcome?
  • Looking across the businesss defensibility spectrum.
  • How to build a bigger moat around the castle.
  • Gamification with Helpdesks and support teams – does it hurt customer experience?


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How defensible is your website or online business? What do you look for in terms of defensibility when acquiring assets? Leave your stories on SpeakPipe or shoot us a comment below.

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  1. Esteban Nina says:

    I simply LOVED the game of thrones analogy on this episode! If were to choose one a business to start or purchase it would be the Targaryen with the loyal army and Dragons flying above head. LOL!

    Only playing… I liked what Joe said… it doesn’t matter which business site you start as long as it’s going to earn …start small as long as you start SOMETHING.

    …maybe perhaps it will grow big enough to take the Iron Throne and rule from Kings Landing!

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