From Cart to Customer: How to Optimize Your eCommerce Logistics with Taylor Smits [Ep.158]

From Cart to Customer: How to Optimize Your eCommerce Logistics with Taylor Smits [Ep.158]

Greg Elfrink June 20, 2024

Expanding into omnichannel sales is a great way to grow your eCommerce business, but it also results in a more complicated supply chain.

That’s why working with a logistics partner who has their finger on the pulse of the industry is so important. 

In this episode, we chat with Taylor Smits, co-founder of MyFBAPrep, the largest Amazon prep and eCommerce fulfillment network in the US.

Taylor joins us to explain how to optimize your supply chain without hindering growth and expansion.

He outlines the common logistics pain points Amazon sellers face, how to ace your inventory forecasting, and how to remove redundancies in your supply chain to boost your bottom line.

Taylor also reveals the best growth opportunities emerging in the eCommerce industry today. According to Taylor, 

“We’re seeing a halo effect from TikTok shop. For every sale you make on TikTok shop, you can assume two or three increased sales on Amazon, because people go to Amazon to check if the brand is legitimate. Now, you can use your FBA inventory to fulfill TikTok. That’s one more reason to get on TikTok as a seller and get that halo effect.”

Whether you sell on one platform or many, this episode is packed with practical tips to help you streamline your logistics and grow your eCommerce business.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • A brief overview of MyFBAPrep and its origins (01:58)
  • How the Airbnb model of logistics works (05:39)
  • The common supply chain bottlenecks for Amazon sellers (15:20)
  • The current state of Amazon fees (19:48)
  • How TikTok Shop is shaking up the eCommerce industry (25:26)
  • The core pillars of an optimized supply chain (31:29)
  • The best approach to inventory forecasting (36:53)
  • The easiest way to boost your bottom line (42:21)
  • An inside look at Taylor’s Preptopia platform (47:09)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to optimize your eCommerce logistics to boost your bottom line!

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