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Zero Down, Limitless Potential: Buying Businesses with Creative Financing with Roland Frasier [Ep.135]

Zero Down, Limitless Potential: Buying Businesses with Creative Financing with Roland Frasier [Ep.135]

Greg Elfrink June 28, 2023

As a rule of thumb, larger businesses tend to be more established, more stable, and come with better infrastructure than smaller businesses. 

But they also cost more, creating a barrier to entry for entrepreneurs who are looking to make the most of the benefits of buying large businesses. 

However, Roland Frasier discovered that the barrier can be overcome with some clever, creative financing. 

Roland is a serial entrepreneur who is renowned for his unique approach to leveraged buyouts and no-money-down financing. In fact, he has created 226 creative financing strategies that buyers can use to purchase a business with little or no money down. 

In this episode, Roland joins us to discuss the various levers buyers can pull to reduce the amount of cash they need to put into their acquisitions. 

He starts off by breaking down the characteristics buyers should look for in a business, and the common mistakes that often trip buyers up. He then outlines a few of his no-money-down strategies, including seller financing, supplier financing, using the business’ credit card reserves, inventory consignment, asset-based lending, management financing, and many more. 

He also explains the importance of setting up an SPV to protect your personal assets and credit when structuring these deals. Roland also reveals how to spot a good deal and the best way to approach negotiations. According to Roland,

The biggest thing people do wrong when negotiating is that they think of it as a win or lose. I like to think of it as a collaboration. We, the buyers, are collaborating to get you, the seller, the best price we can get you. Or at least as close to the price you want in a way that also works for me. So we’re on the same team.”

If you want to learn how to gain access to bigger business acquisitions without having to put more money down, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Roland shares his background and entrepreneurial journey (02:34)
  • How to identify a good business from a bad business (05:51)
  • Remaining involved in a business that you’ve sold (11:43)
  • The common mistakes people make when buying businesses (19:33)
  • How representations and warranties are used in acquisitions ( 22:04)
  • The strategies Roland uses for creative no-money-down deals (27:19)
  • Why business owners shouldn’t be afraid to raise their prices (39:07)
  • How Roland juggles all of the businesses he has acquired (41:32)
  • Buying media business to gain more leads (43:35)
  • Roland’s tips for being an effective negotiator (50:20)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to get creative with no-money-down financing!

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