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It’s the Season of Giving! And… We Want Your Help!

Greg Elfrink Updated on March 16, 2020

It’s that time of the year again where we’re all celebrating everything we’re thankful for, and everyone we’re thankful to have in our lives.

Running and building a remote company like ours, we’ve been able to travel across the world and live in cultures radically different to our own. We’ve been able to become friends with people from around the globe. If you’re a digital nomad running your own lifestyle business, you probably know exactly what I mean.

It is amazing to be able to live a life abroad, to go wherever we want when we want and to more or less live life on our terms.


That is not the case for everyone. When you travel as much as we do, it broadens your overall perspective of the world. We’ve loved living abroad, and because we love it so much we want to give back to these different communities that we’ve called home over the years.

In 2011 we started a giving back program aimed to give children in need a wonderful holiday. We took donations, added our own money in, bought and wrapped hundreds of gifts and delivered the season’s cheer to communities all around southeast Asia where we predominantly hang out.

There is something very fulfilling about being able to give back to these places that welcomed us with such open arms.

Fast forward to today, we’re doing the project again!

Only this time it is a bit different….

This time we’re not just giving gifts to one community, but three!

We have teams of people that will be helping deliver gifts to these three areas of the world this year:

  • Saigon, Vietnam
  • Davao City, Philippines
  • Cotabato, Philippines

All three of these places have affected us in some positive way, and now we want to return the favor. The great thing is, with your help we’re for sure going give these children a great holiday season and bring some real joy into their lives.

How You Can Help

It is a lot of work buying, wrapping and delivering gifts.

You might be thinking… what can you actually do? Especially if you’re on the other side of the world reading this right now.

Well, that’s simple.

We created a GoFundMe page where you can donate money to the cause. It is as easy as just a few simple clicks of the mouse, and you’ll be able to help us bring joy to communities in need.

If my copy hadn’t already convinced you… then watch this video below of our gift giveaway in the Philippines back in 2012:

Since then, we’ve done this multiple times and honestly, it’s one of the best times of year for us. If you want to give us a helping hand and bring joy to children across the world, then click here for our GoFundMe. Every dollar is appreciated and like every year, we’ll be adding our own money into the giveaway to help make it even more successful.

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An Inspiring Business to Be In

At Empire Flippers, we sell businesses as our products but what we really sell is an opportunity. We sell an opportunity to potentially change your life forever, whether you’re buying or selling a business. That is an incredibly inspiring thing to be doing, and this is an incredibly inspiring time to live in.

As you build out your online business, you will get more and more chances to give opportunity back to others that may never have had the chance.

This is one of those times…

While this is the giving season with all the holidays lined up, the opportunity to give back to communities in need isn’t limited by the dates on the calendar. As you grow as an entrepreneur, consider investing in charities and other philanthropic work.

You will be amazed at how fulfilling it really can be.

But for now, feel free to donate what you can afford to our GoFundMe and let us handle the hard work for you 🙂

Here is the GoFundMe page for you to help us create some holiday cheer in southeast Asia!

Talk soon

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