May 12, 2011

It’s been a short month and we’ve only created 39 websites, but our older sites are really starting to show some promise. Our December sites made an average of $6.73 per site this month. While that’s not a lot of money, our original estimates and planning said that if we can have our sites making $8.00 per month this could be a great success and it seems that we’re not too far off from that figure.


With less sites created in February, we’ve been able to keep up with production quite easily. Unfortunately, we had to use some hours from this project’s agents to support the growing need of our outsourcing clients, but we’re hoping we can get back up to speed with site creation next month.

Our January sites made an average of $3.34 per site in February which is promising and similar to December site earnings in January. We’ve been using 3 AdSense blocks and a link-unit, but I’m wondering if the keywords we’re targeting don’t have the advertisers to support that many Ad blocks. I can’t say what our cpc is on average, but it seems to be lower than expected and lower than others I’ve seen who’ve posted theirs.

Here are a few of the things we worked on this month:

  • Content – We didn’t have as much access to our writers this month as we’d like, so we ended up ordering a bit of our content from Fiverr. It seems to be really hit and miss there, though, and frustrating when the sellers don’t come through.
  • Warrior Forums – We’ve been discussing this project a bit on the forums and have had a few requests to help people build their sites. Our problem with this is….why wouldn’t we just keep the sites for ourselves? If we’re going to devote resources to creating sites…we either have to sell those services at a very low margin (so that the customer makes money) or sell them at a higher margin (not worth it for the customer) We’d love to figure out a way to work with others on this but we can’t seem to find a way to make it make sense.
  • Process Documentation – Since this has really just been a side-project for us, we’re forced to swap agents in and out of the process as they become available. (And aren’t working for an outsourcing client) This has made training quite difficult, so we decided to screenshot and document each step in the process to make it easier to turn over to other agents.

In terms of revenue, February was the first month we realized this was going to have some legs. It’s not quite where it needs to be to really scale, but it’s going well enough to where we need to start planning for the future. Mostly, though, it’s wait and see at this point.

We’ve noticed that our agents have taken liberties to really get into answering the end-user’s problem and we’ve been very supportive of it. If it’s a keyword that lends itself well to images, they’re adding more images to the site. If it’s a keyword about a personal issue, they explain the difficulties that can go along with it and point to some ways to fix their problems. We’ve liked their initiative there and are encouraging them to explore a bit more. Additionally, we’ve noticed we’re becoming quite well ranked for images based on our keyword research and that some of our sites that are more image-related tend to bring in quite a bit of revenue.

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Sites created: 39
AdSense Earnings: $484.53

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