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Income Report – October 2011

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

Income Report - October 2011

We’ve had a ton of things going on in October that I want to go over in this month’s post…it feels like I was just writing the September Income Report yesterday. Much of our growth in October came through connections we’ve been making through the AdSenseFlippers blog and the new projects we’re starting, so I’ll cover that first before getting into the specifics of the dollars and cents we made in October.  But…for anyone that just can’t wait, our total revenue with AdSenseFlippers in October was $9,610.76.

Branding And Networking:

Logo: We’ve got a new logo! We just finished our project with 99Designs and had 37 entries submitted. We paid the $295 fee and although we were less than happy with some of the design options we had this time as compared to our previous contests, we’re happy with the final selection. We JUST finished the contest and are still waiting for the final designs so that we can start changing them out, but here’s a sneak peek:

Facebook: We’re up and running with our FaceBook page now, although we don’t have much going on there other than posting our content here. In the future we do plan on running contents, having giveaways, etc…so feel free to check it out.

Twitter: If you really want to know what we’re up to, what we’re reading, what we’re listening to, etc. I suggest following us on Twitter here. I’m extremely active on Twitter and often share links that are closely relevant to what we’re doing. I’m respectful of your time and never RT stuff unless I checked it out and found it particularly interesting.  Plus, you’ll find out quite a bit about what we’re up to and working on through our Twitter feed…along with some tips and tricks we come across as we continue to grow.

Podcast: We finally got our first podcast out last week (now available on iTunes as well) and are stoked to announce we had over 670 downloads in the first 7 days! We were able to use a service I just LOVE called Voice123 for our Intro/Outro from a professional radio guy named Jamie Buck who just completely blew us away. We featured our first interview on the podcast with Spencer from NichePursuits, who came on to talk about his keyword research tool, LongTailPro and gave our readers a $20 discount, available until November 10th. While we were excited to have an interview with Spencer, but our next few Podcasts will be a bit more about our story and our process which should give you a bit more about our back story and how we got to where we are.

Webinar: We’ve agreed to and are working on a webinar (series?) where we can go through our story and process in a bit more detail and field any specific questions any of the listeners might have. This will be free and we’d love to have as many people join as possible, but spots will be limited. We should have this ready to go sometime in December, so expect more information about this in the coming weeks.

Our Goals And What We’d Like To Accomplish:

Many have emailed or asked us in the comments what our end-goal is here in creating these sites. It’s a great question but, to be perfectly frank, not one we’d put as much thought into as we should have. We knew that we wanted to self-fund some fast growth so that we could take it quickly to a level that we thought was worth pursuing. Now that we’ve reached a level we think is close, this question becomes much more important and is worth some reflection.

As it stands, our goal is to provide a sustainable model that provides a good amount of net profit through both AdSense revenue and site sales. More specifically, we’d really like to be in the 6K-8K range for AdSense revenue and 10K-12K per month with Flippa or private sales. With 5K-6K in costs, that would put us at 10K-15K net profit each month. We’re still a little ways away from that level of consistency, but I think we should definitely be there by Q3 or Q4 of 2012…that’s a quite reasonable goal from where we’re at right now.

As some of your have pointed out our Buy Our Sites page has left plenty of room for improvement, for sure! The great news is that we’re currently in the process of updating the page from both a design and a feature/reporting aspect. We’re going to clean up the page a bit (and get it working in Firefox!) and get rid of some of the information that’s not as useful. Additionally, through the use of the AdSense API we’re going to set the page up to dynamically update our revenue and pageview information each day, so that you have the most up-to-date information about the sites. Additionally, the pricing on the sites will be dynamic as well, providing a true marketplace at which you can time the buying of the sites, look for those that seem to be a best fit to your portfolio, etc. We’re really excited to be working with Dylan on this project and hope to have it up and running by December 1st.

Even though we run an outsourcing company here in Davao, we’d heard some great things about VirtualStaffFinder and wanted to test it out to see if we could source another keyword researcher.  They provide a service where you pay them to take out the hassle of trying to find an offshore agent to work with directly.  They narrow it down to three agents and you get to interview them and pick one to hire from there.  Our first agent interviewed was horrible, actually.  He was late to the Skype interview, (he lives in Cebu) wanted twice what we normally pay for our in-house agents, and knew absolutely nothing about keyword research.  Our second agent was in Davao, was very familiar with internet marketing and keyword research, and was in line with the salaries from our other agents.  We ended up hiring her and she’s been a great addition to the team and has worked out quite well.  For anyone not living here in the Philippines, VirtualStaffFinder is a great option to get a direct hire and you’ll save quite a bit of time and money over hiring directly on your own.

The last thing I wanted to mention regarding our goals is that we’re on track to attack some of the strategies we laid out in our previous post, specifically when it comes to “Round 2” for AdSense Flippers sites. The plan will be to group up all of the sites we’ve created to date and basically set them to the side. We’ll be going through the sites and:

  1. Selling off the “winners” or the sites that are doing well both in regards to rankings and earnings
  2. Having a monetization/conversion rockstar go through the mid-tier sites and look for ways to improve them and get them up to earning their potential
  3. Sitting on the low-end sites as just mini-passive earners…dropping those that earn less than it’s worth to cover domain costs!

As with Round 1, our Round 2 strategy will include tracking the sites, month by month, to determine their effectiveness over time and to track our progress. Barring major setbacks or very large site-sale chunks, this is a pretty effective way to make sure your sites are on track and profitable and we’ll continue with it in the next go-round.


With the Flippa Sales last month and the private sales this month, the AdSense revenue itself as remained fairly consistent throughout the month, earning a total of $2,862.50. The best day of the month was on 10/26/11 at $133.90 and our worst day of the month was on 10/1/11 at $69.33, so you can see the swings were fairly high. Still, if you look at the graphed income, it looks pretty stable overall with just a slight increase throughout the month, trending up.

I’ve left out the site specifics/averages and projections as we’ve sold off a good portion of our top-earning sites through Sep-Oct and it’s really thrown the averages out of whack. When we move from our Round 1 to our Round 2 approach, the plan will be to lump all previous sites together into one large bunch and split them up into thirds. The top 1/3 will be sites for sale on our Buy Our Sites page, the middle 1/3 will be sites we are working on improving and the bottom 1/3 will be passive sites we just let sit. Obviously, these statuses are a bit dynamic and we’ll move/change those sites from group to group as they move up and into a different performance category.

Flippa Sales

For the first month in quite a while, we didn’t run any Flippa auctions in this month. With our Buy Our Sites page up and running, we wanted to test the effectiveness of just selling directly the same types of sites we would have included in a Flippa auction. We are planning to run at least one Flippa auction in November and we’ll be sending out an email to our subscriber list when that’s up and running. As always, we’ll be starting the auction off at $1.00 with No Reserve.  Click here for some awesome sales tricks on Flippa.

Private Sales

Even with our embarassingly bad sales page, we were able to pull off $6,195.68 in revenue through private sales this month! Thankfully, anyone who paid the deposit first on a site and took the time to review the sites ended up purchasing, so we didn’t have any leftover deposits to deal with where we’d discount the sites for any future buyers. Of course, our intention is not to take the deposit money…but the reason we hide the keywords and niches on the sales page is so that the buyer gets the opportunity to keep their keywords and niche private once purchased. If we made those sites public the buyer would have to compete with everyone who actually took a look at the sites and stats available…creating quite a bit of competition. It’s a different approach than we use for our Flippa auctions and is available for buyers who trust us and are more particular about not having the niche and stats publicly available.

Surprisingly, the domains for sale didn’t fare nearly as well as the sites for sale. With all of the people we’ve had contacting us asking about keyword research, whether their niche is any good, etc….we thought there would be quite a market for people looking for assurances that a keyword or a niche was good (Since we’d already vetted and purchased a similar domain for us to use ourselves) but that didn’t seem to be the case. We’re going to continue with these available domains for a while to see if interest picks up, but may discontinue selling them in the future.  We’re also considering a regular/recurring post where we give away some niches, showing some we would be interested in and a few we would not, explaining why.  Would that be helpful?

Affiliate Sales

We had a stronger month in October when it comes to affiliate sales, racking up $552.58 in total revenue. Leading the pack was LongTailPro and BuildMyRank, with almost $250 from the two in October. We’ve had quite a few questions about our thoughts on other keyword tools and linkbuilding tools and methods. While we’d LOVE to be able to offer reviews, do A/B testing on various products and tools that are on the market, etc…that kind of research takes considerable time and, we think, would lead us away from our core business and the things we’re passionate about pursuing. We’re kind of slow to change when things are working, but there are a few things we’d like to try out in the near future. (I’d really like to try out PropelBacklinks this month on a few sites and report back on our experience…I love the idea of manual drip-feed links and the fact that it’s one of our readers that set it up for niche sites, specifically!)

Download your free report


We were pleasantly surprised with the revenue numbers this month as we’d anticipated being much closer to 5K while we’re rebuilding/regrouping. One of the negatives that has come with that, though, is that we’ve sold off some decent earners through private sales that, I think, were still continuing to grow pretty heavily in terms of revenue. I feel we might have sold short on a few of those sites, but I do know that others are waiting in the wings to take their place…we just need to make sure we can keep our inventory up with demand as we move forward.
Sites Created: 85 (86 last month)

AdSense Earnings: $2,862.50 ($3,695.68 last month)

Flippa Sales: $0.00 ($19,445.00 last month)

Private Sales: $6,195.68 ($2,762.60 last month)

Affiliate Sales: $552.58 ($108.51 last month)

  • LongTailPro: $140.44
  • SENuke X: $93.93
  • BuildMyRank: $106.20
  • SubmitYourArticle: $48.97
  • Market Samurai: $46.56
  • CTR Theme: $91.48
  • ABCLeads Affiliate Sale: $25.00

Total: $9,610.76 ($26,011.79 last month)

Feel free to leave comments below and do share this post with others if you’ve found it useful!

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  • Lpcollins18 says:

    After running into some of your sales pages on Flippa I noticed quite a few were 10-20 site package deals. Even after a few months these sites were not earning very much, only about $0.50 per day per site on average, sometimes less. Now the good thing is you can still sell these for a profit which is really great. I’m wondering what percentage of the sites you make perform like this after after a few months?

    I’m going to start with making 20 sites per month (already in process). I am hoping to do well on these and most likely sell them to pay some bills and make some money to reinvest.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey there,

      They types of sites we build end up making around $10 per month. Our approach isn’t the only one, but our cost is quite low and so that amount of earnings per month works for us. If our costs were $100/sites, for example, we’d want to make $20/month per site to compensate for the additional expense. If the cost were $200/site, we’d want $40/month and so on…

      • Lpcollins18 says:

        I’m sure this may be covered elsewhere but hope you don’t mind me asking here, no need to go into much detail, but..

        How does you strategy differ from someone like Spencer Haws? As far as I know he uses the same keyword criteria that you guys use and also only focuses on 1 keyword so why would your sites make only $10 on average where his make more? What would you say the main difference is? By the way I think it’s awesome what you guys do, I am not trying to take anything away by talking about how your sites make less..because since you guys make so many there really is no all works out the same, if not better.

        • The main difference is his link building strategy (he does and spends a lot more) and the fact that he only focuses on expanding the winners content wise. So he’ll build 10 sites all with one page, but great links, then find the ones that rank the best after 60-90 days (perhaps even less) and build those sites to 20 pages or more.

          This enables him to capture a lot more long tail traffic and, eventually, more monthly revenue per site. It is a strategy we are considering as well.

  • Giantonis says:

    Good work guys!! And this is a proof that when we do something with the right mindset and hard work everything is possible!! May i ask one question out of the topic? When you build your site and you have, let say 10 keywords that you want to rank for, you give every keyword and a separate page or just a post about it? Thanks

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey there…thanks!

      We base our primary content on the main page on a post…the secondary keywords each get individual pages. Every keyword targeted also has 3 longtails that are targeted in the content as well. Hope that makes sense!

  • Dilson says:

    i already subscribed, right now i have 1 niche blog making $300/month. i would to say thanks, i am inspired by your company, that is why, i will make full time to google adsense.

  • Goleo says:


    great job! How many micro niche websites you have now?

  • Val says:

    I’m wondering how many total sites you have that generate you the adsense revenue? Do you create 85 new sites a month or is your total 86? (sorry if it’s obvsious from the rest of the website…) 🙂 thanks!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Val!

      That number was the sites we created this month, actually. We have around 800 sites in various stages of development. We’ve sold quite a few off with both Flippa sales and private sales and we had a good portion of our better earners get “tanked” as I mentioned in the September income report…that’s caused our per-site average to be much lower than it is usually.

      Normally…our average site earns around $10/month, but it takes around 4 months for the site to reach that level. Also…around 30% of our top sites account for about 70% of the revenue.

  • Adam H. says:

    Hi, i have been following and learning from you a lot, right now im 22 but hope to do half from what you did in achievements and passive income when im older.

    I wanted to ask how and why did the adsense rep contacted you ? (i think i heard something like that on one of your posts) and also how many adsense accounts do you have?
    will appreciate if you can help

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey, Adam…thanks!

      We had a message in our AdSense account, inviting us to the “AdSense in Your City” program. It was based in LA/San Diego, which is where our US corporation’s address is. Luckily, it was at the same time Joe had planned trip back to the US so it worked out and he was able to meet up with her.

  • Elbert says:

    PropelBacklinks looks pretty interesting, especially the drip-fed part, rather than just blasting out the links. Is this service up and running? I like to try it out for one of my site.

  • Orpaz says:

    so.. are you guys making money only in the internet marketing niche?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Orpaz,

      Thanks for visiting! Joe and I actually own an outsourcing company in Davao City. AdSense Flippers started as a side-project where we create niche websites. We then sell those niche websites and use the proceeds to create more, self-funding the venture. Feel free to take some time to check out our other posts…we explain our exact process in detail…for free!

  • Freddy says:

    Great logo guys,
    Thanks again for sharing your business plan it is very inspiring !
    All the best

  • Sheyi says:

    Congrats on your progress. I guess it’s high time you guys build an authority site that will be earning consistent average income per month!

  • Awesome logo! Congrats on all the progress!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, guys!

      Hey…saw your income report. If you can get those student loans paid off soon you’ll be in damn good shape, eh? Best of luck!

  • I like the new logo. Highlights the lifestyle of living here in the Philippines and using technology to make a good (and honest) living. It always amazes me how many people I know in the MMO world who are always thinking “maybe someday I can earn enough to make the move”. They have it backward in many cases .. they should make the move and reap the benefits.

    The idea of tying the real-time AdSense stats into the sites for sale is pure and simple “Gangbusters”. Rock on, guys.

  • Digging the new logo. Good use of 99 designs

  • Steve Goerger says:

    I haven’t been by in a while guys, but clearly you are kicking butt! Well done.

    I just visited the ‘buy our sites’ page, looking for the domains. Didn’t seen them though. Did you decide there just was no use, and took them down? If so too bad, that’s something I def would have been interested in…

    • We recently revamped the “buy our sites” page with a much better look and feel. We didn’t see that much value in testing (we only sold one domain) but if you are still interested, please contact us directly and I will send you a spreadsheet of available domains.

  • aldovargas says:

    Wow, this is looking good , you guys are adding lot of stuff to your strategy.

    Is very nice to see this progress!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Aldo…we’ve got a bunch of tricks up our sleeve! 🙂

      We have a ton of stuff planned, actually…it’s just finding the hours to get it all done. We’re big fans of the “Just Ship It” strategy…get your project OUT there…even if it’s not quite done or ready…you can always fix/adjust later!

      • aldovargas says:

        Yeah , trying to keep everything in order from the start is difficult is better to fix on the path, I’m also increasing my adsense income each day and also other projects but still not that high! xD.

        I still developing my system and a few stuff still not working like should but after the systems are made you can run them almost like an industry.

        I hope things keep going like that!

  • Always so much to take from your reports Justin! Lovin it!

    BTW … I’m a lover of the new logo! It’s freakin awesome! Will have to try 99Designs myself in the near future.

    • Thanks man, we were a bit worried about it, but it’s glad to know others like it too. And be sure to give a shot, they are awesome when you just have no idea what your logo should be. You’ll get so many ideas.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, John Paul! Love the fact that you guys are reporting your income for your new outsourcing business as well. I think that will give a ton of insight to those looking to start an outsourcing company or looking to grow theirs if they have one already.

  • Johan Woods says:

    Lots of value in this post, as usual it seems. You guys are consistent!

    I, for one, didn’t really understand the domains for sale section that you had under the niche sites. Didn’t really pay attention to it, either, with all the goodies being above.

    So, essentially, those are domains for which you already have other sites that are making money on those keywords?

    That DOES sound interesting to me, although with you as competition it can lead to an early grave.

    You could potentially arrange niche challenges, where people sign up to take on some of the niches you were considering giving away. People take them on and submit updates, or whatever. Or that’s too much work and you should just give them away. Even just explaining why you’re interested or not should be some really valuable content.

    Whatever you decide with that, I’ll be looking for it.

    If you drop those that barely cover domain costs, where are you dropping them to? I have a bucket!

    • Well income is down, way down, so I am not sure how consistent we are, but thanks for the praise!

      You domain evaluation is correct — we own the other TLD and feel there is enough room on the first page for two EMDs to compete. Honestly though, I am unsure we will continue the domain offerings at all, they simply don’t make enough money.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Johan,

      Yeah, we thought it would be a great idea for those wanting to get started building their own sites, but nervous about whether or not they’re targeting a good keyword. Yes, they’ll be competing with us, but there’s enough room on the first page for two, for sure, and there are PLENTY of people that outrank us….so they might even do better than we are…not to mention all of the long-tail traffic.

      I like the idea of the niche challenges…that would be pretty interesting.

  • Chris says:

    Hey guys! Wow! You did take a lot of action in October. This will definitely show money wise in the next months. I enjoyed your podcast a lot…

    Greetings from germany,

    • Thanks Chris, A new podcast should be out the end of this week. Look, or er listen, for it soon!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Chris!

      Yes, we’ve done quite a bit in terms of branding and exposure this month. We’re pretty new to blogging and really new to this “open business model” idea, so we’re not really sure where we’re at in terms of growth. The people we talk to that know a bit more about it, though, are saying that our early growth has been phenomenal. Hoping we can keep it rolling!

  • Lindsay Collins says:

    Was looking forward to this post, you guys are great. As someone who plans to build 150+ sites in the next 8 months I find myself getting discouraged when I see the Adsense income so low for so many sites, but I then remember you guys are selling off most of your “gems” that bring in the most money. I think I may sell my best ones at first to help pay off some debt I have, then when debt free I can really ramp things up..and by then I’d have learned from some of my mistakes.

    I’m also wondering about the word “Adsense” being in the domain name, because I actually just created a micro niche blog (I won’t say the url because I don’t want to spam) but it has the word Adsense in the domain kind of like yours. Is this really allowed?

    • The model works for sure Lindsay, you just have to keep costs down and have enough capital to build out sites. Remember we sell the sites so we can scale the process without coming out of pocket.

      I would NOT recommend using AdSense in the domain name. Google defends the name AdSense pretty tightly — they don’t even allow Google apps on a domain with “adsense” in it. Eventually we may have to change the name of this blog.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Wow, Lindsay, 150+ sites! You’ll DEFINITELY have to keep us updated as to your progress…really interested in how it turns out for you there!

      Using AdSense wasn’t the smartest move on our part. We were thinking this would just kind of be a blog for people we knew, would help us document our process, etc. If it continues to grow we run a bit of a risk… Even though we’re very clear that we are not associated with Google in any way, they COULD hammer us, probably, if they wanted to.

  • stevewyman says:

    Hi guys

    The logo is not ugly – unless money is ugly 🙂

    it conveys the idea of Fun, Sun and making a few bucks! So seems to fit nicely.!!


    • Thanks Steve, I love it too! Only thing that would have been better would be two guys on the beach, with perhaps a beautiful girl serving us drinks!

      • JustinWCooke says:

        Lol, Joe…yeah would have been cool to have a brown and blonde haired guy on there. Something to consider in the future…I’d like my own cartoon character, hehe.

        • steve wyman says:

          Well… now youve raised the relevant subject i can say

          “Hey Justin, where Joe! and should there no be some beutiful girls serving drinks in the logo :-)”

          Wasnt sure if that was appropriate on a serious business blog ROFL..

          And Joe, isnt that your life anyway ! you dont need the logo I assume you hav ethe tee shirts 🙂

          • Trust me, this life is a lot more work than you think.

          • stevewyman says:

            No its not. I know only to well how much work it takes to get from nothing to where you have, its a long haul.

            Justin’s just gone and outted you on your next trip though 🙂

            And you live in a great part of the world a damn sight bette rthan here in cold grey england today thats for sure.. 🙂

          • JustinWCooke says:

            Bleh…Joe’s just downplaying it! He says that right as he’s buying our tickets to Singapore and Bali for the end of the month! There’s a new deal through Tiger Air for some really cheap tickets to Singapore and, since we have some new friends in Bali, we thought it would be great to go hang out on the beach for a few days too! hehe

  • Brian says:

    I personally like the logo because a logo is supposed to be memorable for branding and I would recognize that over some type of business font logo……I picked up a cheap WSO recently from a adsense flipper who lays out his method adsense sites since 2003. his method is target 5 keywords with each keyword being a page(not a post) then have 3 smaller POSTS(not pages) for each page as supporting. its more detailed than that but interesting…..

    PS- isnt “Adsense” trademarked by google ?

  • Nice work last month guys! I’ve been building niche sites for awhile but only recently tried to create them more regularly, with a somewhat standardized process to make things flow more efficiently. So far, so good, though no real results report as of yet.

    By the way, love the new logo!

    Keep it up guys, looking forward to November.

    – Eric

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Eric,

      Hoping your sites end up crushing it. You have some great content on your site, btw…I see why you’re getting some good traffic, heh.

  • PhilJensen says:

    Hey Guys

    Contrary to Alex’s opinion about the logo (not a very constructive comment) I like the logo, very slick.

    I like your ideas about adding the Adsense API info to the website sales page, I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it works out.

    Haven’t heard of virtual staff finder or Propelbacklinks, I’ll have to check them out.

    Another solid month, keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to the next podcast.



  • Alex says:

    the logo is.. well its ugly =)
    the goal is set, so its good and the current strategy plan is good as well.
    however the ideas behind it allows you to expect only small steady growth.
    you should put more effort (if not already done so) into r&d process.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Ugly? Ouch, man…really? Thanks for the honest feedback though, heh.

      We had a few more “corporate” designs but thought a beach, avatar, etc. would just be more fun and a bit more friendly.

      I hear what you’re saying about small and steady growth. Still, with all of the search changes that happen on a regular basis, consistency would be great, heh.

      These goals doesn’t cover any of the larger projects we are discussing for 2012…just our “foundation” revenue with the niche sites. If just a couple of the other projects work out we’re looking at a fantastic 2012 with AdSenseFlippers.

      • Djlest_uk says:

        Well done guys – and i think the logo is awesome.
        This site is fantastic too and i wish you all the best for q4 and the new year.
        i remember my first adsense site back in 2008 – it was just 4 pages and thrown together in a heartbeat, yet used to net me 600+ dollars a month. Of course the business model should have been scaled up back then and today id probably be living permanently on the beach. Sadly i built it on the tumblr platform. It ranked fast but got erased from their databases faster.
        After that i kinda lost motivation and gave it a rest for a few years, but now im back to see how much things have changed since the good old days of 2008. EMLTDomain hunting was certainly a lot easy back then that’s for sure.

        • JustinWCooke says:

          Wow…your first was earning $600/month…that’s awesome! lol

          Sucks you didn’t jump on it back then…would have made a killing, I’m sure!

    • Dee says:

      It’s not ugly – I think it’s cute. It makes you guys seem approachable and not “corporate” which clearly you aren’t.

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