May 12, 2011

Happy New Year! It’s been an interesting month as we’ve watched our December sites mature and we’ve purchased another 55 domains to continue our niche website experiment. We’re not convinced that the sites will make enough money to be hugely profitable, but we’ve seen some bright spots along the way and definitely plan to continue this journey. It’s interesting to note that just over 80% of our earnings came from the sites created in December.


We’re excited to see some rankings on our December sites and have purchased even more domains through January. We’re noticing that only a few of our sites are making up a fairly large portion of our earnings and wondering whether that’s just the way it is or whether we can find that kind of success by focusing on what made those sites successful.

In December, many of our target keywords would really be considered the lower-hanging fruit. We went after niches that we thought other people had overlooked as being too small for them. We have the benefit of having outsourcing agents on payroll and so our costs in creating sites are much lower than they would be if we had a staff of people available to work on them in the US. Since our costs are so low, we figure we might as well look for success in the areas we feel we have the best chance at, when it comes to picking keywords and their competition. Here are a few of the things we implemented this month:

  • Process – We really fleshed out our Google Doc to be quite robust. We have multiple people working out of it on multiple shifts and it seems to be quite effective compared to what we had previously.
  • Automation – Signed up for This is an article directory and submission service that allows you to submit your articles to sites like ezines, goarticles, etc. all at once.
  • Approach – We’ve expanded our keyword to go after slightly more aggressive keywords that have a higher potential payoff but have a bit more competition as well.

We made a bit more money this month and it’s the first month we’ll be able to collect a check from AdSense! It’s a little depressing reading about people on the Warrior Forums that can’t even seem to get a check every month with their AdSense earnings and we really wonder why that is. Many of them claim to be doing the exact same thing that we’re doing and yet they haven’t made any money. Why is that?

Towards the end of the month, my business partner and I decided to just trade-off responsibilities that are not outsourced. Partner A will take care of keyword research, domain purchasing, and tracking setup while Partner B will take care of ordering and reviewing content and article marketing. I doubt we’ll be personally doing all of this much longer, though…it’s getting to the point where it takes quite a bit of our time and much of it can be delegated. The only reason we haven’t done it at this point is so that we can better understand the process ourselves and make sure it’s optimized before it’s “outsourced”.

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Sites created: 55
AdSense Earnings: $187.66

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  3. “We’re noticing that only a few of our sites are making up a fairly large portion of our earnings” totally normal 80/20 principal I had 100 domains 20 live 3 making 80%

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