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Our Best Podcast Episodes for New Website Buyers

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

New Website Buyers

Last week we offered up some of our best podcast episodes for new website sellers, so today we wanted to dive into some of the top episodes we have for new website buyers.

Like that post, we went through the archive and dug out a few of our favorite episodes that focused on the things a new website buyer would need to know. Then, our team dove headfirst into the Google Analytics, iTunes and Libsyn download data, comments, and general sharing info to figure out what were some of your favorites.

Whether you’re a new website buyer, or just looking to sharpen some of your portfolio skills, these episodes will unleash all out secrets.

Our Best Podcast Episodes for New Website Buyers

Episdoe 109: Quickstart Guide For New Website Buyers – You want to do your best due diligence to research and verify your new website purchases, but as a new website buyer you aren’t 100% sure what that looks like. Sound familiar? Joe and I break down a step-by-step guide for determining your buyer profile, asking the right kind of questions, understanding deposit processes, and more.

Episode 72: 6 Types Of Website Buyers – One of our most popular episodes of all-time. We had a blast figuring out the different types of website buyers we’ve run across over the years, and putting together little profiles for each, based on common characteristics. If you are trying to figure out your process and motivation, determining which website buyer you want to be will give you a huge leg up.

Episode 43: 6 Tire-Kicking Strategies For Vetting A Website – We talk a lot about “due diligence” when buying a new website (in fact, I mentioned it in the first episode listed here) but as a new buyer you may be wondering what due diligence means. Tire-kicking often has a negative connotation, but if you don’t do it, then you’ll buy a junker with bad tire pressure. No one wants that.

Episode 144: How To Find Amazing Deals (And Avoid Hunting Unicorns) – Unicorns have been all the rage among online companies and marketers for the past few years. Finding a magical opportunity that is too good to be true (in other words, there’s no way this could ever be real!) and making a ton of money off it. While I still believe that unicorns only exist in imaginations and 80’s movies, those amazing deals are out there. It’s all a matter of learning the difference between the two.

Episode 114: How to Buy a Website Without Any Cash – Few empires start with a fully stocked war chest. You may not have a ton of expendable money to throw at the seller. That doesn’t mean you have to sit out and wait until you’ve got the capital. In this episode, Joe and I break down some creative ways we’ve found to be able to buy websites and grow your portfolio, even if you don’t have cash laying around.

Episode 130: 10 Proven Tactics for Growing Purchased Websites – So you’ve bought your first website, what do you do now? Some people like to sit on the new income, happy with what they’ve purchased and making a bit of extra cash. But with a few tweaks and updates, you could double or triple (or more!) your net income. Here are some of the proven ways we’ve been able to grow our own sites and build our portfolio.

Episode 140: Case Study – Purchased Website Flops If you’ve been wondering what happens when a website purchase goes bad or are looking for a more cautionary tale, this is the episode for you. We sit down with Nick Loper from, who bought a website from us and it wasn’t the joyride he had hoped it would be. This was an extremely popular episode as Nick whipped open the kimono and really dug into what worked and what didn’t, sharing the exact numbers and decisions and more.

Episode 127: Anatomy Of A Bought And Sold Site – Maybe you aren’t looking to hold onto your purchased website forever. Lots of folks like to flip their sites (here at Empire Flippers, we’re obviously in favor of such a process) after investing some time and/or cash into building it up from the original purchase. We talk about our own experiences with flipping in just about every episode of the show, so in this episode we bring in Ace Chapman to talk about his experience doing the same. The episode was such a success we started a whole second podcast to talk with him more often, The Web Equity Show.

Episode 146: How We’re Spending $800K Buying Online Businesses – We’d be total jerks if we just talked a lot about our past successes and ideas for what could be. There are a lot of shows and blogs out there doing just that. We don’t want to be those guys. This was a big episode for us, and for our audience, as we shared our plans for exactly what we are planning to do in the next few years to build out our empire by investing in and buying online businesses and sites. This may not be where you are just yet, but we all have to start somewhere. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for what could be if you buy your first website today!

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