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AdSense Flippers Intern 1 – Life Changing Opportunity

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

AdSense Flippers Intern 1 - Life Changing Opportunity

We’ve truly been blessed to have such a great reader base and we’ve learned A TON from all of you through your feedback, emails, etc. We’ve found that quite a few of you are future rockstars in IM…and with a little push or some help you’re going to get there soon. Inspired by our friends over at the TropicalMBA, we wanted to offer you an opportunity we wished we’d had when we were first starting off, so we’ve decided to look for an AdSenseFlippers Intern:

Click Here For Details! – Closed, but look at other Intern and Apprentice opportunities here!

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Please follow the link above, read the intern description completely, and follow the directions exactly if you’d like to apply. Everything’s laid out pretty well there, but I’ll summarize some of the advantages/disadvantages for you here as well:


  • This will change your life!
  • Our goal will be to set you up in such a way that you’ll never have to work a J-O-B again
  • You’ll be introduced to a host of other entrepreneurs and travelers with amazing networking opportunities
  • You can live like a king/queen for CHEAP in SE Asia
  • You’ll be working with and learning from us on a daily basis


  • This will change your life!
  • The pay sucks…
  • No Jet-setting while on internship agreement
  • Leaving friends/family behind for a while

This isn’t a charity…our goal will be to purchase/buy massive amounts of value from you for CHEAP while we help you grow your own business. Basically, you’re buying into the Expat, mobile-entrepreneurial lifestyle with sweat equity…faciliated by us. Ideally, we’d like to make it through the internship and then scale down to where you’re a contractor for us…in a position where you have other clients, your own network of sites, etc. We can then fill the internship with another person to fill an additional need we have at AdSenseFlippers.

While we do want people that are obviously open to travel, remote work situations, etc…we’re not looking for gap-year, backpacking hippies that just want to goof off for several months.  We want hungry, eye-on-the-prize hustlers that are serious about changing their lives and building businesses.  You’ll be running projects, not tasks…so we need those that can take initiative and get shit done.

We’re pretty open to skillsets as we have quite a few different things we’re working on. Again, make sure you read the post fully and follow directions exactly if you’re interested:

Check the offer out here! – Closed, but there are other opportunities available!

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We don’t want to oversell this…it is an amazing opportunity, but we’re really looking for a good fit over anything else. Ultimately, you’ll be living/working with us and will know everything about our businesses…that’s quite a bit of trust we’re putting in you! Don’t think you’re qualified? You might be surprised…go ahead and apply…we’ll be reviewing EVERY application and we know others that are looking to provide a similar opportunity as well, so you might be a good fit for them!

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Best of luck and we look forward to working with you!

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  • razvan says:

    so did you guys find someone ?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      We did…he just arrived in Davao a week ago. Here’s his Twitter account:!/JohnKDeVries

      • razvan says:

        great stuff , i’m glad for the guy
        are you guys gonna give other people this opportunity in the future ?

        • JustinWCooke says:

          We wanted to test through it, but the plan is definitely to have another intern once the contract with John is up. In fact, we were considering taking on two at a time in the not-so-distant future.

          We’ve had our first week with our first intern and it’s been great so far. Really interested to see where we can take this over the next 4-6 months!

  • Chris says:

    seems like i missed the boat the link says ” page not found”

  • Darryl says:

    Just landed on this blog. Is the opportunity still available for applications? I noticed it starts in Feb. Hope I am not too late to apply.

  • shutterfeet says:

    Hi guys! I just came across this opportunity. Are you still accepting applications?

  • Dave Starr says:

    This is a great opportunity for those who actually want to empower themselves to earn rather than sitting around wishing.

    I was thinking of offering to intern with Justin and Joe myself before they made their formal offer, but right now I’m doing a lot of physical construction on my real house … stuck in the “dirt-based” world for the time being.

    I’ve discussed this offer with a number of other bloggers/IM entrepreneurs I know who are also based in the Philippines and the consensus seems to be that there will be few, if any “takers” … because the idea involves the investment of both time and money as well as leaving the comfort zone of the majority of non-travelling Americans.

    But taking some time for yourself with an opportunity like this might cost much less than one thinks. Some might be interested in a series I’ve written on why it might not cost, but actually PAY to spend some time in the Philippines:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Merry Christmas to you too, Dave, thanks for the comment!

      Good article as well. Most of the people in this “crowd” talk about those mini-retirements as geo-arbitrage…a way to use the cost of living to your advantage. If you can find yourself making a Western wage in a low-cost country you can do quite well for yourself, as you well know.

      We’ve had some good applicants already and others have mentioned they’d like to apply…we’ll see how it all works out!

  • Kind of want to apply … ridiculously awesome opportunity!

  • Bori says:

    Great opportunity!

    Different question: when do you publish the income report of November? I love income reports.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Bleh…I know, right? I’m slacking… We were gone for the first week of the month and then I was sick with the flu right after our trip. I already reviewed the numbers…just need to get the post out now. I’ll have it out in the next 24-48…promise!

  • Finishing up my application today. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to make the jump to entrepreneurship and learn how to build a real business. Iv’e been following both TMBA and you guys for a while. Soon as I started seeing Dan interview you guys I was hoping you were going to run an internship. Good luck to everyone ; )

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Awesome, Zach! Got it…Joe and I were looking at the video now. We like the fact you have some niche site experience…that’s cool. You seem quite motivated too. Will be reviewing through the month and following up…thanks for your application!

  • Dave M says:

    Man, I wanna go… Now I just need to figure out how to convince the wife to let me fly halfway around the world and be gone for months on end. 🙂

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Ouch…good luck with that! 🙂 We knew that this would be a pretty particular fit and would leave some people out, definitely. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help someone get out of the rat race and get on their own path to financial freedom. Aside from our business goals, that’s our goal with the intern, for sure.

  • Alex Murphy says:

    This is a game changer folks. If your an aspiring Internet marketer I’d suggest that you land on this like a fly on shit. Oh, don’t forget to read the instructions! Goodluck ladies and gents.

  • Aldo says:

    This is a very good opportunity learning from your shoulders! , I just like the idea of beaches and drinks. This could be a life changing for some people, I will check the results here.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Aldo,

      We’re really excited about it. After meeting a few of the previous TropicalMBA interns and talking to Dan/Ian about it we were completely sold on the concept…

      • Aldo says:

        I hope i could visit you guys , but i will go as vacation since im right increasing my income, i hope i could achieve more success and go there and visit you guys in Davao.

        If i didnt had this experience i think i would not hesitate on this opportunity.

  • Dan says:

    To anyone reading this, this is truly an amazing opportunity– half tempted to apply myself… this has the potential to change somebody’s life and give a lot of value to everyone involved. Cheers for putting yourselves out there guys!

    • Thanks Dan. Everyone should know that you and Ian will be coming to visit us int he February 2011 time frame, so it’s just another plus for networking within the community.

      • Alex Murphy says:

        Dude that’s awesome. I love the guys at the TMBA. I devour all the content they spew. What’s the IM scene like in Davao?

        • JustinWCooke says:

          Yeah, whoever ends up out here with us will definitely make some connections, for sure.

          The IM scene in Davao is pretty scarce, actually. We know a few others that live/work here that are doing similar stuff…others are talking about following the model with us, heh. We get some people passing through, though…they come down here to check it out, hang out for a while, etc.

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