We’re Hiring Top Notch Business Analysts!

Greg Elfrink Updated on March 16, 2020


We’re hiring!

Want to be part of something different?

We’re looking for up to three sales professionals to become Business Analysts for our fast-growing company.

So what is a Business Analyst you might ask?

A BA will be responsible for helping our sales team qualify prospective buyers/sellers through phone calls and chat, helping us weed out those who aren’t qualified, but also advising those who aren’t quite ready, but need some additional tips/advice.


So here’s the plan – we’d like you to join us in June 2018 in the beautiful city of  Prague, Czech Republic!


we're hiring

The plan is to spend a few months in Prague for your training. Then, around September 2018, we will have you come meet the rest of the team in Southeast Asia (most likely the Saigon, Vietnam).

After six months, if everything seems like a great fit, you will be invited to join our sales team officially, where you will become a fully fledged Business Analyst.

We’ve been working hard to grow our company over the last few years. In 2012, we boasted about having $200,000 in sales … now we’re looking to break $40 million in sales in 2018 alone. That is a huge amount of growth, and most if it has come from our hard-working, dedicated team.

This growth required bringing on new employees — new talent with fresh viewpoints and skill sets.

Now we’re looking to level up our business again, and we need you to help us!

In the last two years, we have been featured on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. We’ve expanded our marketing team to help us gain more exposure, built a sales team to assist us in closing more deals, and have grown our customer service team to help our operations run more smoothly.

Now, we need sales professionals who are pros at lead management to support our Business Advisers and to help filter/funnel potential deals into the pipeline.

What’s Our Story?

Back in 2011, we (Justin and Joe) started building our own niche websites and selling them on Flippa. Originally, we documented the entire experience using our blog. Over time, we built up a large audience that loved what we were doing.

Some loved it so much that they reached out to us and asked if they could leverage our audience to sell their websites.

It got Joe and I thinking … this sounds like a great opportunity to explore.

By 2012, we had rebranded to Empire Flippers and had become a full-blown online business brokerage and marketplace. It was not long before we were the leaders in selling Google AdSense and Affiliate sites, and not too long after that, we began dominating the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) space as we started to become the “go-to” business brokerage for e-commerce stores.

While we started small, we now regularly sell 6-7 figure businesses.

And our story is only going to get bigger.

Here is what two of our employees have to say about working with us so far:

Andy Allaway:

“Joining Empire Flippers was a genuine life changer. I can live and work anywhere with a decent Wifi connection, and it’s awesome to be part of a team that really cares about doing great things. No doubt, the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Alex Champagne:

“I have grown and learned more in the first year of this job than I would have thought possible. As cliché as it sounds, the people are great, the culture is fast-paced yet fun, and the work is challenging and rewarding. Oh, and you get to see the world. I’m writing this overlooking Prague right now. This job has helped me travel to over 30 countries and counting. If you’re willing to put in the work, there really is no downside.”

It is our mission to become both the thought and market leader when it comes to buying, selling, and investing in online businesses.

We’re now inviting you to become part of our story. Are you up for the challenge?

What’s the Opportunity?

In 2018 Q1 we did our best quarter ever, dwarfing all of our previous quarters by a LARGE margin. We are looking to grow even more in the coming years. This means you will have the opportunity to become a pivotal member of our sales team as a Business Analyst, where you will help people take the next step in the sales funnel with us. (Through qualifying prospective buyers, sellers, etc.)

You won’t be just another employee at some giant corporation.

Your work ethic and skill sets will have a direct impact on our growth. We will open up our Rolodex, offer you training, and give you insights into the online business space that no college course or paid informational product could ever teach you.

You will connect with entrepreneurs running hundreds of sites, as well as entrepreneurs running gigantic global e-commerce brands with name recognition.

Because of our fast growth, that also means new needs will arise. We will need good, trained hands “on deck” to handle that growth. If we’re a good fit for each other, you can be at the forefront of that growth and be prepared to take advantage.

What’s This Sales Position Like?

While we’re an Inc. 5000 company, we’re not overly corporate. You’ll work with our entire team to make sure the job gets done. We believe in collaboration, and that means every department in our company comes together to help bring a project to fruition.

It has been an effective strategy, and has worked well for us.

When you first come on board as a Business Analyst, you will start learning more about our business before jumping into the job. You will learn everything there is to know about the different kinds of customers we serve in our audience. You will become well versed in all of our processes, from how our deposit system works all the way up to the intricacies of structuring a business acquisition.

Once you have the basics down, you will use the phone, chat systems, and email to communicate with our audience and will have access to our backend support systems through HubSpot, Zendesk, and our new Deal Center we’re building.

You might be wondering, though … what will your daily work routine really look like once you’re up and going?

Here is a list of daily tasks we’ll expect from you (though this isn’t an exhaustive list and could change):

  • Taking calls with potential sellers and answering their questions on how we go about selling their business
  • Calling people who have placed deposits on businesses and guiding them to the next step in our sales funnel
  • Contacting warm leads and qualifying them before sending them to the next step (whether that’s making a deposit or talking with one of our Business Advisors)
  • Returning emails to potential buyers who are looking at using our marketplace, but still have questions about our process
  • Working closely with our Business Advisors to set up our Buyer-Seller Conference Calls

As a Business Analyst, you will support our Business Advisors as they negotiate deals that are win-wins for both our buyers and sellers.

What Skills Are Needed?

We believe in hiring people who are a good fit with us culturally. We want people who are hungry to learn, but also people that will be fun to work with.

However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for a certain kind of skill set.

While no previous work experience is needed, experience in sales is a big plus. Any background in e-commerce or online business is also helpful. However, we are looking to train the right person, so if you don’t have that experience, don’t let it stop you from applying.

You must love talking and negotiating with people. You need to be able to pick up the phone and call someone who doesn’t know you and see how they are doing. This isn’t cold-calling, but it won’t be super warm either. Everyone you call will have opted into our marketplace and given out their phone number, so they will know about Empire Flippers. It is your task to make sure they understand our processes and see why we are someone they want to work with.

You can spot risks and opportunities. Every day, you will speak with entrepreneurs about scaling businesses, liabilities, and how good certain assets are as an investment. Over time, you will need to be able to spot what are genuine risks and genuine opportunities for people looking to acquire online businesses. You will need to be able to confidently tell the entire story of a possible acquisition. While investing in online businesses can bring great returns, it can also be a volatile space to play in. We respect our audience’s intelligence by telling them about both the risks and rewards.

You’re a problem solver. Selling a business is an intimate experience for most entrepreneurs, especially if it is the first business someone is selling or buying. That means you will face obstacles and challenges. It will be up to you to make sure those challenges are met head-on and solved.

You’re excited about expanding the Empire Flippers brand. We love hiring people that are passionate about the online business industry. In many ways, we really are changing lives. We want you to be on board with our mission, participate in industry conversations, and getting people excited about working with us.

What’s the Lifestyle Like?

Our company is built on the idea of travel, remote work, and living life on your terms.

When you first start off, you will fly to Prague in June. You will need to pay your way to Prague, but in September we will cover the costs to bring you to join the rest of the team in the Saigon. After those first four to six months, there might be an opportunity for this job to become a location-independent position for you. That means you will eventually be able to work from anywhere you want — as long as that place has a good Wifi connection, of course.

While still in training, your pay won’t be too much to start, at just $2,000 per month for the first six months. After that, you will gradually be introduced to our generous profit share program and be on track to make around $30,000 to $45,000 per year, depending on how well we do each quarter. After that first six months, you will graduate from being an apprentice to becoming a fully fledged Business Analyst with our company.

That is enough to live a high-quality life (within reason) in Southeast Asia — or most of the world, for that matter.

Love It. What’s the Catch?

We love our employees and our work, but that still means you will need to perform up to our expectations. Hopefully, you will exceed those expectations and take us to new heights with the skills you bring to the table.

We love to play and travel. A big part of our company is about experiencing what the world has to offer and going after it. That being said, we also work hard.

Sometimes we have to work weird hours. It is not uncommon to take a 3 a.m. phone call when you’re in Thailand to connect with someone over in the U.S. Or vice versa. You will need to be someone who is ultra-flexible. Our business is truly global, and we have customers in every corner of the globe.

Sometimes we really do work next to the pool (or beach). We might take a long break in the middle of the day, but burn the midnight oil early in the morning and late into the night with a 12-hour work day. That isn’t every day, but it does happen when we need to finish a project or answer a client’s series of questions, so you’ll need to be prepared for that.

A lot of people would love to have a side gig or a gap year experience that allows them to travel the world before finding a job back home. That is not this job.

We want you to become a long-term employee with us. Ultimately, we want this sales position to grow into a profitable career for both you and the company.

The Details to Keep in Mind

Remember, we’re not going to throw you into the fire right away.

We’re going to train you and be there to help you every step of the way. If this all sounds overwhelming yet exciting to you, then apply! You might be surprised how perfect you are for this role.

Once you understand our company and processes, you will dive into the low-level tasks, starting off on a probationary period and later becoming a fully fledged Business Analyst.

Joe and I will review every application that comes our way. For those we think would be a good fit, we will schedule an interview with you. Typically, we do 2-3 rounds of interviews before we decide.

The cut-off date for applying is May 8th, 2018. That will leave us a month to review all the applications, and give you time if you’re hired to prepare to come out to Prague.

How Do I Apply?

Here is the sequence of events we use when hiring our new sales professionals:

  1. You record a YouTube video* explaining who you are and why you’re a good fit for the position, fill out an application, and submit it ASAP.
  2. We review submissions and schedule interviews.
  3. Second interviews are done, and a final decision is made.
  4. The chosen apprentices will be announced in early May.
  5. The chosen apprentice will arrive in Prague, Czech Republic, on June 18th, 2018.

*YouTube Video Requirements:

We will only accept submissions that include a YouTube URL. Please leave the video “unlisted” in preferences and share the link with us. The quality of the video doesn’t matter, and there are no bonus points for editing. I just want (up to) three minutes of you explaining (based on your previous experience):

  1. Why this sales position is an excellent fit for you and us
  2. Why you think you’re a good fit to work with our prospective customers

If you’re thinking about applying, but are worried you might not have enough (insert excuse here) — don’t worry. If you want to build something more than just a 9-to-5 job, then click the “apply” button below.

Click here to apply.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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  • Simon Burke says:

    Very interested in hearing when you get more roles.
    I have a good amount of experience working with Toyota, DIRECTV, Fox Studios, Virgin Mobile etc.

  • Dana says:


    Can I still apply for this role?

    Thank you!

  • Edwin says:


    This is once again an exciting opportunity! I received an email yesterday stating that this is the last week left to apply, but noticed that the cutoff date on this page was May 8th. Is this position still open?

    Thank you,

    • Greg Elfrink says:

      Hey Edwin!

      The application deadline is over for now. But keep an eye on this space, we’re launching a careers board soon since our company is hiring so fast. Definitely opt in to our newsletter, we’ll be hiring again soon!

  • sarwar says:

    Can I apply now for this position?

  • Sudeshna Golder says:

    Hope you are doing well! This job profile sounds apt for me. It’s a misfortune that I came across the opening after the mentioned cut-off date. I am earnestly intrigued about the company and job profile. Can I still apply? Hoping to get a response back from your side soon.
    May The Force Be With You!

  • Rachel Arandilla says:

    Yikes! I think I saw this post too late. Can I still apply? I could send a video within the next 48h!

  • Cuong Nghiem says:

    It’s really awesome to work at Empire Flipper. I’ve submitted the application when would the interview schedule be sent out?

  • Viviand says:

    There are any restriction about nationality? Or anyone can apply?

  • Justin Cooke says:

    Yep, we do. The amount is written in the post above. It’s minimal for the first 6 months in training, but definitely enough to live on in Prague, SE Asia, etc.

    • Hello Justin,

      I’m intrigued in the opportunity above, however my skill-set lies in a slightly different field. I’ve spent the last 8-9 years working in London in the M&A and investment space covering the SmallCap industrial, technology and software sectors, analysing and valuing businesses, putting together sales memorandum and running transactions etc. The most recent asset manager I worked for placed a big emphasis on site visits to companies to ‘kick the tyres’ to really understand the businesses prior to investing.

      As the FBA market becomes more widely accepted as an asset-class and more sophisticated (and in turn the type of investors become more sophisticated) I was wondering whether I could potentially be of assistance to Empire Flippers in terms of the business analysis and documentation preparation.

      Above all I am attracted by the opportunity to work somewhere different and work flexibly! Happy to have a chat if that is something of interest.



      • Greg Elfrink says:

        Hey David!

        We’ve closed this position for now, but keep an eye open as we’ll likely be hiring again very soon. You sound like you’d be a great candidate for our sales role (business analyst). The background experience with M&A deals combined with knowledge of online business models is super attractive for us.

        We definitely can provide you some unique flexibility and work environments when you come on board with us. It’s a pretty fun company to work for 🙂

        We’re working on a careers page right now that you’ll be able to check out soon (Within the next two weeks).

        Look forward to seeing your application!

  • Guillermo says:


    Do you pay a salary during the training period in Prague and Vietnam?


  • Kevin Dragomir says:


    For a student currently in a M.S. Business Analytics program planning on graduating in December of 2019, will more opportunities for positions like these be available in the future?


    • Greg Elfrink says:

      Hey Kevin!

      Definitely keep an eye open, we’re growing pretty rapidly right now so more positions will be opening up soon!

  • Carys says:

    This sounds like an excellent opportunity!

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