Empire Flippers Customer Success Story: Kris and Sandro Kahrs

Mike Swigunski Updated on March 16, 2020

Customer Success Story: Kris and Sandro Kahrs

Many people spend their entire lives working for someone else and are only able to watch others succeed in business endeavors.

Although there is clearly nothing wrong with choosing to live this way, there are other people who don’t mind taking risks in order to succeed independently.

Then there are those who have no choice but to try and transform their situation because of dire and urgent needs.


Kris and Sandro Kahrs: the Risk-Takers who Succeeded

Kris and Sandro are a married couple who could have continued to happily live out their lives working glamorous corporate jobs for Sony and NBC.

They had stable jobs, income, the privilege of living in Los Angeles, and a son whom they were able to provide for.

One day, Kris and Sandro learned that their son needed to enroll in a special program, which would be extremely difficult logistically. They would need to commute for 5 hours every day, which was not a practical long-term option.

They could financially afford to send their son to this school, but they did not have the kind of jobs that would grant them the freedom of location. They needed to be able to send their son to school and continue with their family lives as normal.

After all, being able to spend consistent time together with their son was extremely important for Kris and Sandro. To solve this issue, they began pursuing ideas that would generate passive income.

When Kris and Sandro found us, they had already spent a lot of time considering the countless other means of creating passive income, but we were the best option. They simply wanted to have passive income and to be permanently near their son’s school. “I was lucky for a while,” Sandro asserted. “I happened to be physically close to his school, but even then, it was difficult to say to my boss, ‘Hey, can I just leave now, at 2:30, and come back at 5:00?’”

How Empire Flippers Changed Their Lives

Since neither Kris nor Sandro had any sort of relevant experience generating income online, they needed some help and this is where we enter the picture!

After a lot of searching online, they stumbled upon Empire Flippers! Kris found us to be a provider of profitable websites and, most importantly, high-quality industry experts.

“Empire Flippers always answered questions, even five months into the process, and now we’re eight months into the process. Whenever we have questions or anything, it’s easy to jump online and ask anybody.”

To put it simply, Kris and Sandro had a lot of questions and needed professional assistance from expert business brokers. Which we provide absolutely for free through our criteria discovery calls.

Although it took some time for them to psychologically adjust to the sudden change in career, purchasing two Shopify stores from us helped grant Kris and Sandro the freedom to move closer to their son’s school, to share the same business endeavors, and take time off when needed.

“Our time is our own, and we’re not tied to a location anymore.”

However, benefits like these do not come without sacrifice.

For this couple, the hardest part about abruptly changing their careers was the sudden lack of knowledge they had in their profession.

For this reason, Kris and Sandro greatly appreciated how Empire Flippers acts as both a resource and merchant. We provide the products needed to build passive income, along with a network of knowledgeable professionals that can answer questions and alleviate any concern or stress that follow suddenly switching careers.

How Empire Flippers Stands Out from Competitors

Many people simply cannot make an overnight transition from working for a company to running their own business. Understandably, Kris and Sandro expressed this concern.

Empire Flippers has always held a unique position in the field, due to the fact that we provide clear information for every online business sold. Clients can use due diligence, according to their unique situation, when affirming the information we provide. Once a sale has been initiated, we hold the funds during the transaction period, and even help transfer the business over to the new owner.

Despite all of these services, we weren’t the only company the couple considered using to get their feet wet in the online world.

As Kris stated, “A lot of other places come right out and say, ‘We don’t vet these businesses,’ so you’re totally on your own.”

For people with minimal background knowledge, having basic information about a business and its performance statistics is crucial when deciding to trust our services over the services of any other company. Without current (and confirmed) information on how well a business is doing, there is no reason to believe it will generate a return on investment.

A major reason people hesitate to make a jump like Kris and Sandro’s is the fear of the unknown.

As Kris says, though, this fear isn’t a reason to avoid taking the risk. “You’re not going to be able to know everything. It’s just like buying a car or a house or any other big purchase. You won’t know everything. You can’t know everything.”

You can, however, learn everything you need to know along the way—especially if you have the resources at your disposal and the motivation to learn as much as possible.

One of the great things about buying from us is that you are able to negotiate the training period before purchasing. This will allow you to be more than comfortable with the new business before taking it over completely.

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Final Words of Encouragement

Whether you are considering joining the online industry with the assistance of a company like ours or by starting entirely on your own, it’s important to know that many opportunities for passive income online like this exist on our marketplace. Kris and Sandro were able to meet their need for greater freedom by purchasing a couple of Shopify businesses from our marketplace.

If you are like Kris and Sandro, and don’t quite have the experience or know-how to start things on your own, Empire Flippers is a fantastic avenue to quickly transform your life by using an online business to generate steady income.

We serve as a valuable resource, providing access to the right information at the right time.

“Working with Empire Flippers, it’s been very helpful and very easy. They’ve been very understanding. We had questions, they were very quick to answer them, and if we had any little problems, they were there for us.”

If you are motivated to take action and learn the ropes to be able to generate passive income on the internet, you can replicate Kris and Sandro’s results of purchasing a profitable online asset that allows them to work from anywhere! Want to learn more about Kris and Sandro’s store? You can view it here.

Don’t allow their affirmation of success to simply pass on by.

There’s no reason why your own unique success story shouldn’t be featured here, alongside Kris and Sandro’s.

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  • Sweet girl says:

    Pretty impressive journey, good luck for Kris and Sandro Kahrs.
    And Empire Flippers is doing just awesome.

  • Hi there,
    Can an existing Shopify business be added to an existing blog? Or, do they run separately? I am asking as I am trying to monetize my blog. Also, where is the traffic on the existing Shopify stores coming from – or should I say do they have traffic? Thanks, Nikki

    • Greg Elfrink says:

      Hey Nikki,

      I believe Shopify has some sort of blogging solution. You could have a wordpress blog on a subdomain for your shopify store, or the other way around, but I wouldn’t really recommend this solution since it could hurt your SEO.

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