Walmart Affiliate Program: How to Make Money Selling Walmart Products

Craig Schoolkate Updated on August 15, 2023

Walmart Affiliate Program How to Make Money Selling Walmart Products

Becoming an affiliate with Walmart is a great way to earn money online. You get access to the massive range of products to sell at Walmart, you can leverage its audience that trusts the brand, and you can trust the affiliate program to pay you correctly and on time.

We created this affiliate program overview so you can see how you can make money being an affiliate for Walmart, even if you haven’t built your blog yet.

The Walmart Affiliate Program

If you’re from the US or have ever visited there, it’s likely you’ve been to a Walmart.

It’s the biggest retail store in the world, double the size of Amazon in physical and online presence combined. A quarterly report produced by Jungle Scout showed that in Q3 of 2022, 43% of US consumers purchased products from the Walmart website. The site gets 429M monthly visitors and Walmart has experienced 11.98% year-over-year growth in ecommerce sales.

The online presence of Walmart is growing, which is leading to massive opportunities for those wanting to earn money online selling products for Walmart as an affiliate.

The Walmart affiliate program was created to increase the ecommerce side of its business. The more Walmart has blogs and sites promoting its products, the more sales it can make. That’s why Walmart’s affiliate program is built to make it easy for anybody to sell its products as an affiliate.

If you’re considering becoming an affiliate for the Walmart affiliate program, then it might be helpful for you to know its pros and cons.

Walmart Affiliate Program Pros:

When reviewing an affiliate program, the important factors to consider are the ease of use of the platform, the benefits and rewards you get as an affiliate, the range of products you can sell, and how much money you can make.

With Walmart, you get big advantage to help you sell products right off the bat.

Brand Reputation

Walmart is a globally recognized brand. Especially in the US where 65% of consumers have purchased a product in a Walmart store.

Because of this presence, an affiliate can use the trust consumers have in Walmart to their advantage. It’s a lot easier to sell products for Walmart than it is for an unheard-of small ecommerce store, as the majority of the consumer population has purchased products from Walmart before.

This means when you’re promoting Walmart products, you don’t need to sell your blog readers hard on why they should trust Walmart as a place to shop.

Wide Range of Products

Because of the size of Walmart, it has a huge range of products to choose from.

This provides you as an affiliate many opportunities to monetize and grow your blog. You can start off promoting a small selection of products and once your blog has established itself in that niche, you can expand it by offering more products.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Walmart has built a pretty robust platform. It has all of the features you need to get set up as an affiliate:

  • Product and offer links
  • Offer banners
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Chrome Extension

The Walmart dashboard allows you to oversee your affiliate sales and analytics data all in one place, so you can see which products are selling and how much commission you’re set to make.

Smooth Onboarding Process

Some affiliate programs require you to have an established website with a minimum number of visitors and a positive reputation, which makes the affiliate program inaccessible to an affiliate who’s just starting out.

The Walmart affiliate program doesn’t have stringent affiliate signup criteria, so you have a good chance of getting approved for the affiliate program.

Long Cookie Window

Once one of your website visitors clicks one of your affiliate links to the Walmart store, they are tracked for three days, so as long as they purchase the product within that timeframe you’ll make your commission.

This is longer than the 24-hour cookie duration for Amazon’s Associates affiliate program.

Walmart Affiliate Program Cons:

Because the Walmart Affiliate Program is so accessible, it doesn’t have the strengths some other affiliate programs have.

Low Commission Rates

An affiliate can earn a commission as high as 60% on some programs. As a Walmart affiliate, you can only earn up to 4%.

The Walmart affiliate program strengths of having a large product range and audience means it unfortunately isn’t able to offer high commissions as it wouldn’t make financial sense for Walmart.

Low Conversions

The other strength Walmart has that leads to a weakness in its affiliate program is its physical presence. Since Walmart stores are everywhere, shoppers have the option to walk around to their local store and see the product before they make the purchase.

This means affiliates for Walmart tend to experience low conversion rates on the most popular products. It makes it harder to make money through the program as you have to find products that aren’t readily available in stores.

Long Payout Delay

Affiliate programs tend to have payout windows between 14-90 days. The Walmart affiliate program is on the longer end with a 60-day commission payout delay on sales. That means they’ll pay you out 60 days after the end of the month the sale was made, not 60 days after the sale.

Overall, the Walmart affiliate program is suited to both new starters who want to get their foot in the door with affiliate marketing and established affiliates who have enough traffic to make earning money through Walmart highly profitable.

Getting set up with Walmart as an affiliate is straightforward.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

When you join the Walmart affiliate program, you’ll be given everything you need to start promoting Walmart products on your website, social media channels, or whatever your affiliate business is set up.

Walmart provides you with banners and links for pre-selected products and offers that you can place around your site. On the Walmart site, you can also find and generate links for specific products you want to promote.

Walmart will also share new banners and text links every week in their affiliate newsletter.

Whenever someone who visits your site clicks on a Walmart link or banner then purchases the product from the Walmart store, your account will be accredited with the sale and you’ll make your commission.

Walmart Affiliate Program Commissions

Commission rates vary depending on the categories of products you’re promoting, but the affiliate program commissions range between 1-4% on the product sale price.

The product categories that offer 4% commissions are as follows:

  • Baby
  • Beauty
  • Clothing
  • Gifts & Registry
  • Health
  • Home
  • Jewelry
  • Patio & Garden

There are some pretty high-ticket product categories in that list. If you sold a diamond ring worth $600 you would make $24 on one sale.

The product categories offering less than 4% are:

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Photo

Within 60 days after the end of the month in which the sale was made, your commission will be credited to your bank account.

How to Become A Walmart Affiliate

The affiliate onboarding process starts with completing an application form.

On the form you provide your personal and business information, including what kind of business model you run out of the following options:

  • Content/reviews
  • Deals/coupons
  • Loyalty program/rewards
  • Social influencer
  • Network
  • Commerce solution
  • Media arbitrage
  • Cross audience monetization

Walmart asks this question to keep a register of how their affiliates are promoting their products.

You’ll also select which type of media property you’re using to promote Walmart products:

  • Website
  • Podcast
  • Email/newsletter

The form has the option to share links to your media properties. The Walmart team will review your website, podcast, or email channel to make sure it fits their requirements. They’re not too restrictive on what types of properties they allow to promote their products. They’re mainly checking to see if your site is a scam or has offensive content.

Since Walmart is predominantly based in North America, they’ll also be looking to see if you’ll be promoting products for that demographic.

It takes the team up to 24 hours to review and approve or deny your application. They’ve been known to disapprove applications without providing a reason, however, this is uncommon as it’s in their best interest to have as many affiliates as possible promoting their products.

After approval, they’ll send you a signup confirmation email and you’ll be able to access your account dashboard where you can track your affiliate sales. You’ll also be able to connect your bank account to your dashboard so you can get paid.

How to Make Money From An Affiliate Program

The process of getting set up as an affiliate with Walmart is almost the same as for any other affiliate program.

What you need as an affiliate to make money from affiliate programs is a website.

Build a Blog to Start Making Money As An Affiliate

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online as an affiliate. The best part about it is you don’t need to be an expert web designer to get started.

On a website builder platform like WordPress, you can build a basic site in a matter of minutes.

Blogging is basically where you post articles on your website regularly. You can post about any topic you’re interested in or know about.

To earn money from blogging, you add affiliate links to your articles where you talk about a product. For example, if you write an article about the five best blenders you’ve tested, then the links to the products could be inserted in the text like so:

“The Electrocord Blender is on sale at Walmart for only $5.99

Walmart has its own WordPress Plugin and Chrome Extension to make adding links to your site easy. You can even add “Buy Now” buttons to your site.

You’ll be able to track sales made from your links in the Walmart dashboard, but if you’d like more accurate tracking and more data on how your affiliate site is performing, you might want to consider using a tool like Post Affiliate Pro.

When your blog is consistently generating enough profits, you’ll be able to sell it for a large capital reward.

Build Your Blog to Sell It For a Big Payday

Blogs are valuable investment assets that attract a range of buyers.

Entrepreneurs who build and sell blogs also like to acquire them. These buyers tend to have a portfolio of websites generating income. If they see an affiliate website for sale that fits in with their portfolio, they will consider acquiring it.

Regular investors who aren’t very familiar with online business tend to dip their toe in the water with a website because they’re easier to run than other online business models like ecommerce.

This type of buyer tends to have a lot of capital at their disposal and is looking for a new asset to invest in to grow their overall net worth.

As you’re growing your blog, you can build it to be sold one day.

We sell websites for anywhere between 30-45X their monthly net profits taken from a 12-month average. That means if your website has been earning an average of $2,500 a month for the past 12 months, it could be worth $112,500.

Our minimum criteria for listing your website on our marketplace is $2,000 in net profit over the past 12 months on average and at least three months of Google Analytics or Clicky traffic data.

If you already have a website that meets that criteria, then list it for sale on our marketplace today.

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