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How to Establish Your eCommerce Business with Marketing Automation

John Davier Updated on October 15, 2021

How to Establish Your eCommerce Business with Marketing Automation

The pressure of competition and customer demand in the eCommerce business is humanly impossible to handle, but with Marketing Automations, one can scale down the workload.

The company that has figured out its optimal automation use is at the top of eCommerce. How so? Let us find out.

What is Marketing Automation?

The first thing we need to clear up is what do we mean by marketing automation? Is it a robot? Or is it software?

Marketing automation is a type of software that works to automate specific marketing procedures. These procedures include emailing, social media posting, ad campaigns, and even replying instantly to customer feedback.

If we simplify this definition, then marketing automation means using software to accomplish repetitive marketing tasks. This may sound very effective, but wouldn’t it get boring for your customers to receive the same type of message from time to time?

True, but that is where we come to the customization of marketing automation. The question is, how much can you customize Shopify with marketing automation? Pretty much everything, but sometimes it depends on the service provider of your marketing automation software.

Some white label email marketing platforms allow you to completely customize your automation when others only allow you to customize certain things.

It is safe to say that most of the marketing automation in eCommerce refers to email marketing automation. The rest is divided among website automation, chatbot, etc.

Types of Marketing Automation

Based on email marketing, marketing automation has two types—One to Many, and One to One.

1. One to Many Marketing Automation

One to Many Marketing Automation is like sending emails to a batch of selected customers. These emails appear in a funnel. Although you are sending an absurd number of emails in one-to-many marketing automation, one can customize the emails to a certain extent, like sending each email to the receivers with their name. By all means, it is less customizable than one-to-one marketing automation.

2. One to One Marketing Automation

One to One marketing automation is just you and one of your customers. That’s it. You are writing a personalized email to only one of your customers.
Marketing automation helps you to build automated journeys for your prospects. Automations are all about creating, building, and improving the customer experience. In today’s world, businesses should focus on customer engagement and build fruitful relationships with their customers. Automation allows you to create one-to-one journeys with your customers, based on information gathered.

Why is Marketing Automation Important?

Marketing Automation/ Email marketing is considered necessary in eCommerce for one main reason: revenue. Email marketing can significantly increase your revenue and reduce the cost of product selling. And as a bonus, it provides you with a loyal customer base and allows your brand to grow and mature on the platform.

The only cost you will have to spend on email marketing is purchasing a white label email marketing software service. You just have to customize the software accordingly and design the emails and promotions. This reduces the cost of launching a new product to zero while increasing the reach of promotion.

Also, email marketing can increase your conversion rate by sending out coupons and discount news to all your email subscribers. According to HubSpot, 59% of the respondents agreed that their buying preferences are based on the emails they receive. This can also help you build a loyal customer base, and at the same time retain your existing customers.

Those customers will use word of mouth to promote your brand, and thus your brand image will increase in the eCommerce world.

For these reasons, marketing automation is essential for eCommerce.

How to Use Marketing Automation for Scaling Your ECommerce Business

So, we have covered all about marketing automation, their types, and importance. But how do we implement it into our eCommerce business? Just follow these steps.

1. Equip your platform with all the necessities

The first step is all about choosing the right type of marketing automation software.

One software is for email marketing, the second one is for social media, and others for other repetitive tasks.
Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective tools in the world of digital marketing. Email marketing, being the ever-green tool not only offers flexibility when it comes to meeting marketing objectives but also optimizes your marketing efforts. You can choose any software based on your requirements and boost your conversion rate in no time.

2. Prepare an email list and make room for new subscribers

Even after equipping your website with the right type of marketing automation software, you are not ready. The next thing you will need is the email of your customers and visitors.

Without those emails, your email marketing automation is useless.

How can you get those emails from your customers? You can implement CTA buttons on your eCommerce page. Or you can set up a timed banner/ message of invitation to your email subscription. You can put up the benefits of it there so that your customers are encouraged to subscribe.

This way, you will get the email addresses needed for running your email marketing automation. Make sure to have enough room for new email addresses.

3. Review your marketing strategies regularly and update the automation with new tactics

Some marketing automation softwares allow you to test different types of marketing strategies with A/B testing. You can use that to figure out the best possible strategy and its outcome for your business.

Be sure to try out new automation strategies, update your existing automation with newer ones, and test them out occasionally.

4. Keep an eye on the result

Now, whatever automation techniques you are using, you must have a satisfactory return/ result from it. For that, keep an eye on your analytics and see how well you are doing.

Change your analytics accordingly. Your goal is to generate maximum output.

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Best Marketing Automation Software For ECommerce

If you are having trouble finding the right type of automation software for your business, allow us to help. We have some recommendations for software here.

You must know that these are recommendations. You are free to choose the one that best suits your needs

1. Mailmunch

Mailmunch is a comprehensive lead generation suite that gives you full control over your email marketing strategy execution. Automations by Mailmunch allows you to create automated journeys for your potential customers. Based on your user behavior, specific dates, duration, and other information, you can trigger communications with your prospects in a single journey, improving your customer relationship by prioritizing customer engagement and interaction.

From stunning welcome emails to cart abandonment reminders and relevant shopping suggestions, you can do it all with Mailmunch Automations.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp is an email listing software with other useful automation features. The best thing about MailChimp is that this white label email marketing software provides you AAA class features at a budget price.

You can fully customize the email/ campaign design with your eCommerce brand logo, color, and theme.

This software has testing features and even comes with pre-made emails for your business. It works great as a beginner and a pro-level eCommerce automation software.

3. ManyChat

ManyChat helps you with automated email campaigns and works as a chatbot for almost all other social media platforms.

Think about it. If your eCommerce business has a Facebook outlet, how do you handle the chat response there? ManyChat can automate that process and help you increase your customer engagement.

You don’t need to learn programming, coding, or machine language for creating a bot with ManyChat. There are pre-made templates of chatbots that you can use. You can pick one, as per your requirements.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is considered one of the most powerful marketing automation tools out there. It has tons of features and an auto email responding option.

The only issue with this software is that it will take time for you to master. The layout and the operation of using Hubspot are a little too complex for beginners to understand. But over time, you will understand them all. It is best not to pick this software as your starter marketing automation.

One best thing about HubSpot is that it has its suite of marketing automation for all sorts of tasks. If you can make them all work together, you can get astonishing results from your automation.

5. AutoPilot

AutoPilot is for those who want an easy take on the whole automation process. This automation software has a very easy-to-use layout. You can design sophisticated automation bots in minutes without breaking a sweat.

6. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaigns are made for small businesses. It will give your email marketing automation a professional look. The layouts will surely attract new customers and help your small business grow.

But you will have to have a good amount of technical knowledge to learn how this automation works. If you can understand how to operate ActiveCampaign, then you can get satisfactory results out of it.


Automations has become a crucial part of the email marketing process to create customized journeys for the user and trigger action. Deliver personalized experiences at each step of the customer lifecycle with completely automated user journey management for a quick and robust brand building.

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