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Achieve Financial Freedom by Buying and 10xing a YouTube Channel

Nick Chi April 20, 2022

Achieve Financial Freedom by Buying and 10xing a YouTube Channel

A short three years ago, Sushee Nzeutem didn’t like her life.

She had been working as a project manager for a major multinational bank, adhering to a strict 9-to-5 work schedule. She worked her fingers to the bone, always striving to get bigger and better bonuses in a never-ending struggle for happiness.

One day, Sushee started doing some soul searching and said to herself, “Come on, Sushee, are you going to do that for the rest of your life? Is this really what you want?” Since you’re reading this, you already know that Sushee’s answer was no.

Yes, You CAN Buy a YouTube Channel

Sushee decided to buy a YouTube channel, and her path to success is both unique and inspiring. After all, most of us tend to think of successful YouTubers as scrappy young things that started from scratch and amassed a giant following. But Sushee’s path was different, and it goes to show that great things can happen when you decide that you really want something.

So, how exactly did Sushee go from project manager to successful YouTuber?

It all started with watching YouTube videos. How meta.

“I was watching some YouTube videos of successful entrepreneurs, and I realized I could buy a business. I didn’t have to create one from scratch.” She found that this approach fit her personality much better. “I’m more of a grower than a builder,” she explains.

The business Sushee chose to buy was a YouTube channel, and you’re not alone in thinking that’s an unconventional move. “I didn’t even know we could buy YouTube channels, so that was a great surprise for me.”

What Sushee discovered is that buying an existing YouTube channel can be incredibly lucrative. The benefits include:

  • Residual income from existing videos
  • Affiliate revenue from links in the video descriptions (this is especially true for channels that review products)
  • An existing subscriber base
  • Algorithmic momentum from the previous owner’s efforts
  • The ability to attract new viewers due to existing videos with high view counts

Identifying the Target and Taking Action

Buying a YouTube channel turned out to be the perfect fit. Sushee already had a love of creating videos, and the option to buy an existing YouTube channel with built-in subscribers and a substantial following gave her a head start in the growth department.

Still, Sushee didn’t immediately pull the trigger once she found a potential business to buy. Her thought process went something like this: “When you’re a first-time buyer, you don’t know what you’re buying; you don’t know what you’re getting into. What if I’m buying something, and what is advertised is not real?”

As she weighed her options, doubt continued to creep in. She worried, “If I don’t understand the business, am I really capable of managing that website or YouTube channel?” Sushee took a leap of faith and put her trust in us, knowing that we vet businesses and work on behalf of both business buyers and sellers to help ensure a good fit.

After Sushee identified and bought her business, she said, “I felt the most comfortable with Empire Flippers because they really gave answers to all those fears and doubts that I had.” She continues, “I was a first-time buyer, but it was great because I had a partner with me through that whole process.”

The Complexities of Buying a Business During a Pandemic

Even though Sushee’s acquisition went smoothly, and she tasted success almost immediately, there were some uncertain times in the journey. For example, Sushee bought her business in March of 2020, when the global pandemic had reached peak levels of panic.

Within two weeks of acquiring the channel, the world went into total lockdown. “I just put all my money behind a YouTube channel, and I have to make it work.”

And make it work, Sushee did. “I’ve been so happy with the business. I 10’xed the profit in less than ten months.” To put the numbers into perspective, Sushee took a business that was making $2,500 per month and turned it into a $25,000 per month entity in under a year.

Success leaves clues, and Sushee’s friends began coming to her with questions about how they could accomplish what she did. They are all eager to replicate her success – obviously!

Sushee realized that the best and most efficient way to share her knowledge would be through an online course. Business Builder Academy was born, and one of her courses is titled “How to make five figures a month with YouTube by leveraging outsourcing.”

It took a lot of work to create, but after a couple of months of dedication, Sushee’s course was complete. Her first students were her friends, and some of these initial students have already created multiple channels after learning Sushee’s methods.

In her courses, Sushee shares incredible insights that can help anyone get started on YouTube. For example, she explains that you don’t even have to be on camera to make money on the platform. “I’m 50 years old, and I am a YouTuber! I mean, can you believe that?” she says with a laugh.

When expressing the effect that acquiring a business through our curated marketplace had on her, Sushee says, “Empire Flippers – they literally changed my life.” And, if you’re wondering if Sushee would do it all over again, this quote says it all: “I would recommend anyone who really wants to change their life in the future to go with a trusted source like Empire Flippers.”

Going Full Circle

Remember at the beginning of Sushee’s story, when we shared that she was working herself to the bone with the goal of earning more money? Well, she did it! She tells us, “I am master of my life now. If I want to make more money, I know how to do it.” She concludes by saying perhaps the three most important words in the English language: “I feel free.”

Next Steps

Are you thinking of buying a business to upgrade your life or cross an important item off your bucket list? Join the ranks of Sushee, who has used the income and freedom her business has provided her to write her own paycheck and travel the world.

Not only did her new business give her the freedom and flexibility to move to Thailand, but she’s also been able to travel. So far, she’s been to the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka, and she continues to cross new travel destinations off her list.

To find out how you can get started on a similar journey, schedule a time to talk with our team.

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