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30 Gaming Affiliate Programs (for Hardware, Accessories, & More!)

Craig Schoolkate Updated on May 12, 2022

30 Gaming Affiliate Programs (Hardware, Accessories & More!)

How do you profit from writing about a topic you like? Or about a topic that just doesn’t seem to stop growing?

Gaming is becoming more and more mainstream, with TV programs dedicated to gaming and international e-sports competitions appearing everywhere. The biggest brands in the world, including PlayStation, Xbox, Dell, and Nintendo, are competing to lead the way in this astronomically growing niche.

Bloggers, content creators, YouTubers, streamers, and influencers are popping up on social media and elsewhere on the internet to share their gaming experience in the form of tutorials, game guides, new game reviews—you name it to access the perks of being affiliate marketers.

If you’re into this niche—maybe you play video games yourself—or if you would like to capitalize on the meteoric rise of the gaming industry, then one way to profit from gaming is through affiliate marketing, whereby you are paid for referral sales.

You can produce content on a variety of products related to gaming, like the following:

  • Gaming
  • Gadgets and accessories
  • Gaming laptops
  • PC games
  • Gaming chairs
  • Gaming merchandise

Whatever you’re blogging about, a plethora of affiliate networks can help you profit from your content creation. We’ve compiled a list of 30 such affiliate programs.

Gaming Affiliate Programs

The following affiliate programs are related to gaming in general.

Microsoft Gaming

You’d expect a big brand like Microsoft to have a high-quality affiliate program, and it has exactly that. Its wide range of products to promote makes it easy to expand into another sub-niche, and it has a link builder tool to make it easy for you to promote its products.

Commission rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 14 Days

WarGaming is focused on a specific niche of war games. This is useful if your blog is focused on the same niche or to provide some extra links on a blog that covers a wider range of gaming topics.

Commission rate: Up to $10
Cookie Duration: Undisclosed


A gaming brand that’s becoming increasingly popular, Twitch has an excellent affiliate program for gamers, one that allows you to build a name for yourself as a streamer while doing what you enjoy!

Commission rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Epic Games

Epic Games is the genius company behind Fortnite, a game that took the world by storm. The odds of making sales are in your favor when you’re associated with such a reputable company.

Commission rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 14 Days


Vortex is a flexible gaming platform that allows its users to play games on any device.

Commission rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: Undisclosed

Big Fish Games

This affiliate program offers what is likely the largest commission rate and longest cookie duration you’ll find.

Commission rate: 40.6%
Cookie Duration: 365 Days


One of the biggest brands in gaming, Ubisoft has created legendary PC games, including Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. However, you aren’t rewarded too well for being associated with such a huge brand.

Commission rate: 3%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Hardware Affiliate Programs

The following affiliate programs are related to a variety of hardware.


Nvidia is the default choice for PC gamers because it’s known for high-quality graphics.

Commission rate: 2-5%
Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Origin PC

Origin PC is considered one of the best companies in the world producing custom gamer PCs.

Commission rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days


Anyone, gamer or not, has likely walked past an Acer product in a store. This big, established brand has lasted and continues to innovate.

Commission rate: 4%
Cookie Duration: 14 Days


One of the first companies to produce gaming laptops, Alienware is a big gaming brand that was acquired by tech giant Dell. You shouldn’t struggle to sell products associated with such a huge brand.

Commission rate: 3%
Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Gaming Accessory Affiliate Programs

The following affiliate programs are for the lower-ticket category of accessory items, but ones in the higher range.


One of the world’s leading gaming brands, Razer offers high-ticket items that all gamers dream about.

Commission rate: 3-10%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Final Mouse

A brand that specializes in a highly specific niche, Final Mouse is where all gamers go to get their gaming mouse. If you help gamers do that, Final Mouse will offer you a very generous commission.

Commission rate: 25%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days


Logitech isn’t just famous in the gaming sphere; it’s a brand recognized in a number of industries.

Commission rate: 4-10%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Astro Gaming

Astro is another popular gaming accessories brand well known for its high-quality headphones.

Commission rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 180 Days

Turtle Beach

Another brand known for its headphones, Turtle Beach has become known even outside of gaming, with non-gamers using its products. Through the Turtle Beach Affiliate Program, you have the potential to earn commissions on over 150 items sold by the company.

Commission rate: 4%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Gaming Chair Affiliate Programs

Gaming chairs are a great high-ticket product to promote. Here are the two best affiliate programs to join and start making sales of gaming chairs.

Secret Lab

The more established a brand, the more difficult it usually is for their affiliates to be successful, as they tend to offer a shorter cookie period. However, you can expect that whatever traffic you do send to the Secret Lab site will bring you high conversion rates due to the brand’s popularity.

The Secret Lab Affiliate Program also features a personalized dashboard, allowing for real-time monitoring of your affiliate activity.

Commission rate: 12%
Cookie Duration: 7 Days

GT Omega

GT Omega has established itself in a niche within a niche, offering gaming chairs that look like racing chairs, which are becoming an increasingly popular product.

Commission rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: Undisclosed

Gaming Guide Affiliate Programs

Next we have affiliate programs for guides that help gamers play better. The best part about these companies is that they tend to offer recurring commissions, since their products are usually plan-based.


Zygor offers guides to a game that has its own movie: World of Warcraft. The company offers a high commission rate for its affiliates, too.

Commission rate: 50%
Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Killer Guides

Killer Guides offers a range of guides to a number of popular games.

Commission rate: 40%
Cookie Duration: Undisclosed

Gaming Merchandise Affiliate Programs

These affiliate programs collaborate with popular brands to sell merchandise.

Into the AM

Focused on a late-night gaming theme, Into the AM sells merchandise for some of the biggest games on the planet, including World of Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed.

Into the AM affiliate partners are given access to a range of banners and unique tracking links to help them promote and monitor their referrals.

Commission rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days


Mainframe has the attitude that gaming is not just a hobby but a way of life, and their merchandise reflects that stance.

Commission rate: Up to 10%
Cookie Duration: Undisclosed

Sega Shop

Everyone who grew up playing video games knows about Sega, especially Sonic the Hedgehog. It won’t be hard to sell their products.

Commission rate: 7%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Miscellaneous Gaming Affiliate Programs

Finally, we have affiliate programs for brands that offer sub-niche products known only by serious gamers.


Leprestore offers gaming upgrades, so gamers can increase their characters’ levels.

Commission rate: 7-15%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days


ModdedZone offers one of the most popular products for gamers: modded controllers.

Commission rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Nerd or Die

Streamers come to Nerd or Die to get brand assets such as logos and banners to help grow their following.

Commission rate: 10-30%
Cookie Duration: Undisclosed


Where Leprestore offers character upgrades, GamePal offers a wider range of game boosters.

Commission rate: 25%
Cookie Duration: 80 Days


CdKeys offers digital codes for improving character levels in games that gamers love, as well as discounted games.

Commission rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days


SCDKey also offers gaming keys, but its affiliate program is slightly more generous.

Commission rate: 8%
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Loot Crate

A great program for recurring revenue, Loot Crate offers monthly subscription gaming packages.

Commission rate: $10 per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Another Possibility for Your Affiliate Website

Once your affiliate website is established and profitable, it has officially become an investable asset.

Investors everywhere are looking for online businesses to acquire, and affiliate sites are particularly attractive investments because of their passive nature.

Whether you want a large capital payout from your business, you’d like to get some of your time back, or you just get bored of the gaming niche and would like to try something new, if you’re considering exiting your affiliate business, make sure you get the best possible sale price.

The first step is to get a free valuation using our Valuation Tool, which is built using real online business sales data.

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