5 Best Amazon Sourcing and Research Tools for 2021

Alex Tkachenko December 8, 2020

5 Best Amazon Sourcing and Research Tools for 2021

Using the right tools is a huge factor in achieving success with your Amazon FBA. There are many tools for Amazon sellers online, so we understand that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. How do you know what tool will work for you?

We sorted through all of them to find the most promising ones for 2021. If you want to make the best decision for you and your business, be sure that you read through our list!

These are the five best Amazon product research tools available right now.

1. IO Scout

IO Scout is a reliable Amazon seller tool available on the market. It offers all the tools you need to sell on the platform. Some of their essential features include an efficient product research tool, an inventory manager, a keyword research tool, an FBA calculator, product tracking, and a BSR (Best Sellers Rank) estimator.

If you want to research a product, IO Scout is more beneficial to you than other tools. This software has a ton of features you will want to take advantage of: a product database with access to the products’ historical data; a keyword research tool with information about search volumes; product sales estimations; an FBA calculator and much more. We will briefly cover what we found to be the most helpful.

First, IO Scout’s Product Research tool makes it extremely easy to conduct research right on the Amazon page—there’s no need to have a ton of tabs open that slow down your computer. Monthly sales estimates, FBA fees, and other details are available right on the spot. You can also get it as a Chrome plugin.

IO Scout offers the Amazon Keyword tool, which allows you to quickly locate the keywords that will optimize your content the best. When you use what IO Scout suggests, more people will be drawn to your products through their searches.

IO Scout also offers free tools such as BSR Estimator, Sales Estimator, and FBA Calculator. The tools are beneficial for everyday use. With the Sales Estimator, you can check the product’s monthly performance. With the FBA Calculator, you can simply use the product ASIN to see the associated fees in case you sell the product on Amazon FBA. Moreover, the FBA Calculator will show the net profit and the margin for the product.

Is IO Scout Worth It?

5 Best Amazon Sourcing and Research Tools for 2021

Absolutely! IO Scout Product Research is the best tool you can have. It offers all the features you need to start building and improving your online store. If you want to track a specific product’s history, the IO Scout database is a vast resource.

In short, there are so many benefits to using this tool for Amazon product research. While the options listed here are all great in their own right, they cannot compete with IO Scout. We placed it at number one because it most definitely is the best Amazon product research tool available.

Summary of IO Scout

IO Scout’s tools for Amazon sellers have an excellent Amazon product finder and show you a variety of data on those items. This software could be the only one you need—it has everything.

The most significant benefit of this product would be the Chrome plugin. It is very efficient and keeps Amazon product research simple.

2. Helium 10

Helium 10 is a nice software for Amazon sellers. It is perfect for Amazon FBAs. Some of the most notable tools that come with it are Cerebro, Xray, and Black Box.

When you get started with this suite of tools, you gain access to many different functions. You can do keyword research, tracking, and optimize your advertising strategies. The program even helps you find private label products to sell.

Helium 10 lets you keep track of refunds and other money that Amazon owes you. The software also gives you a way to check on your competition, which is crucial to running your business efficiently.

The software alerts you when your products are hijacked and more. It is worth checking out if you run your business through FBA.

We think it is essential to cover some tools that come with Helium 10:

  • Cerebro: A tool that specializes in reverse ASIN searches.
  • Black Box: A tool that assists you in product research and finding private label business opportunities.
  • Xray: A Chrome extension for locating and checking out products you might want to sell.

The best part? A lot of Helium 10’s tools are free. If you like the software that it offers, you can easily upgrade to a premium subscription. Doing so will provide you with more tools and resources to use.

Paid subscriptions also come with a free Amazon Private label course that gives you insights on how to launch a private label Amazon business. This short class could give you some more information into running your business online.

Overall, we really appreciated that you could make a Helium 10 account for free. You can test it out for yourself, then decide whether you want to upgrade or drop the account, or even keep using the free one.

Is Helium 10 Worth It?

5 Best Amazon Sourcing and Research Tools for 2021

We think it is worth trying out the free version first to see how you like it. If the software works for you and you want to access the rest of the premium features, go ahead and purchase a subscription. It will be worth it.

Many Helium 10 customers love the free product research tools this service offers. It can give you a ton of insight into how your Amazon FBA is doing and show you how to improve your business smoothly.

Summary of Helium 10

This software contains a variety of Amazon seller tools that can help you with keyword research, keep track of your competition, spot trends before they boom, and optimize your product listings.

This suite contains everything that you need to grow your Amazon FBA and improve your business strategies.

3. Viral Launch

Viral Launch has a lot of features to offer, as well. It can compare the demand for products and show the competition levels for them, making it much easier to choose an item that will make you money.

The software also offers competitor tracking. This feature will alert you when your competition’s ranking changes so that you can be aware of what they are doing and make a plan for yourself. Plus, they have a keyword research tool that offers you suggestions to improve SEO in your content.

All of these aspects work together to create a very reliable Amazon product search tool. Viral Launch can even assist you with conversion rates and the launch of a new product from your store.

Is Viral Launch Worth It?

5 Best Amazon Sourcing and Research Tools for 2021

We think so. Viral Launch covers just about everything you need your Amazon FBA research tools to have. It helps you establish your audience and keep track of your progress.

Summary of Viral Launch

Viral Launch works as an Amazon category finder when you feel stuck on what new products you should stock. You can access a lot of information with the service’s tools, allowing you to make informed decisions when sourcing products to sell on Amazon.

4. Keepa

Keepa is a tool for wholesalers on the platform. It is free to use and designed to help you avoid paying too much for your products. You will be able to make better choices with your business when you start using it.

The tools included can show you if your audience loses interest in the products quickly. That way, you can avoid buying something that will stop selling. Keepa has an extensive database filled with records of sellers, their rankings, and their products’ rankings.

The software will give you alerts for items you track over your preferred social media, allowing you to watch how they do in real time. If you have an Amazon Wish List, you can import it into Keepa. Doing so will allow you to track all the products you have saved there.

Is Keepa Worth It?

5 Best Amazon Sourcing and Research Tools for 2021

Yes, it offers many free features. If you enjoy using it, you can buy the full version. We appreciated its browser plugin, as well, which allows you to track products right from their page on Amazon.

Summary of Keepa

Keepa is best for wholesalers. It is simple to use and, best of all, most of it is free! Keepa makes it easy to research products you like, letting you know whether they would be the right choice in the long term.

5. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is designed to offer you all the basic features of an Amazon research tool without a cost. The service is free to use unless you want additional features.

It offers price drop alerts, price history data, product tracking, and more. You can even use the Chrome extension for free so that you do not have to keep moving back and forth between tabs.

If you want to check out a free tool, we would recommend this one to you. CamelCamelCamel lets you do everything you need to and has many great features that can make running your store easier.

You can port your Amazon wish lists over to the software and track them, too. This feature is great if you already have a considerable list made and do not want to refind everything in the application.

Is CamelCamelCamel Worth It?

5 Best Amazon Sourcing and Research Tools for 2021

Of course! The service is free to use unless you want to add some additional features. The lack of cost makes it perfect for using until you decide what Amazon product search tool is best for you.

If the price was an issue, we recommend this as the most cost-effective option on this list. It works well as an Amazon category finder and has plenty of tools we think you would enjoy using. Overall, CamelCamelCamel is definitely worth it.

Summary of CamelCamelCamel

This Amazon product finder and research tool are 100% free to use. We appreciated that a lot since the brand offers you a ton of features without paying. If you are having trouble deciding what paid subscription you want, you can always use it until you are confident.

How to Choose a Tool

Choosing the right tool is critical to running your business. You want to be sure you are getting one that does everything you need it to since not all software has the same features.

We recommend that you make a list of what you want your Amazon seller tool to do. Do you need a lot of keyword research, or are you most interested in tracking your competition? Write down three or four main features that you want your software to have.

While you search for one that matches your needs, you can always use free trials. If you decide that the tool does not have everything you need, do not be afraid to move onto something that can help you better.

You might even want to use a few different free trials at the same time. Running multiple at once will help you compare them.

Final Thoughts

We recommend the IO Scout Amazon Product Research Tool as our top pick. It has so many features and an efficient Chrome plugin. Suppose you want to have access to essential data for your online business in real time. In that case, we could not recommend this service enough.

Amazon product sourcing does not have to be complicated. We know that it can be hard to find what Amazon FBA tools are best for you, but IO Scout has everything. You can track product data, history, pricing and easily keep watch on what your competition is doing.

If you decide to make use of it, we are confident that your business will grow naturally. When you have access to so much vital data, you can make decisions that lead to your success.

Using the information on products you get from IO Scout product research tool should make it easier to determine what to stock in the future. When you check the history of an item, you can see when interest in it changes, which shows whether it is seasonal and when you can expect boosts in sales.

We also suggest taking a look at other solutions mentioned above:

  • Helium 10 is a great tool in case you are looking for a tool to try out for free. Please pay attention to the fact that some limitations are available in Helium 10 free package;
  • Viral Launch will be a good fit in case you ran out of product ideas. If so, feel free to to explore the tool;
  • Keepa is one of the most popular free tools available on the market (2+ million downloads of the Chrome Extension prove that). Keepa will be a perfect fit for wholesalers;
  • CamelCamelCamel is another popular free tool that can be used as a category finder for those starting their journey as an Amazon business.

Overall, these apps have got you covered. Many provide you with essential keyword research and critical data on how your store is doing. You will not want to run your FBA business without one.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to reach out to us on this topic.

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