200+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For Every Niche

Vincent Wong Updated on October 11, 2023

200+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For Every Niche

Are you looking to increase your revenue by promoting the best recurring affiliate programs?

Monetized blogs through affiliate marketing are a great way to create extra income; they can even grow into a very profitable side hustle. But to really get the most out of your business, knowing which affiliate programs to promote can make a difference.

Many affiliate programs pay you a one-time commission when you help secure a customer for them. Some great examples are Amazon Associates or Clickbank. But if that same customer bought an item again through your affiliate link, you’ll only receive the first payment.

What if there was a way to get recurring affiliate commissions?

Once you’ve found a product that can sell consistently, you can earn more money from customers who make repeated purchases, and some affiliate networks will pay you each time.

We’ll go through different affiliate programs that offer recurring commissions based on the types of services they offer.

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting

All businesses need a hosting provider so they can store data on their servers.

As more businesses create an online presence, the web-hosting market is pretty competitive for pricing, quality, and customer service.

If someone already has a hosting service, they’ll probably be reluctant to change because of how much work is needed to migrate the data to a new provider.

Thankfully, there are different types of hosting providers to choose from. Shared, private servers cost less than dedicated hosting providers and could be a good choice for smaller businesses if they’re looking for a more reliable option compared to some of the bigger names out there.

  • Liquid Web—-Earn up to $1,500 per sale.
  • RoseHosting—50% commission the first month (with the potential to increase) and 10% recurring, plus bonuses.
  • Beyond Hosting—40% recurring commission.
  • JixHost—20% recurring commission.
  • Nestify—$50 sign-up bonus, undisclosed recurring commission.
  • VirMach—15% recurring commission on popular plans, 20% on gaming plans.
  • Kinsta WordPress Hosting—up to $500 initial payout plus 10% recurring commission.
  • Cloudways—up to $125 per sale or $30 + 7% commissions each month for the customer.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for CRMs and Automation

Businesses are prioritizing the building of meaningful connections with customers now more than ever. The right sales prospecting and forecasting tools can help nurture leads through your sales funnel.

You might have encountered a couple of popular CRM tools, like Hubspot and Salesforce.

Finding the right CRM software will help you keep all your contacts in one place so you can manage potential leads and previous customers.

  • ActiveCampaign—20–30% recurring commission.
  • JotForm—30% monthly recurring commission.
  • ONTRAPORT—25% recurring commission.
  • ActiveTrail—5% monthly recurring commission.
  • Wishpond—30% recurring recurring commission.
  • Builderall SEO—30% recurring payments.
  • Hubstaff—30% recurring recurring commission.
  • Pipedrive —35% recurring commission.
  • Drip—30 recurring commissions recurring commission.
  • Active Trail—15% recurring commission.
  • amoCRM—35% recurring commission.
  • Capsule—20% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the best digital marketing channels for driving high-converting traffic and revenue. Some entrepreneurs have even started businesses based entirely on an email list.

Also known as email autoresponders, these tools help you manage your emails to nurture leads or send weekly newsletters. This category is easier to promote because the programs tend to offer free trials, which makes signing up a low commitment for users.

The churn rate is low since businesses tend to stick to one email marketing tool once they subscribe to a service. Choosing a tool to promote depends on other factors, such as whether they provide pop-up notifications, help with landing pages, and the type of customer support available.

  • Aweber—Free 30-day trial, 30% monthly recurring commission.
  • Benchmark—25% recurring commission.
  • ConvertKit—14-day free trial, 30% monthly recurring commission.
  • GetResponse—Free 30-day trial, 33% monthly recurring commission.
  • MailerLite—30% monthly recurring commission, $120 payout threshold.
  • Sendlane—14-day free trial; 30% monthly recurring commission.
  • Sendloop—10% monthly recurring commission.
  • Automizy—40% recurring commissions.
  • Moosend—30% recurring commission.
  • MailTag—50% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for E-Commerce

E-commerce is growing at a rapid rate, with over 2.21 billion customers worldwide expected to make up 18% of all retail sales in 2021. We’re seeing a lot of buyers wanting a piece of this pie, as ecommerce business sales have increased year-on-year since 2018. In 2020 alone, we sold 114 e-commerce businesses.

Many affiliate programs help people get started in e-commerce by opening an e-commerce storefront if they have no programming experience.

While Amazon FBA is one of the most popular business models we’ve seen bought and sold in our marketplace, the e-commerce tools listed below can help any entrepreneur set up his or her own storefront and start selling products online.

  • Shopify—20% recurring commissions, or up to $2,000 per sale.
  • Samcart—40% recurring commission.
  • SendOwl—20% recurring commission.
  • Payhip—50% recurring commission.
  • Wholesale2b—30% recurring commission.
  • Shopio—25% recurring commission.
  • EasyStore—100% first month, 20% recurring commission.
  • Proof—30% recurring commission.
  • Market Hero—50% one-time commission.
  • Sellfy—25% recurring commission.
  • Dropified—30% recurring commission.
  • Debutify—40% recurring commission.
  • Eggflow—20% recurring commission.
  • Spocket—30% recurring commission.

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for VPNs

To give you an idea of how useful VPNs are, over 31% of Internet users have VPNs. They can be used to access news and information if someone is in a geolocked area.

For online businesses, they can be useful to perform keyword research based on different locations.

  • PureVPN—35% recurring commission.
  • Hide My Ass—100% first month, then 30–35% recurring commission.
  • ZenMate—100% first month, then 30–35% recurring commission.
  • Nord VPN—100% first month, then 30% recurring commission.
  • TorGuard—30% recurring commission.
  • Zen Mate—100% first month, then 35% recurring commission.
  • IPVanish—100% first month, then 35% recurring commission.
  • Private Internet Access—33%, $2.29 per referral.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Landing Pages

While having a whole site chock full of content might be great, some online businesses only really need a small set of pages or even a single landing page to generate recurring income. Some small businesses might need just an opt-in with an email capture form.

Although a business owner might only need to build one landing page, someone who flips online businesses will likely need to create many landing pages for their newly acquired assets. These tools are easy to use, allowing anyone to create a landing page without knowing coding.

  • LeadPages—30%, 14-day trial.
  • ClickFunnels—40% recurring commission.
  • Instapage—50% first payment, then 30% recurring commission.
  • Landingi—up to 35% recurring commission.
  • Ladingi—30% recurring commission, or 15% recurring commission and 15% commission to customers.
  • Kartra—40% recurring commission, 10% on sales generated by recruited affiliates.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for WordPress

WordPress is still one of the oldest and most popular CMS systems used by affiliate marketers around the world. However, it’s not a perfect system that can be used on its own. Many services streamline and improve WordPress to automate tasks, optimize the front end and back end of a site, and improve a site’s design. These tools include themes and plug-ins, and they’re usually annual subscriptions.

  • Thrive Themes—25% recurring commission.
  • Elegant Themes—50% recurring commission.
  • CSSIgniter Themes and Plugins—50% for each sale, plus renewal commissions.
  • Premium Coding Themes—up to 50% commission.
  • Access WP—10% recurring lifetime.
  • Zen WP—8% Lifetime commissions—$3,000 bonus for every 100th customer.
  • Memberium—10% lifetime.
  • MemberPress—25% recurring commission.
  • MemberMouse—20% recurring commission.
  • Superb themes—60% per sale.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Live Chat

Providing top customer service can be a crucial factor in winning and keeping repeat customers. Having live chat functionality on your site gives your business an advantage over those that don’t, as 92% of customers feel satisfied with live chat. Having live chats opens opportunities for conversational marketing at any hour of the day.

  • Provide Support—30% recurring commission.
  • JivoChat—30% recurring commission.
  • PureChat—up to 35% recurring commission.
  • LiveAgent—$5 signup, 20% recurring commission.
  • Chatrify—20% recurring commission.
  • Online Chat Centers—up to 50% first commission, 20% recurring after.
  • LiveChat—20% recurring commission.
  • Olark—up to 25% recurring commission.
  • Crisp—20% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Chatbots

Like live chat, chatbots are another way to provide customer service, except you don’t have to be present to help your customers. Chat bots simulate conversations online, and you can use tools to create your own chatbot with customized scripts.

It might be answering common questions around a product or service or pointing users to where they can find more information. The most well-known example is Facebook Messenger.

  • ChitChatChimp—50% first commission, 10% recurring after.
  • Collect.chat—–30% recurring commission, $50 for every 10 referrals.
  • Tars—30% recurring commission.
  • MobileMonkey—20% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Social Media Management

Social media is often an underutilized traffic source because owners aren’t familiar with how to use the right accounts to drive traffic to their storefront or site.

Building a social media presence could increase visitors to your business and increase revenue. There are three billion people who use social media, which means there’s huge potential to create an addressable audience.

Social media management tools help users schedule posts and provide analytics to see which types of posts convert the most.

  • Crowdfire—35% recurring, up to $420 for each customer.
  • AgoraPulse—20% recurring commissions.
  • SocialPilot—30% recurring commissions.
  • SocialOomph—40% recurring commissions.
  • Tailwind—15% recurring commissions.
  • VidiQ—20% recurring commissions.
  • Opesta—40% recurring commissions, 5% recurring on sales that affiliates’ customers make.
  • Planable—20% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Design and Graphics

Even if your mind is as blank as the empty canvas in front of you when it comes to designing something, you can create unique and interesting creative assets with design tools.

They’re usually web-based apps that come with a library of templates and fonts while guiding you on how to create assets that meet social media guidelines.

  • Design Pickle—15% recurring commissions.
  • PicMonkey—50% for initial purchase, 25% recurring commissions.
  • Snappa—30% recurring commissions.
  • Stencil-—30% recurring commissions.
  • Depositphotos—40% for initial purchase, 25% recurring commissions.
  • Designrr—50% recurring commissions.
  • Pic Monkey—30% recurring commissions, 15% for renewals/return.
  • Pixpa—50% per lead.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for SEO

SEO is a powerful inbound marketing channel that makes affiliate businesses hands off if you have good organic traffic from search engines.

SEO tools optimize your content to improve your organic traffic to your website or storefront.

  • SEMRush—40% recurring commissions.
  • SpyFu—40% recurring commissions.
  • SerpStat—up to 30% recurring commissions.
  • LongTailPro—30% recurring commissions.
  • SEOPressor—50% recurring commissions.
  • Linkody—30% recurring commissions.
  • Linkredible—up to 30% recurring commissions.
  • Mangools—$487 for each lead.
  • SEOClerks—10% lifetime.
  • Netpeak Software—30% recurring commissions.
  • FATJOE—10% recurring commissions.
  • Link-able—$500 per lead recurring.
  • ProRankTracker—20% recurring commissions.
  • AccuRanker—20% recurring commissions.

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Online Courses

E-learning is trending after the world has moved to remote work. It’s a growing industry with more information available than ever before.

People can learn new skills at their own pace, thanks to the large number of courses available.

  • Teachable—30% recurring commissions.
  • Thinkific—20% recurring commissions.
  • Academy of Mine—10–20% recurring commissions.
  • LearnWorlds—25% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Payment Processors

SaaS businesses or e-commerce businesses need payment processors to process credit card payments or other types of payments, such as PayPal.

  • National Processing—up to 70% recurring commissions.
  • Authorize.Net—30% recurring commissions.
  • Eclipse Merchant Services—20% recurring commissions.
  • Merchant Focus—20% recurring commissions.
  • AShop—$50 for each sale, 3% for all sales from recruited affiliates.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Time Tracking Software

For remote working teams, time-tracking software can be useful for improving productivity.

  • RescueTime—15% recurring commissions.
  • TimeDoctor—30% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Marketing

Content marketing is powerful for building an addressable audience. Providing value for your target audience by teaching them how to improve their business or personal skills will make it more likely for them to engage in your services or buy your products.

  • GrowthList—40% recurring commissions
  • Repixel—up to 30% recurring commissions.
  • Sumo—30% recurring commissions.
  • Ninja Outreach—50% recurring commissions.
  • OptinGun—60% on signup, 10% recurring commissions.
  • Sales Handy—20% recurring commissions.
  • TubeBuddy—50% recurring commissions.
  • GetSiteControl—30% recurring commissions.
  • Brick & Mobile—20% recurring commissions.
  • ClickMagick—35% lifetime recurring.
  • Answer Base—50% for first month, 15% recurring commissions.
  • Improvely—50% for the first month, 10% recurring commissions.
  • Clicky—20% recurring commissions.
  • Convert Flow—30% recurring commissions.
  • Viral Loops—30% recurring commissions.
  • UpViral—50% for the first month, 30% recurring commissions.
  • Right Message—20% recurring commissions.
  • Deadline Funnel—33% recurring commissions.
  • Trck.me—30% recurring commissions.
  • Mouseflow—10% recurring commissions.
  • Hunter.io—30% recurring commissions.
  • Customerly—30% recurring commissions.
  • Pabbly—50% for the first month, 15% recurring commissions.
  • PPC Protect—25% recurring commissions.
  • SalesHandy—20% recurring commissions.
  • Optmyzr—10% for the first month, 15% recurring commissions.
  • Supermetrics—20% recurring commissions.
  • URL Profiler—25% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an effective way to back up your business off-site in case something happens to your business.

  • pCloud—20% recurring commissions.
  • Backblaze—10% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Webinars

Hosting webinars gives entrepreneurs a chance to establish their expertise while providing valuable information to attendees.

If you can secure high-profile guests to appear on your webinars, it can boost the profile of your business as well. Webinar tools assist with hosting, so you can focus on the webinar itself instead of worrying about the technology.

  • Demio—30% lifetime recurring.
  • Webinar Ninja—30% recurring commissions.
  • Easy Webinar—30% recurring commissions, 50% for up-sell conversions.
  • ClickMeeting—30% per sale.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Recruitment

Working remotely is becoming more popular. If you have a blog sharing the benefits of the digital nomad lifestyle, this could be a good option for you.

  • Freelancer.com—10% recurring commissions.
  • Fiverr—10% recurring commissions, $10 for 12 months for each lead.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Advertising

These types of affiliate programs connect advertisers with publishers. The software allows you to control your different ad campaigns.

  • Propeller Ads—5% referral revenue.
  • Voluum—20% recurring commissions.
  • ClickAdilla—5% recurring commissions.
  • RevenueHits—up to 10% recurring commissions.
  • Infolinks—10% recurring commissions.
  • Adcash—5% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Program Management

Having different affiliate programs generating revenue is recommended to lower the risk if an affiliate program that has the lion’s share of revenue lowers its commission rates. From one dashboard, you can manage the affiliate programs and see all your campaigns and reports.

  • Tapfiliate—20% recurring commission.
  • OSI Affiliate Partner—20% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Sports

A more niche category, people with an interest in fantasy sports always look to gain a competitive edge in the market.

  • DraftKings—up to 40% recurring commission.
  • WOFH—for fitness professionals who set up their own business, 25% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Podcasts

As with webinars, creating a podcast is another way to deliver value to your audience by deeply diving into specific topics. You can have different series, with each focusing on separate topics.

  • Transistor Podcast Hosting—25% recurring commission.
  • Buzzsprout—20% lifetime recurring commission, or $25 for each paid referral.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Making Money Online

Do you write about how to create extra income or how to start profitable side hustles? Teaching others how to make money online can help you earn more by promoting a recurring affiliate program and sharing what you have learned about how to make money.

  • InboxDollars—30% recurring commission.
  • Food Blogger Pro—up to 40% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Project Management

It can be difficult to manage a remote work team where each member is in a different time zone. These project management tools help your team collaborate by keeping all the team’s projects in one place.

  • GanttPRO—50% for first purchase, 20% recurring commission.
  • Monday.com—25% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Cryptocurrency

An increasingly lucrative investment asset, people are looking for new ways to invest in cryptocurrency as well as trending altcoins in the hopes of finding the next Bitcoin.

Affiliate programs include a combination of wallets and trading platforms.

  • EXMO—up to 40% recurring commission.
  • Coindirect—20% recurring commission.
  • Paxful—up to 50% recurring commission.
  • CoinMama—15% recurring commission.
  • Changelly—50% recurring commission.
  • KuCoin—up to 20% recurring commission.
  • CryptoTrader.Tax—25% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Finance

If you’re blogging about more traditional investment trading, such as stocks, you can earn high-paying commissions from each transaction from a repeat customer.

Some products help users manage finances or bookkeeping.

  • LiveTrader—30% recurring commission.
  • HoneyMoney—$3 each month for five months if you refer for monthly plan/$15 per sale of the annual plan.
  • Invoice Ninja—50% recurring commission.
  • Libertex Affiliates—5% recurring commission.
  • Forex Trendy—75% recurring commission.
  • PrimeXBT—20% of fees lifetime.
  • Binance—20% trading fees, up to 40%.
  • Ledger—15% of transactions.
  • Covesting—up to 40%.

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Supplements

Affiliate programs for supplements are a great way to earn recurring revenue from repeat customers, as users will be topping up their supplements once their stock runs out.

  • Organifi—30% recurring commission.
  • The BeneFIT Box—up to $9 per sale, up to $5 per signup on gold/platinum/diamond plans.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Fundraising

The two programs listed below are helpful for fundraising campaigns used by politicians, nonprofits, and religious organizations.

  • Krowdster—20% recurring commission.
  • Donorbox—15% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Food and Beverages

The health and fitness industry is increasingly popular nowadays, as people look for ways to be healthier. The affiliate programs for recurring commissions teach people how to live healthier lifestyles in the kitchen.

  • Learn Cake Decorating Online—up to 50% recurring commission.
  • Plan to Eat—20% recurring commission.
  • Smart Kitchen—30% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Real Estate

Another popular investment option is real estate. These recurring affiliate programs help investors find distressed assets more quickly through curated marketplaces.

  • BirdDogBot—50% recurring.
  • DealCheck—30% recurring.
  • ForeclosureSearch—up to 95% recurring commission (for properties in Canada only).

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Travel

This affiliate program rewards you with recurring income if you write about exotic locations off the beaten path.

  • Villiers—30% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Education

These affiliate programs provide resources for homeschooling and remote learning for children.

With more opportunities to work online, teachers or parents can create their own lesson plans by subscribing to gain access to a library of educational resources.

  • SchoolhouseTeachers—25% recurring commission.
  • Our Journey Westward—25% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Beauty

These affiliate programs include links for skincare, haircare, bath, and body products.

  • doTERRA—20% recurring commission.
  • Jade Bloom—up to 10% recurring commission.

What Is a Recurring Affiliate Program?

So far, we’ve covered some of the best recurring affiliate programs in different niches. There are also different types of recurring programs that offer revenue in various ways.

The three types of programs are residual (or lifetime), recurring referral, and recurring passive income. Most programs are free to join, but sometimes, you need to be an existing customer with the program to be eligible to join.

The most common way to promote affiliate programs is through a URL hyperlinked to relevant anchor text.

The affiliate program usually comes with tools to help you decide which products to promote and the performance of your links.

The Pros and Cons of Recurring Affiliate Programs

If you have a solid foundation of content that draws steady traffic, including recurring affiliate programs, it could improve your passive income possibilities. Over a longer period, your recurring revenue will lead to more profits than commissions from one-off sales from networks such as ShareASale.

For many programs, the first month’s payment is higher than the usual amount. Keep in mind that some programs offer additional bonuses as an incentive to recruit other affiliates.

On the other hand, it could take a longer time to earn what one-time payment programs offer. Your commissions decrease when a number of customers cancel their orders.

Your success with recurring affiliate programs ultimately depends on how reputable a company is and whether it continues to maintain its performance over time.

Thought about Selling Your Affiliate Website?

That about covers recurring affiliate programs to increase your revenue stream.

If you’ve ever thought about selling your own affiliate business, we’ve got good news. Many savvy buyers find affiliate businesses like yours a lucrative asset.

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