Income Report – February 2012

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

Income Report - February 2012

The month of February really seemed to fly by! Much of the month was spent plugging away and trying to keep the team staffed so that they’d be able to keep up with our site creation goals. We’ve had a few wonderful opportunities present themselves this month, but we’ve also had a few setbacks and are struggling to keep up with the work in a few areas. We’ll discuss all of that in this month’s report. If you’d like to know our total revenue for the project this month, we ended up at $12,749.55.


With a tremendous amount of private site sales in January, we found ourselves in pretty serious rebuilding mode all through February. This has unfortunately forced us to push back some of the things we’ve been working on so that we can get back on track with our primary business model.

With some of the changes we’ve made in the process along the way and with increased production, we’ve found our team has not been able to keep up with the work and they’ve fallen more than 30 days behind where they should be across the board. We’d fallen so far behind that we’d cut out our article marketing since December and we seem to be paying the price with some of the sites in that month not popping up as quickly as they should be. We’ve been interviewing quite a few people to help us catch up. while it’s critical that we add staff…it’s very important that we hire the RIGHT staff.

There’s nothing worse than making a long-term mistake to fix a short-term problem…so we have to be choosy in who we decide to bring onboard.

Opportunities And SetbacksWe recently had a few of our older sites deindexed in Google. We’ve dealt with sites that “tanked” before and also with sites that seemed to be penalized from a previous owner and would never get indexed, but this is the first time we’ve had it happen to sites that we believe was our fault and were on “our watch”. Particularly disturbing is that one of the sites was Site B from the Authority Site Failure I’d written about earlier. While we didn’t do any interlinking with the authority site, the niche sites had some interlinking going on (from a test we had running briefly and scrapped) and we’re guessing this might be the reason. We’ve heard rumors that many of the SEO blog networks have taken hits recently and we were wondering if it’s possible some of our sites were caught up in that mess. The silver lining is that the affected sites were not a major part of our income, so we didn’t see too much of a change in revenue.


Derek Sivers recently contacted us about a StartUpWeekend event in Cebu.  He’s working on a new project, WoodEgg, where he documents the process for setting up businesses in various Asian countries and shares the process, challenges, etc.  He’s asked us to attend and take some video interviews of the entrepreneurs that are attending that he can use for WoodEgg.  I’m a HUGE fan of Derek’s and really excited to take part and help out.  Aside from that, we’re looking at building out a development team, so attending such an event would be great for recruiting.  Since this is Chris Ducker’s neck of the woods, we told him about the project and he’s been officially asked to fill the “Mentor” role at the event.  Since we’ll all be there, it’s turning into an unofficial DynamiteCircle meetup, and many others have said they’ll be attending as well so it will be a great opportunity to network with some of the people there we haven’t yet met.

If anyone is around Cebu May 11-13th, you should definitely think about attending…we’d love to meet you there!

We’ve been contacted by two different groups of investors looking to invest between $50,000 – $100,000 each with us.  With the first guy, he was looking to pre-purchase some of our sites and have us build them out for him.  We explained that we’d tried this on a small scale before and it ultimately didn’t work out…the value of the sites was well below the average.  We think that puts too much risk on the investor.  He was still interested and asked us if we needed any capital for growth and we told him honestly that we just don’t need the investment at this time and don’t see how a partnership would be in our interest.  Great guy, though, and the door is definitely open for future business.

The second group of guys contacted us about buying some of our sites and wanted to weigh the risks/rewards.  One of the guys is putting up the capital and the other would be putting in the work to build out the sites.  They’re looking at the sites from an investment standpoint and wanted to compare their purchase to more traditional investments.  It was interesting talking to them…it pointed out to us there’s so much about our own business that we don’t know or understand as well as we should.  We were completely honest with them regarding our understanding of the potential risks, the benefits, etc.  We told them that our BEST buyers and those who have been repeat customers are those who can build the sites out, get them earning more, and effectively lower the length of time until they receive an ROI.  They brought up a really interesting strategy…purchasing the sites, building them out, and ultimately flipping them again in 12-24 months.  With this strategy, they recoup their original investment, on average, with the sale of the site later...their upside is based on the months they receive income.  They’ll have to measure ROI based on their spend and time spent building the sites out.  The plan is to start out with a few purchases just to feel each other out and ramp up over the next few months.  Really exciting stuff!

Traffic To AdSenseFlippers

We had 18,897 visits to in February, which is 8% more traffic than we received in January.  Our top referrer for traffic was the WarriorForum at 475 visits, followed closely by Twitter at 418 visits.  The percentage of NEW visitors sat at 40%/15% respectively.  We’d definitely like to expand our reach on Twitter a bit.  Even though it hasn’t been a great way for us to reach out and get new readers/visitors, it’s a great way to connect with people, share ideas, etc.  If you know of any quality non-spammy tips or tricks on Twitter, I’d love to hear them…please leave us links or suggestions in the comments below!

AF Traffic Analytics February 2012

Funny enough, we’ve received 180 visits from a German site…most of the traffic came from this post.  As best I can tell (Thanks Google Translate!), the site dissects various English speaking or American bloggers, looking at their income and discussing strategies to replicate.  I’d love to make a comment or reach out, but am a bit shy leaving my comment in English and would hate to see the horrible hack-job that would be done converting English to German.  (Sorry Google Translate!)

Podcast Statistics

We love producing the podcast!  I’ve mentioned before it felt a bit outside my comfort zone, but it seems to be a great way to really connect with readers/listeners.  My guess is that by listening to you, they feel much more connected to you and feel better about reaching out, making contact, etc.  So many of the people we’ve talked to or are working with in the last few months have come through because they’d listened to our podcast.  It’s a bit strange when people contact you and know way more about what you’re doing than you know about them, but a few quick questions about their situation usually helps!

AFP downloads February 2012

We’ve had a total of 12,469 downloads in February, and an overall total of 33,360 downloads as of March 11th.  Nice!

AdSense Earnings

February was definitely a rebuilding month for us after our massive site sales in January.  Our income from AdSense alone came in at $2,750.33.  Our best day was Feb 15th at $130.29 and our worst day was Feb 17th at $71.89.

AdSense Income February 2012

You’ll notice the daily revenue chart stayed pretty steady for the month…much more so than we’d prefer in a rebuilding month.  We believe the cause for this stems from the fact we’ve fallen behind on site creation and our lack of linkbuilding to the sites.  Towards the end of the month we had a few more sites popping up and will most likely have some sites available for sale again in March.
Flippa Sale 89

Flippa Sales

We did offer another Flippa sale in February and it was snatched up within 24 hours of listing the auction!  All of the sites were low earners, but there were a few in the package that had some real expansion potential which is why we think it was picked up so quickly. As with all of our Flippa auctions, we give away additional keyword research done on the sites, include additional content to expand the sites, and offer a 1-hour consultation with the new buyer.  These bonus offers seem to be of real value to Flippa buyers, so we’re considering incorporating something similar to our sites for sale here on our BuyOurSites page.  We’re considering putting a package together that includes sites and additional information and tools that will help the buyer build out the sites and continue to expand their Niche Empire.

Private Sales

Things were a bit slower when it comes to private site sales in February.  We had one day where we listed a bunch of sites for sale and had a few deals come through that we handled privately, bringing in a total of $5,620.30 for the month.  We’ve been slowly adding to the team so that we can get them caught up on building out the sites we’re working on and, ultimately, we’ll use the additional staff to expand site creation so that we have more to sell.

We held an interview with Chris Guthrie on our latest podcast that we thought was pretty interesting.  We’ve been kicking around both an attempt to build out some of our sites into larger, more authority content sites.  We’ve also been debating whether we should invest some of our earnings into purchasing or picking up larger content sites privately so that we can dissect them and see if we can recreate their success.  Chris thought we should do both! lol  He’s probably right…

Affiliate Sales

We did quite well with affiliate sales for the month, pulling in $1,648.92.  LongTailPro was at the top of the heap when it came to affiliate sales, but CTR Theme, BMR, and HostGator made us a bit of money as well.  Thank you to everyone who purchased through our links and don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking for any tips or help with your tool or service!

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Sites Created: 136 (164 last month)
AdSense Earnings: $2,750.33 ($3,679.44 last month)
Flippa Sales: $2,730.00 ($0.00 last month)
Private Sales: $5,620.30 ($39,613.52 last month)
Total Affiliate Sales: $1,648.92 ($998.21 last

Total Income: $12,749.55 ($44,291.17 last month)

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  • Trevor K says:

    How worried are you with the recent crackdowns google are making on sites relying heavy on SEO. Do you think this will have an effect on your sites?

    I remember reading you used to do some backlinking with BMR. Just read they lost their whole network. Thoughts?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Trevor,

      Our SEO for the sites is pretty limited, actually…unsure how changes will affect us.

      With the closing of BMR there will be a mad scramble back to other linkbuilding methods. We’ll be looking at article marketing, primarily.

  • Mani4Astro says:

    Sir, i didnt see any adsense ads on your site here,How do you earn that much earnings ?
    IS that earnings from other sites ?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey there!

      Much of our earnings comes from site sales. As soon as we have a new batch of sites for sale, we list on our BuyOurSites page, but they tend to sell pretty quickly. Feel free to join our email list and we’ll send you updates when new sites become available!

      • Mani4Astro says:

        Subscribed 😉

        I have a blog StudentsCrunch dot com ,with 1,10,000 pageviews pm, and adsense on it,with PR 1 , alexa of 145,000 ,

        is that elegible for sale list on your flippa…?

        does it need any more stats ?

        • JustinWCooke says:

          Best of luck with your site!

          We don’t broker sites here on AdSenseFlippers, but you’re definitely free to offer the site for sale on Flippa. If you can back up your stats, you’ll probably fetch quite a price for the site.

          • StudentsIdea says:

            Thanks @JustinWCooke for your reply.

            One more questions,if you can help me out,do reply.

            When i add my site on Flippa ,it ask me to verify ,i chose meta tags method, there i made mistakes , How to verify my site on flippa ,exactly is ther any tutz or forum available for flippa ?

          • JustinWCooke says:

            Here’s how to verify site ownership on Flippa:

  • Nice long post Justin, in fact, what with your lengthy post and all the comments, I’ve forgotten the half of what I was gonna say 😉

    The meet up in Cebu in May – I have a ‘required’ visa run in May. Wondering if it coincides with the meet up. Would be cool to get over to the Fils, finally!

    BMR – agree with Steve Wyman on this. I’ve used BMR extensively – no, more like EXTENSIVELY – over the past 18 months or so and I’ve seen absolutely no slippage on any of my remaining sites. None! I suspect those folks who are seeing ranking slippage – its a lot to do with Goog’s more recent algo updates. Goog are becoming more and more difficult to game these days, simple as that.

    Justin and Joe, apologies cos you’ve probably talked about this before, but if you are seeing good rankings on any particular site and good income in tandem, do you tend to build the site out more in order to generate higher income, and then sell up – perhaps sell those particular sites as stand-alone?

    Interesting what Dave Starr had to say about the skill-set in the Philippines. I thought Malaysia would follow suit with the Fils in the sense that they too would have a huge drive to match up skills to those in high demand in the online world. But seems not to be the case.

    Mind you, a lot of fairly high level skilled jobs are apparently going to be lost here in Malaysia this year (the poor economy now catching up), so there could be a mini flood from those who suffer job losses in the IT sector who then decide to venture forth on their own within the online world.

    Keep up the fine work gentlemen!


    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Joseph…thanks for stopping by!

      I’m a big fan of your blog…some of the best content actually happens in the comments which is awesome. Very involved tribe you have over there, for sure!

      Yes, the meetup is May 11-13th in Cebu. It would be great to meet you in person. Aside from the great designers/developers that will be there, it looks like there will be plenty of foreigners too. Chris Ducker is planning a dinner, I think, where we can all go, meet each other, and hang out…should be pretty cool.

      Yeah, have no idea whether any BMR hit had any effect on our sites. I’m guessing that’s not the case as we would have seen a hit to a good portion of our sites across the board if that were the case. What I WAS wondering, though, was (because of our interlinking) whether or not our interlinked sites LOOKED like a blog network that needed to be taken down, as they have been hitting up some of the private networks recently.

      We actually haven’t done any building out of our niche sites in terms of content, additional linkbuilding, etc. ( just a few cases we have, but not across the board in any meaningful way) Our plan was always to scale up the site production and deal with testing through building the sites out later. Our interview with Chris Guthrie on the podcast was our first attempt to get a better understanding of how to do that.

      Once our Intern (John) is done building out the AdSense Flippers Guide that we’re working on, his next task is putting a test in place where we target various groups of sites to build out, build them out, and then document the success/failure/ROI. We definitely feel that we’re leaving some money on the table there. It’s been upside for our buyers so far, but we’re wondering if we can find a specific way to build out some of those sites for our benefit as well.

      The Philippines has seen some strong growth and Davao is poised to be one of the cities with tremendous growth in years to come. The city’s first priority, though, is to get the travel advisory lifted for visiting Mindanao. Their approach is to separate Davao City from the western part of the island where some of the violence is happening, but so far the State Dept hasn’t gone for it. We’ll see!

      • Hey Justin, thanks for taking the time to reply!

        Yeah, the tribe over on my blog have gone quiet of recent, but the main reason for that is my new blogging activities don’t lend themselves to seeing many comments any longer 🙁

        Meet up in Cebu is May 11 – 13th. How appropriate is that! I have to get out of Kuching, Malaysia by the 11th of May. I’ll chat it over with the girlfriend. Would be great to meet up with you and Joseph, Chris Ducker, and of course everyone else!

        I hear what you are saying about the de-indexing of some of your sites, Justin. Due to your interlinking (which makes entire sense) Goog may have (mistakenly) regarded your sites as networks. Geez, that’s ominous news for a lot of folks – you can no longer link your sites together for fear of Goog de-indexing.

        I’ll be sure to listen to your podcast with Chris Guthrie about your desire to start building out your sites that bit more.

        Hope your intern (John) is having a ball over there in the Fils! I guess its something of a culture shock to what he’s been used to previously. Mind you, if you are non-dependent on location for income, that culture shock is thoroughly minimized, in my experience anyhow.

  • Josh says:

    Great post as always! You mentioned that you tried taking an investment on a small scale and the value of the sites was well below the average. Do you have any details as to why that may be? I’m especially interested because we are starting to run our own niche site project and we’ve also received an investment to help get us off the ground.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Josh,

      I’m well aware of your strategy from your WF thread and I’ve checked out your blog as well. I have to say I like your shift in strategy regarding backlinking. (Your new plan looks much closer to Spencer’s from NichePursuits)

      We didn’t have a business investor…more like a customer pre-ordering sites from us. He paid $2,600 to have 13 sites built for him and the sites performed at a MUCH lower level than expected. We ended up supplementing the sites we created for him. We concluded that, for people buying sites from us, it’s probably better to sell them once they’re already up and earning. It puts less risk on the investor. At our multiples, I think that risk should be ours and not the investor’s.

  • Lisa says:

    Awesome job! I’m trying to experiment with Google Adsense. I don’t remember, but do you guys use CTR theme for your sites?

    • Lisa says:

      Just read the comment below that answered that Q!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hi Lisa!

      We’ve used both ProSense (from DoshDosh) and CTR Theme on our niche sites. ProSense seemed to work slightly better, but it took some modifications on our part to get it up and running. CTR Theme works out of the box.

      Spencer from NichePursuits and Chris Guthrie just created a new theme:

      We haven’t tried it out, but we really like those guys and know they put out quality stuff. I think they closed it off at 500 members, but will probably release again soon.

  • GrabowskiM says:

    Probably You guys post it somewhere but I cant find and I’ll ask anyway, hope You wont get mad.
    How about content ? Do You write it by yourself or outsource it to someone and if so what rate ?

  • Brett says:

    Buying websites for investment is something I’ve been writing about recently. The problem is it’s just so hard to find decent sites amongst all the dross (especially on Flippa!)

  • GrabowskiM says:

    How long it takes usually to those websites starts earning ?
    For the first 3 months my sites didnt get almost any traffic because of google dance
    Is it normal ?

  • miko says:

    @JustinWCooke I live and work in cebu would love to meet you guys and share some ideas on building niche websites. I hope you guys can make it.

  • Anshul says:

    Great work guys. I was following your 15 sites auction on Flippa as I had a bunch of my own sites for sale as well and happy to say I have just sold one of my first $1/day AdSense for a decent sum. I have to admit I took some tips from your book on how to make successful sales on Flippa and seems to have worked!

  • GrabowskiM says:

    You guys building 130-160 websites per month ? Did I get it right? That’s impressing !
    How many (%) of those websites are successful (earn more than you spend on them)?

  • Vin says:

    Are you guys still rocking the Prosense theme + CTR Theme? I’m interested if you moved on to something different by now…

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Yep…still working with both themes. We have a modified version of ProSense. We’re working on really expanding out our own theme, but have to finish it up and do some internal testing before we release it, though. Will keep you updated, for sure!

  • Christopher Rice says:

    nice work guys. it’s very interesting to hear about the people who buy the websites you make.

  • Great stuff, guys. I love seeing the detailed revenue reports, but I was wondering if you’d break down your expenses, too. I’m spending approximately $40 per niche site I’m creating now including domain, content, header,website creation, and link building.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Mike,

      Some of our expenses are fixed and some are variable, but a good rule of thumb at this point is right around $50 per site. (When we’re doing the linkbuilding we’re supposed to do, heh) We’re planning to do some testing regarding expanding our sites in the near future. We’ll look at ROI there and try to give some good revenue/expense numbers on that expansion project, if only so that we know whether it’s worth it for us or not…

    • Steve says:

      Hi Mike

      Could i ask a few questiuons as that pretty darn tight 🙂

      Is that completely outsourced setup and content? with a 5 page site?

      To get the domain and link building into that is impressive unless your also building high quantities.



  • Dave Starr says:

    Very interesting (and transparent) rundown here.

    I see I’m not the only guy concerned with the focus on build and sell without regard to the value of what you’re building. Again, no argument from me, just an observation 😉

    It’s great that you pointed out Derek Silver’s efforts. I get so many inquiries from people wanting to do business in the Philippines who can’t think past an Internet cafe or a sari-sari store.

    I have mixed emotions on the start-up weekend thing. Like so many misguided efforts I see here in the Philippines, it’s very strongly focused on programming and techno-geek efforts. One of the primary reasons the Philippines is _not_ where it should be in the IT/IM world is this focus on developers and code geeks.

    In my view, the focus needs to be placed much more strongly on the business side of entrepreneurship. The Philippines is full of guys with decent coding skills who are driving tricycles … or working as call center agents ;-), because schools focus on code instead of the basics of business. Hope the coming months prove me wrong, actually.

    And thanks for pointing out that Virtual Staff Finders have an affiliate program. Somehow I missed that … again, this will be a good thing for many of my readers.

    Enough ranting for now, again, thanks a bunch for sharing so much useful information.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Dave…thanks for your thoughts, as always!

      We’re definitely worried about the ultimate value of the site (for us) and for the buyer…that’s what keeps the machine humming. Now…if you’re talking about the overall value to the internet overall…meh…not sure we’re contributing amazing value there with our niche sites, but I think we make up for it on this blog, with the podcast, etc. Still…ultimately I’d like to improve/expand until we’re doing that as well. We still have much to learn, I think, and much growth before we can pull that off!

      StartupWeekend is bigger than the Philippines or Cebu, and has had a ton of success internationally. I think it’s great they have it going in Cebu and we’re hoping some of the best/brightest will be attending.

      I’d have to disagree with you on quality programmers in the Philippines. Yes, maybe there are quite a few graduates, but many of them aren’t any good and/or are learning skills that aren’t marketable or valuable in the “real world”. In fact, we have a buddy here in Davao that runs an outsourcing company with programmers/designers. His problem is that any hire he brings on he has to spend another 12 months training them. He’s worked out a deal with a local university where they will provide specialized classes/training to improve their skills and get them ready for a global job market.

      Still, I DON’T disagree with a need to build business entrepreneurs and not just skillsets. I think, though, that their brain-drain with OFW’s is a real problem they’re facing and the fact that they tax the OFW’s isn’t a great incentive to cut back on the process…but that’s another story entirely!

      Yeah, VSF offers an interesting affiliate program. I think it was a GREAT fit or market niche, actually. It sits squarely in between the cheaper cost and more painful searching for someone yourself and oDesk and the easy, done-for-you VA’s in a traditional outsourcing company with a higher monthly price. The fact they offer an affiliate program is great for driving the sales engine…great idea, actually. We considered competing with VSF at one point, actually, but ultimately decided our efforts were better off where they are now.

  • Ralph Kooi says:

    I just saw the site you guys sold on Flippa and amazing how much you got for a site that looks freaking ugly (sorry to say)…

    I mean the traffic is great but only 7 pages (incl. policy etc)..
    Why pages and not posts btw?

    All in all, great job in selling / income and getting the traffic no doubt about that..

    • It’s intended to be ugly. We have found that nice looking pages lead to the visitor staying on the page and not clicking the ads!

      We use a post for the homepage content because the theme requires it. Pages for the rest.

      Thanks for the compliments!

      • Ralph Kooi says:

        Huh… interesting.
        I’ve always tried to build a adsense site that does look rather structured but where the Ads do blend in as much as possible.

        Dunno why but it just seemed better than people just exiting the site (without clicking)

    • Tomjripley says:

      Hi Ralph

      Your link above to facebook times out.
      I guess you realise they sold a bunch of sites in that deal.

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 🙂 $ count 🙂

      • Ralph Kooi says:

        Mmm not sure why it times out, works on my end..

        I was just very surprised to see that such a site can be monetized so well. Compared to a Pat Flynn (authority) niche site …. which also kicks ass..

        • JustinWCooke says:

          BIG fan of Pat Flynn and his content on his authority site is, I think, top class. Still…lots of ways to skin the “AdSense cat” to so speak…our approach is a bit different. We’ve (briefly) tested a couple of authority sites and didn’t have as much luck there. We’ll most likely test that again…might even buy-in to some established authority sites and see what we can do to build them out. We’ll see!

  • Hey guys, relieved to hear on average you had a pretty good month. I was worried you got hit by the latest Panda update. There’s been much discussion on TrafficPlanet about sites relying on BMR being penalized or deindexed. And, of course, about the fact BMR closed its doors to new members.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Charleen!

      Yeah, not too bad. I just spoke with Joe a few minutes about March and he thinks it’s going to be a bit better, actually. I think we’re going to do 1-2 auctions and have some sites ready for our BuyOurSites page. I’ve definitely heard the buzz about BMR, but I did read something where they mentioned directly that the 30-50% deindexing rumor was false. They claimed they shut their doors because their growth was too much too quickly and they needed to build out a bit. I believe they were growing at an incredible pace and, if you take them at face value, that seems a likely reason to me to shut their doors for now.

      By the way…I knew about your BestOfFiverr site but didn’t know you had a blog too. I’ve just read two posts and thought they were incredibly clever. Here’s the link if anyone wants some interesting reading:

      • Stevewyman says:


        I have around 40 sites being actively promoted using BMR. (many have been or will go through BMR) What i will say is

        a) its working still
        b) its getting weaker in its effectivness to rank a site but still damn powerfull
        c) deindexing of sites in blog networks is common these days and goes with the territory. I believe BMR when they say they are building out. But they have had some sites de-indexed every month ive been with them. Its not a new thing.
        d) I think a lot of folks falling foul of Panda/google etc and using BMR have been using a single exatch match keyword and hitting the sites to hard to quickly. Thats not a failing of the BMR system.

        I remain a big fan of BMR and wont beIeaving them anytime soon 🙂

        I dont only use BMR of course but a range of techniques but its still one of the easiest and quickest tools out there.


  • Adam says:

    Nice month, even if ya didn’t blow it out of the water like last month. I think one of my new goals is to be one of your top referrers, beating out the Warrior Forum. Ha!

    My monthly wrap-up should be coming soon — and I think your spot at #2 is probably going to be safe!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Yeah, definitely a little less exciting! Not bad overall, though. We have some sites coming out of the incubation period this month and will have a few sales here in the next few days, but I think March will shape up similarly to February. I’m kind of hoping for a bigger April at this point…we’ll see! 🙂

      Hoping our #2 spot is secure…I know some others have been moving up pretty rapidly! hehe

    • stevewyman says:

      Hi Adam

      Just wanted to say what a neat idea your monthly income report blog was. Nice.

      And I really think that those adsense flipper guys with thier combined wisdom should be able to take Pat 🙂 dont you ?


      • Adam says:


        Thanks, buddy.

        Oh I totally think they’ll be inching closer and closer to Pat as they build back up their inventory. The kicker is that Pat’s talking about releasing a product/service of his own, so depending on the pricing of his offer, he may have his biggest month ever when that happens. But Justin & Joe definitely have a good thing going!


        • There’s plenty of room for competition in this category so we welcome it. I think it will be difficult for anyone to compete with us on price, however, as our costs are so low because we do things at scale and are so close to the cheap labor — no middle men. I am interested to see what Pat has in store!

  • SteveWyman says:

    Hi Guys

    A mixed month but all in all a very succesfull one. Damn shame about site B:-( your guess makes sense.

    The concept of buying sites that have income, expanding them and then reselling within 6-7 months, regaining the capital investment and taking the income in profit, is one a colleague and i have been working on.

    The issue is to make enough in the income stream to make the effort worthwhile. Of course if the income increases then potentially the resale value also increases so theres more juice there as well. Some sites can also be retained for longer term passive income. These could in fact be funded from profits, rather than extracting that as cash from the business model?


    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Steve!

      Yeah…a little bummed about Site B. I thought it was a clean, good-looking site. What did you think? Not award winning or anything, but definitely not bad…ugh.

      You’re absolutely right about making sure you pick sites that are worth your while in maintaining or boosting. I think you also have to account for some slippage and some bad picks/scams too…especially if you’re just getting started there.

      • SteveWyman says:


        I liked it enough to consider making you guys an offer as my variant is doing well at last .. phew

        I didnot like the pop-up but i hate those things so its a generic dislike 🙂

        The content is great and definetly worth moving it to a new site? Maybe i could make a cents on the dollar offer LOl (sorry could not resist).

        But really, yes a great site you guys developed. A damn shame the turnout.

        As to the other point of course we’ve all learnt the hard way that winner can be loosers and visa versa the ugly duckling brings home the bacon! (mixed metaphorses :-))


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