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Income Report – December 2010

Justin Cooke Updated on February 29, 2020

Our plan is to provide an inside look at our earnings on this project and to share our success and failure with you with the hope of improving month after month, year after year. We don’t do it to brag (and have very little to brag about so far!) or boast…simply to give you a peek at where it is we’re making money and what we’re doing to add to our revenue streams.

Each month we’ll break the income down into sections and give some feedback on what we did to improve in different areas. Additionally, we’ll give you a summary showing how much was made overall in each section and a comparison against the previous month.


We got our first niche websites up and off the ground this month with the purchase of 44 domains. For our sites here’s what we’re doing:

  • Keyword Research (We started using the Google Keyword Tool and finally broke down and purchased Market Samurai for a one-time fee)  Update: We now use LongTailPro as Market Samurai has become a bit unreliable.
  • Domains Purchased and hosting via GoDaddy
  • WordPress Installed
  • Content Written and Published
  • Social Bookmarking via OnlyWire
  • Article Marketing (light)
  • Getting ranked (barely)

We’ve seen a little bit of income trickle in, but it’s quite frustrating doing so much work with so little return! With the sites being so new and having such poor rankings it’s understandable. I do wonder if there would be a benefit to purchasing aged domains, but I just don’t think the additional cost is worth it at this point.

One additional thing we’ve noticed is that creating so many sites that have so many additional pieces, emailing back and forth is simply not an effective tracking strategy. Running an outsourcing company, we’re very familiar with detailed process documentation and will implement soon. We started with a basic Google Doc we can share between agents, but we’re quickly finding that we’re going to need to make that a bit more robust if we want to keep this organized.

If you would like us to advise you on which business model is right for you schedule a criteria call with one of our business analysts today. We are happy to help you discover the type of business that’s right for you.

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Sites created: 44
AdSense Earnings: $32.89 (ugh!)

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  • I noticed that no one commented on your posts when you weren’t making much money…look at them now 😉

    On a side note, I was wondering which Hostgator plan you guys are using for so many domains?

    • We use the baby plan for hosting. We actually still register the domains over at GoDaddy. We keep only about 100 sites on each hosting account.

      • Jack says:

        Hi Joseph! Read all your posts and is very enlightening! So there’s no need for a reseller account? I guess you can just get a dedicated IP for each domain on the baby hosting package right?

        • Exactly. A reseller account would allow you to make separate cPanels for every single site, which I think is overkill. That’s really the only difference.

          • Jack says:

            Dang it…should of found you guys sooner before I opened my reseller account! Lol. It is super overkill. Ugh

      • Brandon says:

        Do you ever use the same ip for domains? If so, what would you say would be the max allowed? What I typically am doing now is adding 30 domains per shared host on two ip’s with about 15 posts on each domain. Less than 50 sites (wp blogs) up all based on CPA. I’m not pulling in anywhere near what you guys are! Not even 1/10 of that actually.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Mike!

      I know, right? You also have to remember that we started the blog in May, so these older income reports were back-dated. Income reports are usually only interesting/hot around the month they were started, but I thought it important to show everyone where we started from.

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