(The Entrepreneur Ridealong) Building An Audio Production Niche Site from $0 to $40,000: Choosing Hosting and Niche Website Update

Umar Faizan November 17, 2023

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Hello everyone, this is Umar back with the 5th installment of Empire Flippers Entrepreneur Ridealong Series.

Today, I’ll be sharing how I choose the best hosting for my niche websites and some updates on the website we started for this ridealong.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Here’s what I check for when it comes to selecting a reliable hosting company:

  1. Performance & Resource Limitations: Server response time, Storage allocation, RAM, and CPU are of all elements that take part in your website speed. I don’t think speed is a ranking factor but it takes part in user experience which, to me, is the #1 priority.
  2. Security & Uptime: With an increase in cyber and malware attacks nowadays, you want to make sure that your website (if attacked) isn’t taken down in a day. The hosting should have all the measures in place to stop hacking attempts. Most hosting companies offer 99.99% uptime. To make sure they do, I use UptimeRobot.com and its free version is probably the best option to start with.
  3. Technical Support: You can’t hire someone on an immediate basis if you run into problems with your website due to hosting. One thing that I look for is “response time.” If I get my issues resolved within a few hours (not days), I’m happy with the host.

These three points confirm that we have the best hosting to go with! If you are wondering which one I use, I usually go with FastComet. I have been using their hosting service since 2020 and it works like a charm.

The best thing about them is that 95% of the issues are resolved on live chat and the remaining 5% are resolved under 24 hours with Advanced Support. They are probably one of the best options from a price perspective, especially if you’re using WordPress.

This is not because I am an affiliate partner but because my fellow SEOs and clients at Growth Winner use the service and are happy with it. Things like Free SSL, regular backups, and helping with hosting migration are offered by most hosting companies. If not, they can either be outsourced or automated using Updraft Plus.

On top of this, I configured Cloudflare right after installing WordPress. This prevents all DNS configuration issues that we may face once the articles are published.

I have sold WordPress website speed optimization services to a lot of businesses since 2021. If you’re interested in a complete guide to optimizing the website loading time under 2 seconds, let me know. In the past, I’ve even optimized a bunch of websites for milliseconds.

Website Update

Okay, now let’s talk about the progress of the website we started for the ridealong series.

I bought the domain in the 3rd month of recording the series. In the last two and a half months, I dedicated my time to getting the keyword research done, writing content briefs, website design, and hiring writers. I won’t be using any AI content for this website! Currently, we have a set of articles done for 2 main categories in our topical map.

The idea behind this strategy is that competitors have a low frequency of publishing content. They haven’t updated their articles or published many new ones. I’m going to publish the articles in batches so we outperform on publishing frequency of competitors and push new content at the same time. The publishing started on the 1st of November.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments! See you next time.

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