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About This Listing

This listing is for an Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM business created in February 2012 in the confectionary niche. The business has 1,480 SKUs, most of which are packaged candies, nuts, and snacks. Orders are typically fulfilled by Amazon, but if inventory is sold out, the business handles fulfillment via Amazon FBM. A small amount of income is also generated via the brand’s site storefront. The brand has a registered trademark and is a part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program.

There are 2 part-time employees that pack and ship products to Amazon, operating out of a warehouse. The employees are willing to continue working for the new owner.


$191,571 Average Gross Monthly Revenue $61,577 Average Monthly Net Profit

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Page Views
  • 12-2016: 380,333
  • 01-2017: 399,516
  • 02-2017: 432,552
  • 03-2017: 408,894
  • 04-2017: 352,220
  • 05-2017: 400,119
  • 06-2017: 237,097
  • 07-2017: 353,358
  • 08-2017: 289,250
  • 09-2017: 231,573
  • 10-2017: 302,046
  • 11-2017: 270,366
  • 12-2017: 270,366
  • 01-2018: 408,784
  • 02-2018: 361,631
  • 12-2016: 288,060
  • 01-2017: 309,113
  • 02-2017: 335,595
  • 03-2017: 314,098
  • 04-2017: 273,087
  • 05-2017: 310,014
  • 06-2017: 255,596
  • 07-2017: 277,754
  • 08-2017: 226,491
  • 09-2017: 184,482
  • 10-2017: 238,499
  • 11-2017: 208,057
  • 12-2017: 208,057
  • 01-2018: 319,259
  • 02-2018: 282,084
Net Profit
  • 12-2016: $33,523
  • 01-2017: $57,716
  • 02-2017: $56,325
  • 03-2017: $60,347
  • 04-2017: $52,490
  • 05-2017: $61,443
  • 06-2017: $50,984
  • 07-2017: $44,795
  • 08-2017: $56,841
  • 09-2017: $45,276
  • 10-2017: $60,158
  • 11-2017: $58,070
  • 12-2017: $73,295
  • 01-2018: $91,701
  • 02-2018: $83,522

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Listing Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $191,571

Average Monthly Expenses: $129,994

Average Monthly Net Profit: $61,577

* We are using the last 12 months to determine the averages.

Work Required Per Week: 2 Hours

SITE A: TLD .com

Stats Last Updated: 16th of April, 2018

Monetization Method: Amazon FBA

Trademark: No

Site Created: 1st of February, 2012

Platform: Other

MOZ Domain Authority:

Alexa Rank: 0

Inbound Links: 0

Listing ID: 43981

Listing Price Multiple: 33

How to Purchase: Bank Wire

Buyer Profiles: Portfolio Paul

Investor Option: No

Financing: Yes

No Private Blog Network (PBN) is in use on sites in this listing.

Assets Included in the Sale

Included in the sale of this business are the domain, site content/files, Amazon Seller Central account, and Facebook page with ~18K followers.

Inventory is not normally included in the list price, further details can be provided to active depositors.

Opportunities and Risks

Opportunities for growing this business include:

  • Focusing on SEO and advertising to increase site traffic

Work/Skills Required

The seller purchases inventory in bulk size, re-packages, and ships to Amazon on a weekly basis. The also fulfill orders via Amazon FBM, shipping directly to customers if the FBA inventory is sold out.

Reason for Sale

The seller is looking to take the capital from the sale of this business and re-invest it into another business they have.

Seller Support Included

The seller is willing to offer email support and 2 Skype calls.

Empire Certified

All listings in the Empire Marketplace are thoroughly vetted by our team. We evaluate all opportunities and risks to ensure only quality businesses are listed in our marketplace.

How to Purchase

We are accepting Bank Wire for this purchase. As soon as the refundable deposit is made, we will send you the relevant information to complete the payment.

After the refundable deposit is made we will send you the URL and additional traffic and earnings proof. During your due diligence process you will have access to the seller to ask questions.

Please note that someone else may purchase while you are still evaluating the business. The business is considered sold when the money from an accepted offer has been wired into Empire Flippers for purchase.

After the site is migrated and the buyer has confirmed ownership, traffic, and earnings, the funds will be released to the seller. All sales are final and there are no refunds. Earnings and traffic may decline due to google updates, increased competition, mismanagement by the buyer, and other factors. Empire Flippers makes no guarantees written or implied of the future performance of the site.

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