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Buying an Amazon KDP Business

Getting published is a dream many writers have but few achieve. In stepped Amazon and now anyone can self-publish work on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Publication can take the form of e-books or use Amazon’s print-on-demand service, which will print a book once it’s purchased and send it to the customer. Self-publication opened up the possibility of selling books worldwide and creating as many books as your imagination allows.

Even if you don’t fancy yourself as a writer, hiring a ghostwriter turned Amazon KDP into a profitable online business. You might be surprised by how much money a successful book can generate.

Creating books from scratch takes time and money. Plus, there’s a lot of competition on Amazon and there’s no guarantee that your book will sell any copies. Buying an Amazon KDP business will help you acquire a business that’s already successful.

How to Buy an Amazon KDP Business

Navigate the marketplace using filters to sort results by features, such as listing price, niche, and creation date.

To get the full range of marketplace features, sign up for an account. This will allow you to save listings to your watchlist and help you narrow down your search for an online business.

Once you’ve outlined some potential targets, it’s time to dive into the listings. Here you’ll find information about how the business is currently being run and potential opportunities.

At Empire Flippers, we aim to give you as much information as possible about each business. If a listing matches what you’re looking for, unlock it to view more specific information about the business.

From here you can set up a meeting with the buyer or contact our sales team to learn more about the buying process. They will be able to answer any questions you may have, even if you’re not quite ready to buy.

If everything looks good, then you can go ahead and buy an Amazon KDP business.

What to Look For

When looking at individual listings, the assets section is a good place to start.

Here you will see what’s included in the sale. It will give you details on how many books the business is selling and what type of books they are. An Amazon KDP business could include e-books, paperbacks, hardcovers, and audiobooks.

With an overview of the business provided, it’s time to get more detailed information from the listing description. This will tell you how the books were created and if there are any employees working for the company.

The “work and skills required” section will show you the work the current owner is putting in. Maybe you can spot something that can improve business operations. Streamlining operations helps you dedicate more time to improving net profit.

Increasing net profit not only allows you to speed up your return on investment, but it also raises the valuation of the business, giving you the option of selling for a profit.

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Ace Chapman

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Travis Jamison Founder of Smash Digital and

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Rob Atkinson

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Charlie Ives

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