Save Hours Searching for Online Businesses to Acquire

Use search filters and tools, save searches and so much more with a free Empire Flippers account.


Scrolling Through Unsuitable Businesses is a Waste of Your Time

We’ve found that investors and acquirers of online businesses spend way more time than they should searching for their next digital asset investment.

When you don’t use a broker the businesses aren’t quality checked. You have to build trust with the sellers. But even searching on a broker marketplace takes hours.

That’s why we created the Empire Flippers account. A hub where you can accelerate your search efficiency with search streamlining tools and your own dashboard to organize your searches.

Now, thousands of online business buyers just like you are quickly and easily finding their dream acquisitions.

Shave hours off finding your next acquisition

Search Streamlining Tools

See the story of a business in seconds
Use 15+ search column options for snapshots of a business’ history

Rapid search
Use custom filters to streamline your search

Search Streamlining Tools

Search Hub

Gather your search intel
Keep together all listings you’ve unlocked for efficient research

Add your favorite business listings to your watchlist so you don’t forget them

Search Hub

Never Miss an Update

Marketplace updates
Look out for the bell icon for updates on listings on your watchlist

Save searches, save time
Share your criteria, we’ll send you matching businesses

Never Miss an Update

Comms All In One Place

On-hand support
When you’re ready for the next step to acquire a business, we’ll help you

Call log
See your scheduled calls with sellers organized by date

Comms All In One Place

Learn From The Pros

Educational portal
Full of resources including a due diligence checklist, the latest industry reports, buyer ROI case studies, and so much more.

Learn From The Pros

Start Searching Today

Use marketplace search tools to browse with ease.

Get Exclusive Access as a Verified Buyer

Open Doors for Due Diligence

Now when you search listings the business names and URLs are kept hidden, but when you become a Verified Buyer you see everything you need to carry out your due diligence on a business, including the actual URL and crucial, intimate details on the business.

There are no prerequisites and you can become a Verified Buyer as soon as you sign up, giving you exclusive access to business information not available to others.

Open Doors for Due Diligence

How to Become Verified

It’s simple. You just provide proof of your funds
This is where you provide proof of the funds you have to invest in the online businesses you’re interested in.

It only takes a few minutes. Then we’ll upgrade your status to a Verified Buyer

And when you do, it opens the doors to dive deep into our marketplace.

How to Become Verified

Free Unlocks to Explore Businesses

You’ll have access to view any 100 business listings within your price range.

If you’re no longer interested in a listing you unlock, you can lock the listing again and redeem more free unlocks by contacting our sales team.

That way you always have the opportunity to carry out due diligence on businesses that meet your criteria.

Your own sales team

Our expert Business Advisors will be by your side from start to finish. Giving you advice, answering questions and gathering any information you need from the seller for your due diligence.

You’ll also be able to have calls with sellers. For deals above $300K, your assigned Business Advisor will attend your calls with sellers to help you negotiate the perfect deal.

Get Better at Finding Acquisitions

Search through more businesses, faster.

Get Better at Finding Acquisitions

“Does it cost anything to get this VIP treatment?”

Nope. All we need you to do is verify you have the funds to purchase the online businesses you’re investigating.

You can provide your proof of funds the following ways:

  • Connect your bank account
    This is the quickest way to verify your liquidity. You provide your online banking information and we connect to your account through the secured platform Plaid.
  • Bank Statement
    Provide a balance document from your bank.
  • Stock Portfolio
    Provide a document of your collection of stocks you’ve invested in.
  • Certified public accountant (CPA) letter
    A letter from your CPA confirming you have the resources required to purchase the businesses you’re interested in.
  • Home equity line of credit (HELOC)
    Confirmation that your HELOC is equal to the value of the businesses you’re interested in.
  • Other
    If you have another form of proof of your funds then feel free to ask. We may be able to accept it for verification.

However you decide to verify, it’s done seamlessly through our step-by-step registration process.

Just create an account as normal, and follow the steps to become a Verified Buyer with an Empire Flippers account in just a few short minutes.