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Buying a Display Advertising Business

Advertising is everywhere these days, and the internet is no exception.

A website is a great platform for advertisers to reach their target audience, and they’re willing to pay good money for this opportunity. If you want to attract potential advertisers, then you need a website that is driving traffic. This is easier said than done.

As with any business, building up a share of the market is often one of the most important factors in your ability to earn money with an online business. That’s why buying an advertising business is such an attractive prospect. It allows you to buy into a business that already has a significant share of the market.

This means that it’s driving traffic and getting eyes on ads. All of the businesses that appear on our marketplace are already generating revenue. Purchasing from Empire Flippers will provide you with a business that earns from day one.

How to Buy a Display Advertising Business

Display advertising tends to be a popular form of monetization, so you may need to narrow down your search results.

The listings can be easily arranged according to niche and listing price by using the filter functions. To get the best out of our marketplace, you should sign up for an account. This will allow you to filter the results in more detail to help match your buying criteria. It also allows you to save listings in a watchlist.

Remember, new listings get posted every Monday, so check back regularly to find new businesses.

Viewing individual listings will provide more detailed information about each business. The listing description is where you’ll find an overview of the business and how it’s run. This should give you enough information to decide whether the business matches your interests.

Once you’ve selected one or maybe even a few potential targets, you can unlock the listing to reveal the last few details.

Speak with one of our sales team members or arrange a call with the seller if you still have any questions. Then you can purchase your own display advertising business.

What to Look For

Display advertising can be provided by many different ad networks—not just Google Adsense.

Checking out the listing description will tell you which network is being used by each business. It’s also common to see advertising being mixed with additional monetizations. The listing description will break down the ways a given business makes money.

Perhaps including additional monetizations would help to boost the net profit. Looking for opportunities like this can help you to speed up your return on investment and create an even more valuable digital asset.

To find more areas that have been marked as potentially successful, take a look at the Opportunities section of the listing. If the opportunities match your skill set (or you can hire somebody who has a suitable skillset), then that offers another chance to improve net profit.

What kind of business do you want?

Some buyers will look for something they can fix up and sell for a profit, while others want something that they can run in a more hands-off fashion. Whatever you desire, there will be an advertising business for sale that suits your needs.

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“ My clients & I have done countless deals with them and they do an awesome job for both the buyer and seller in each transaction. ”

Ace Chapman
Ace Chapman

“ The only broker that offered affordable and quality websites was Empire Flippers. ”


“ Some of the huge fears actually are that the numbers could be faked. Empire Flippers are validating that the real revenue is there, the real profit is there. ”

Travis Jamison
Travis Jamison Founder of Smash Digital and

“ There are so many things that can go wrong selling your site and even as a buyer. They are facilitating that whole process for you, it’s so hands off and it’s worth every penny in my opinion. Let them guide you through the process, you’re gonna love the results. ”

Rob Atkinson
Rob Atkinson

“ Without Empire Flippers I could have never pulled this off. ”

Charlie Ives
Charlie Ives

“ All the best deals in one place. ”

Trevor Koverko
Trevor Koverko Digital Assets

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