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Buying an Amazon FBM Business

An Amazon fulfilled by merchant (FBM) business model allows you to sell on Amazon but arrange the fulfillment method yourself.

This can give you more control over inventory storage and more choice when it comes to fulfillment. Greater choice lets you shop around to find the best suppliers. To the shrewd buyer, Amazon FBM represents an opportunity to lower the costs of running an Amazon business.

Couple this benefit with the ability to sell your products on the Amazon marketplace, and Amazon FBM becomes an exciting business model.

How to Buy an Amazon FBM Business

The filter options on our marketplace allow you to narrow your search based on a variety of qualities. Maybe you’re looking for an FBM business within a certain niche or price range.

Sorting the results according to such features is easy on our marketplace. To get the full range of features, make sure you register for an account.

Clicking on the individual listings will reveal more about each Amazon FBM business. We are as transparent as possible at Empire Flippers, so we share as much information about the listing as we can without revealing the business’s identity.

The “work and skills required” section of a listing shows you what work the current owner does for the business. We also include a “risks” section to make you aware of the potential issues associated with each Amazon FBM business.

Unlocking a listing should give you all the necessary details to analyze whether this is the right business for you. If you still have questions, you can arrange to speak to a member of our sales team or the seller.

If everything looks good, you can then purchase the Amazon FBM business.

What to Look For

The Amazon FBM business model is flexible, making it easy to combine it with other sources of monetization to increase your revenue.

We often see Amazon FBM and e-commerce working together, as owning the method of fulfillment makes it easier to control stock by consolidating it in a single location. This idea for expansion could help increase the revenue and valuation of a newly acquired asset.

The “opportunities” section of the listing is a good place to identify what improvements can be made. Buyers often look to diversify a business’s income. Opportunities for expansion include creating a website to leverage search engine optimization, building an email list, and running pay-per-click advertising.

Using these tactics to great effect, or employing someone who can, has the potential to speed up your return on investment. Income diversification also makes the asset more appealing to most buyers, meaning you could later sell it for a profit.

Keep all this in mind when browsing our Amazon FBM marketplace, and you might find an opportunity you can’t refuse.

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Ace Chapman

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Travis Jamison Founder of Smash Digital and

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Rob Atkinson

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Charlie Ives

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Trevor Koverko Digital Assets

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