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We wanted to share some of our top tools, resources, and content to help you grow and expand your online empire. We thought it might be helpful to put them all on the same page to make things a bit easier.

Let’s take a look…

Primary Empire Resources

Empire Marketplace – Has all of our current websites for sale and our platform for buying and selling profitable online businesses.

EF Blog – Case studies, in-depth guides, and monthly business reports for website buyers, sellers, and bootstrapped entrepreneurs.

EF Podcasts – Weekly podcasts discussing buying/selling websites, location-independent entrepreneurship, and more.

EF YouTube Channel – We update our YouTube channel every week with new videos that will help you get the most out of buying and selling websites and online businesses.

Most Popular Online Business Models E-book – The online business industry is full of ways to make money, so we created this book to introduce 11 popular models. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, it’s important to familiarize yourself with what’s out there, and this is a great place to start.

See Our Press Release – Our report shows that more online businesses are selling — and faster — across a variety of niches, making it a perfect time to buy or sell an online business.

Seller Resources

Whether you’re a first-time seller or a pro, most website sellers struggle with two things: Finding the right buyers and getting maximum value in a sale.

We have a ton of resources here to help you solve these problems and more.

Sell Your Website – Find out exactly how to list and sell your website on the Empire Marketplace.

Website Valuation Tool – Find out exactly how much your website is worth based on dozens of tested and proven variables and metrics.

Website Seller FAQ – We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will guide you through the process of listing your site on the Empire Marketplace.

Seller Checklist – To raise your chances of getting the best possible valuation and a smooth selling experience, we created this checklist. It’s broken down into a few sections so you can zero in on the ones that apply to you most.

Seller Articles:

How to Sell Your Website– Step-by-step walkthrough on the exact process to listing and selling with us.

How to Sell an E-commerce Business for Maximum Profit – The number of e-commerce businesses being sold and the average multiple at which they’re being sold have increased year on year since 2017. Find out how you can get the most from the exit of your e-commerce business.

Selling Online Businesses – Marketplace Trends for the Past 3 Years – We looked over the last three years of sales data for 745 business sales, to see if there were any trends in our marketplace.

How to Build Credibility as a Website Seller – Blog post on creating credibility for your website sale and making your site as attractive as possible to buyers.

What A Lot of Sellers Get Wrong About Selling Their Website (And What to do About It) – Common mistakes most website sellers make and how you can avoid them.

Seller Podcasts:

EFP 79: How to Prepare Your Site for Sale – Podcast episode with Joe and I walking you through the steps of preparing your site for sale.

EFP 82: Website Valuations and a 7-Figure Sale (With Drew Sanocki) – Drew Sanocki joins us on the podcast to talk about how he values websites and discusses his 7-figure sale.

EFP 178: Why Would you Sell a Profitable Online Business? – We’ll cover some of the most common reasons our customers give for selling, but we’ll also dig behind those answers to look at some of the root causes and what that means for sellers.

Buyer Resources

As a website buyer, it’s a struggle to find quality websites sold by reputable sellers. Empire Flippers solves that problem by providing an exclusive selection of high quality websites.

Empire Marketplace– Our carefully-vetted listings of consistent, profitable websites for sale.

Website Buyer FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will help you understand our marketplace and how to buy a website on our platform.

Due Diligence Checklist – Good due diligence is your ultimate weapon when it comes to buying a profit-producing online business. If you’re just starting out though, you might be wondering where do you even start with your due diligence? Use this checklist to help you regardless of what kind of business you want to buy.

Investor/Partner Program – We provide a hands-off passive investment model that provides monthly reports, dashboards, and quarterly investor calls. Managed website portfolio services for passive investors.

Buyer Articles

Buying websites can be pretty risky. Over the past few years, we’ve learned a few things that help protect us as a buyer and also increase our chances of stumbling upon a winner.

Data-Driven Content ROI Study – We interviewed 30 entrepreneurs over the phone to collect data and hear their story of what happened after the acquisition was completed.

Data-Driven Amazon FBA ROI Study – In this study we interviewed 31 Amazon FBA investors to find out what happened after they purchased to answer the question: what it the ROI of an Amazon FBA business.

Data-Driven Study of Flipped Businesses – We went through hundreds of deals to bring you insight on all of the recorded flips on our marketplace, so you can make your own informed decisions on if you believe in the power of online business flipping.

Creative Ways to Make a Strategic Website Purchase – Strategic purchases may be hard to find, but have the most potential to immediately provide a Return On Investment.

How We Protect Website Buyers – Find out how hiding the URL from copycats and competitors actually protects your investment and your assets.

Buyer Podcasts

The Opportunity Ep 2  – In this episode of The Opportunity Podcast, we will be speaking with Gregory Elfrink the Director of Marketing here at Empire Flippers. Greg discusses how to use content to scale your own empire in this episode along with how you can grow beyond content and create a full-fledged media site.

The Web Equity Show S4Ep08: Growth Strategies – Whether you have a single business or are running a large portfolio like Ace, this episode sheds light on strategies we have come across or even implemented ourselves.

EFP 72: 6 Types of Website Buyers – One of our best podcast episodes covering six types of website investors. Everything from the “Newbie Norms” to “Portfolio Pauls”—definitely worth a listen!

EFP 188: From Newbie Norm To Portfolio Paul With Jaryd Krause – We hear a buyer transformation story from Jaryd Krause of Buying Online Businesses. He walks us through his ongoing journey from Newbie Norm to becoming a Portfolio Paul.

EFP 210: Buyer Negotiation Tactics – In this episode, we’ll talk about why and how you should consider a seller’s emotional equity in a deal, managing expectations so you can agree on a sales price everyone’s happy with, and how to set your buying strategy depending on the types of deals you’re going after.

Entrepreneurial Resources

Entrepreneurial Articles

Why Online Businesses Make the Best Cash Flow Investments – With little upfront investment needed, no caps on how much you can earn, and flexibility to build a powerful portfolio, online businesses are the income-generating assets you won’t want to miss out on.

Data-Driven Analysis of Six-Figure Affiliate Sites – What would it be like if you could pull back the curtain, so to speak, and see actual six-figure websites in action? You would have reams of data to go over. You could create a real blueprint to help you build a fleet of high income earning sites, take a look to find out more.

Empire Monthly Reports – A transparent and open approach to sharing our business successes and failures with you each month. We cover what we’re working on, what’s going well (and what’s not going well), and break down all of the revenue we brought in each month for the company.

Entrepreneurial Podcasts

The Opportunity Ep.8: How to Launch Your Way into a Million Dollars in FBA Sales – We will be speaking with Rick Baxter, an Amazon FBA and Amazon Merch buyer who owns a diverse portfolio of online businesses. He shares the importance of just getting started when launching products, letting the market give you the feedback you need on what works, and how to have a team of VA’s do most of the work on your business.

WES S05E11: Perseverance – In this episode, Ace and I talk about why perseverance is an essential characteristic to have and what that looks like in your entrepreneurial journey.

EFP 184: 4 Entrepreneurial Takebacks – we discuss four issues we experienced and talk about how we might do things differently a second time around. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, we hope these points provide you with some value.

EFP 100: Lessons Learned Building Million Dollar Empires – We invited many of our previous guests back on our show to discuss some of our favorite lessons we’ve learned over the years.

Fan Favorites

Losing a Lawsuit in the Philippines – When we first came out to the Philippines, we were trying to simultaneously grow a business while fighting against a lawsuit. As you can tell from the headline, the second part didn’t go so well.

“Hustle Porn” is Bullshit – Hustle porn is the fetishization of long work hours, the glorifying of being a workaholic. It’s all work and no play, the notion that work is only work if it’s grueling and difficult. We’re staking our claim that Hustle Porn is bullshit. Just hear us out.

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