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EFP 184 - 4 Entrepreneurial Takebacks

EFP 184: 4 Entrepreneurial Takebacks

Justin Cooke July 11, 2019

If you’re like us, there are probably several things in your entrepreneurial career you wish you could take back. While everything you’ve done has led you to where you are today, it’s interesting to think about how things might have been affected if you made different choices.

In this episode, we discuss four issues we experienced and talk about how we might do things differently a second time around. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, we hope these points provide you with some value. We wanted to deliver our insights so you can make adjustments if you find yourselves in similar situations.

Let’s get started!

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • Takeback 1: Limiting Numbers “You can sell at 20X” or “We sell websites and online businesses under $100K”
  • Takeback 2: Starting (Or Running) Multiple Brands At The Same Time (Intellitheme, Outsourcing For Startups, Niches For Charity, etc.)
  • Takeback 3: Delays On Building Out Western Management Team
  • Takeback 4: (To Employees) “Don’t plan on retiring from Empire Flippers. We’re not that kind of company!”


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“It’s better not to niche around the price or the value…The better way would have been to choose a vertical.” – Justin – Tweet This!

“It’s hard enough to really push and promote one brand, so trying to do multiple at the same time — you’re not likely to be successful with any of them.” – Justin – Tweet This!

“You have to look at your people [employees] as a whole, not just as an average.” – Joe – Tweet This!

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