Introducing The New Empire Flippers Site

Introducing The New Empire Flippers Site

I am incredibly pleased and excited to be writing this for you today.

We’ve been talking for months about how we were working on a site redesign, and today’s the day we’re finally able to show you what we’ve been working on!

It started off with Joe and I just wanting to improve on the design a bit.  We know that first impressions matter and that no matter how helpful or useful your content, if it looks ugly you’re likely to turn some people away.  We were sick of having an ugly site and went to work, but we started to realize that maybe a new design wasn’t going to cut it.

It had to be so much more than that!

We’ve had so many requests for more sites for sale, more help with finding niches, help with content, etc. that we realized we had to do more…and become more.

“The difference between success and failure comes down to how well you serve your market.”

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We have to continue to offer the support you’re looking for so that our business can continue to grow.  On that note, let’s take a look at some of the things that have changed with the new brand:

The Marketplace

We’ve had a TON of requests from you to have more sites available, allow you to sell your sites with us, etc.  We realized that you’re not necessarily asking us for OUR sites and that your real issue is that you’d like to go somewhere and know those sites have been vetted, checked, and verified by someone you trust!  Here are the new features you can check out:

  • Featured Sites – This section is reserved for full-on, “business in a box” sites.  We’ll list some serious earners in this section that have a ton of potential to turn into a full-blown business on their own.
  • Vetted Sites – These will be verified niche AdSense sites that have stable, consistent earnings and are provided by peers we know and trust.  We have sites available now…check them out!
  • Our Sites For Sale – We are still building and offering our niche sites for sale available here.  We’re back to building nearly 100 sites per month and our inventory should be better in the next few months!


We’ve got some exciting stuff planned out over the next few months, but first let’s look at what we have for you now:

  • Get Started Page – Much of our content or process changes over time, and we thought this might be the best way to keep everyone up to date with what we’re working on today.  Check it out!
  • About Us – We thought it was definitely time to revamp our About Us page…let us know what you think!
  • Empire Flippers Podcast – We’re doubling down on our podcast and will be going back to a weekly schedule.  Expect a new episode out later this week!
  • Blog Posts – I know we’ve been a little weaksauce lately with the blogging, but now that we’ve got the re-branding knocked out you can expect much more from us!  Stay tuned!
  • Income Reports – We were planning to go from monthly to quarterly reports here as they’re pretty time intensive, but due to overwhelming feedback from you on how helpful and inspiring they are, we’re going back to a monthly schedule. Expect a new post in early April!
  • Social Media – We’ve changed our Twitter account, Facebook page, etc.  We should have some video tutorials coming out on YouTube in the coming weeks and months.

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Products And Services

Over the last few months we’ve been quietly working with several of you as a beta test, providing keyword research, helping you publish your content on your sites, etc.  This has developed into products we’re able to provide at scale and we’re happy to share those with you now!

5/13/14 Note: We are no longer providing the products and services listed below.

  • Empire Starter Packs – We’ve bundled Long Tail Pro, IntelliTheme, and hosting into a great starter package for those just starting to build their empires.  Depending on the package, we also offer niche sites to go along with the tools.
  • Empire Keyword Research – We’ll work with our team to provide you keywords, domains, and secondary keyword research that meet our very strict criteria.
  • Empire Site Setup – We’ll take the technical hassle away from you and install WordPress, install your theme, load plugins, create pages, and optimize your site for seo in a done-for-you product!
  • Empire Content Publishing – We’ll order, review, edit, and publish your content for you and save as a draft in WordPress.  We can even drip-feed the content for you.
  • Empire Auction Assistance – We’ll help you by structuring, writing, and even promoting your site for sale.  You can even list your site for sale with us! (Conditions Apply)

Whew…that’s quite a bit of change around here!

We are damn-sure fired up about where this is going and hope that you will be to.  Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below and (if you’re excited) please feel free to share this post with the (much smaller) social media buttons below!

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  5. Alex says:

    Did you guys run into any trademark trouble before with using the word “adsense” in your domain or were you allowed to use it without any problems?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks for the comment, Alex!

      We never ran into any trouble with having “adsense” in the domain name, although nobody “allowed” us or gave us any kind of go-ahead…we just did it. Switching from AdSense Flippers to Empire Flippers had much more to do with combining all of our businesses under one house than a simple name change. I’m not unhappy to get away from using “adsense” in the domain, but it wasn’t a driving factor either.

  6. James says:

    To be honest, i’m not a fan of this new design, it’s too HUGE. Too cluttered with ads, everything is just too large and it’s hard to find the info/articles.

    • Thanks for the feedback James, this is something we are committed to though. We’ll have an upcoming interview with Andy Hayes that explains our thinking on the redesign.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Appreciate your honest/critical review, James. I’m not sure what you mean by huge…are you talking about font size or too many options/distractions on the page? I kind of agree with you regarding the ads on the sidebar…it cheapens it a bit, I think. We’re working on getting some custom, faded graphics for our products/services instead and I’m planning to add more to the sidebar navigation that will help to dig into the content a bit more…hopefully that will help!

  7. Yakezie says:

    Very nice touch turning the site more into a business first and then a blog second. Looking forward to your 1q income update!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks…yes, that’s definitely the plan. I’ll try to have the report out later this week, but we’re probably looking at early next week.

  8. IsaiahCoe says:

    Love the new site Justin and Joe :)

  9. Iain Robson says:

    The new site looks great. I look forward to seeing what is to come in the future.

    I’m glad that you guys are back and bigger than ever. I can’t wait for the weekly schedule for the podcast. It is going to be awesome.

  10. Hi guys !

    Best of luck with this endeavour .
    I like your new site , the business model looks very interesting . I’m not very keen on the new name , but maybe this is just me . Why don’t you add designer services ?

    Be healthy and smile .

    • Thanks Ilias.

      Really though, you don’t like the new name? Honestly I was stunned to see the domain was available and snapped it up quickly. I thought it was a great way to unify all our offerings.

      Design services are extremely tough. Every deal is custom. This presents an issue when you are trying to have set prices and deliverables We know very little about design other than what looks nice. For this design, we went to and ran a contest.

      • My main objection lies on the word empire .

        I understand what you do , but I think using this word is a little bit of an exaggeration . I don’t know if this is too “european” way of thinking , but that’s how I see it .

        I also think the word Empire and the word flipping don’t go together . You flip a coin , something small . An Empire is huge and cannot be flipped .

        Adsense Flippers = create and sell adsense sites .
        Empire Flippers = ? …
        Your business is helping people create their own “online empire” . This is not well communicated in the name Empire Flippers . With this name is its not that clear what you do .

        In my humble point of view .

        • JustinWCooke says:

          I hear you, Ilias. “Empire” might be a bit of a reach…especially how you’re taking it…just consider it aspirational! Our thought is that an online “empire” is a collection of positive revenue streams from several different areas in our business. The idea is that we can divest in one, sell another, invest in another arm, etc. Either way…we’re all-in on this one.

  11. Nick LeRoy says:

    Great stuff guys. Looking forward to the future of the site. To be honest I was a bit bummed to see a $300 listing price to get a site listed directly through empireflippers. Was hoping to be able to sell a few smaller sites that make between $30-$50 a month but the $300 listing price + 15% + Flippa fees would nearly take up the entire sale price. Guess i’ll just have to grow them until their a bit more profitable. Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for you guys making some coin and im sure vetting isn’t an easy service but was hoping many of us could sell sites for at the low mid XXX value like you guys do routinely.

    • Nick, your comments are much appreciated. However, this was done on purpose — if we made the fees too low or the requirements too easy, we would quickly be overrun with requests to list small sites that are not worth it to us or our customers/readers/listeners. I highlight this part because Justin keeps reminding me and it’s very true — we need to offer helpful content, useful products, and good sites for our business to grow and mature.

      • Nick LeRoy says:

        Thanks for the quick response and I completely understand and agree with your guys philosophy. I sent you guys an e-mail yesterday about a site of mine… curious how you decide selling value (flat 20X monthly income?). Does that change depending on monetization / niche / length of income reports? Looking forward to a response and possibly working together. :-)

        • I got back to you privately Nick, but yes, the monetization method matters. AdSesne sites sell at 20x monthly revenue while eCommerce sites (or any sites that have significant cost) sell at 20x monthly profit.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Hey Nick,

      Right now, the “vetting” is done by Joe and I and requires some work done to check out both the seller and the sites. Eventually, (hopefully) we’d like to put a better process in place that requires less time, but until then we thought it would simply weed out the smaller sites. Not bad for us to test through though, because we end up selling the mid-high end earners which is better for us to be brokering in terms of $$.

  12. Guys I absolutely loved the old AF site, and I totally love this new one. I love change, it’s a healthy thing. And as I too had recently made huge changes to my blog I totally understand.

    Going from “Adsense” to “Empire” Flippers will give you guys more of a broad expansion. You’re not limited to just Adsense. It just opns the doors to bigger and better things.

    I can’t wait to see what new stuff you guys bring ;-) Awesome job fellas!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Joey! Your design looks incredible, by the way! We’re definitely interested in the opportunity…we’re particularly happy about combining our outsourcing and online company together under one banner. Still a ton of work left to do, but I like the path we’re on. :-)

  13. This excites me. Bravo gentleman.

  14. Ryan Kaufman says:

    Great job with the redesign guys. I really think that the new products
    and services will take the business to a new level in 2013 even though
    it means more competition for me. Plenty of fish in the sea for all of
    us though.

    Looking forward to hearing you guys weekly on the podcast again. Cheers!

    PS. Still getting some weird formatting errors in Chrome. Is it testing fine on your machine?

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, man!

      Our goal in 2013 is definitely to get a piece of the pie, but our long-term goal is to help make the pie bigger! More for everyone, right? Glad to be back on the podcast…we’ve got some interesting guests/episodes lined up!

      Yeah…not great for some people on Firefox and iOS, but first i’ve heard of a Chrome issue…looks fine for me. We’re cleaning it all up, though…should be good to go in the next couple of days. (hopefully)

      • Ryan Kaufman says:

        Hey Justin. I figured out what was causing the formatting issues. I have adblock plus installed on chrome and it was the culprit. I have seen on a couple other sites where they display a warning to users using adblock that there is a conflict. I’m not sure how this was done, but know that there is a conflict between adblock and the new design.

  15. Tony Stubbings says:

    Brilliant! Good luck with the new venture

  16. That’s great guys,

    Good luck with the new adventure and I’m really curious to see how the marketplace will be – there’s very much need and space for some serious platform!

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks! We’re interested to see as well…I think there’s a real need for “curated” sites for sale. We’ll see! Best of luck to the two of you on your venture as well…I’ve been following from afar! :-)

  17. Jeff says:

    Congrats on the new venture. I am super excited to dig in to your content.

    • JustinWCooke says:

      Thanks, Jeff! Going back to a weekly podcast will be fun. The income reports are quite a bit of work, but there was an overwhelming request to bring them back. We’ll do a Q1 report and then go back to monthly. I’ve got some fun stuff planned, though…

  18. Tung Tran says:

    Wow.. congrats on the new blog. The new design is good, but I think it’s too wide

  19. Neale Goldingay says:

    Good on you guy’s for taking it up to the next level. Very professional looking good luck!

  20. Doug Stewart says:

    Wow awesome new design guys this looks fantastic. I liked the old design too but you’ve taken it to a new level :)

    I’ve been waiting for a “Vetted Sites” service to sell some of my own sites. I was wondering if there is more details as to the criteria a site should meet before presenting it to you guys to be vetted? Also is there a “Vetting” fee?

    • Glad you like it Doug! A lot of work went into this site, so we hope it is impressive.

      The best place right now for you to go for our vetted site sales services is our Empire Auction Assistance, found here:

      The Premium Broker package is the one you are looking for. It’s $297 to be vetted but that is fully refundable if we do not accept your site. Some things we look for in the vetting process:

      Info about you like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, a blog, a physical address, and a credit report
      Date site was created or domain was registered
      keyword traffic (will not be revealed – or provide us with direct Google Analytic access)
      page views last 30/60 days (unnecessary if you give us GA access)
      earning last 30/60 days (both gross and net)

      • Doug Stewart says:

        Hi Joe, thanks for the response. I must have been to excited about the new site layout and missed the Empire Auction Assistance on the Products and Services page :) BTW the link you provided in the above response doesn’t work correctly.

        • Thanks Doug, I was trying to get cute with embedded links but Disqus doesn’t seem to like that. I edited it to the good old manual way.

          • Doug Stewart says:

            Thanks Joe, so I’ve been through the Empire Auction Assistance and the packages seem to relate to individual sites. If I wanted to sell multiple sites e.g. 5 sites in a single auction format, would this be possible? Would there be added expenses?

          • For the Basic and Pro packages, it is on a per Flippa auction basis. So if you included all 5 sites in one auction (as you should if they are small sites), you would only have to purchase the package one time. If they are large sites needing individual attention then you need to purchase separate packages.

            For the Premium Broker package, you only need to purchase the vetting price one time. However we will charge 15% for each site sold. On our site, we would probably list them individually even if they are small sites.

            If you have more questions, perhaps a quick chat on the phone would be easier way to resolve? Send me your Skype info through our contact form and I will get in touch.

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