Introducing: Empire Workshops

Justin Cooke Justin Cooke July 7, 2014

Empire Workshops

Want to join us and others for an in-person workshop? This is your chance!

There’s something electrifying about getting sharp guys and gals in a room together. Whether it’s a mastermind, a full-on event, or an informal gathering of entrepreneurs, we’ve found a ton of value in meeting and connecting in person.

Joe and I have watched as others put on cool and interesting events and knew it was something we wanted to help organize, but never had the time and focus to put something together.

Well, that’s about to change.

What’s The Plan?

We’re putting together a meetup we’re calling “Empire Workshops”. This is a 4-5 hour workshop with other website sellers and entrepreneurs like you on how to improve the value of your website or business from a potential buyer’s perspective.

We’ll rent out a co-working space and provide lunch + snacks to attendees.

We’ll be starting these workshops in cities like Saigon/HCM, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok and expanding based on demand.

Are you not near one of these cities? No worries – read on for details on how to get us to visit your city!

How Will It Work?

There will be three main sections to the workshops.

Section 1: Step-By-Step Process To Prepare For A Sale – Cover a timeline from 6-months out through a successful sale and the strategies and tactics you should use to get maximum value. (40-60 minutes)

Section 2: Seller Case Studies From Actual Deals – We review real/actual successful and unsuccessful website sales and listings to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of both. (40-60 minutes)

Section 3: Website/Business Breakdowns For Attendees – We run through attendee websites and business pointing out strengths and weaknesses to increase their value and better prepare for an eventual sale. (2 – 2.5 hours)

Our first workshop will be in Ho Chi Minh on August 7th.

Joe and I have already booked our flights and hotel. We’re ready to roll and we hope you’ll join us.

Anyone that would like to attend first needs to fill out this form.

Deadline’s July 31st, so you better be quick!

We’ll have it all hashed out by July 21. If you apply before then, we’ll let you know once we’ve got all the details figured out. If you apply after then… You’re good to go!

Why Are You Doing This?

We love to share our experiences on the blog and podcast, but nothing beats meeting face-to-face and working through live case studies and business issues.

Here are the goals we’re looking to accomplish with these workshops:

  • Quick wins and strategies attendees can use to dramatically improve the value of their website or online business.
  • Get to know our readers, listeners, and customers directly, face to face.
  • Educating our potential customers and sellers on exactly how to sell your websites with us.

We’re looking to keep this small so that we can really dig into your websites and businesses. We’re limiting the workshop to no more than 20 attendees.

What’s The Cost/Catch?

We were originally going to offer this for free but realized if we don’t charge something we might end up with some well-intentioned people that don’t show up. :-)

So, instead, it WILL be free, but we’ll be charging a $100 refundable deposit for anyone looking to attend.

Anyone that shows up will be refunded at the event. If you don’t show, we’ll use your $100 to pay for dinner and drinks after the event!

No real catch, just an awesome workshop we’d love to put together for you.

I Dig It – When & Where?

We’re planning to test this in Saigon on August 7th and, depending on how that goes, roll out to other cities as well. (Chiang Mai? Bangkok? Bali? Los Angeles? Sydney?)

We’ll be meeting up late morning or early afternoon at a location, TBD.

Want to join us?

Please fill out this form (before July 31st)

We’ll be in contact soon with more details.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You’re fired up about joining us? Awesome! Here are a few of the questions we’ve fielded so far:

I can’t make it to Saigon/HCM in August – will you come to my city?

Possibly! This is a first-run at these workshops for us. We’re already set for Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on August 7th and will be running another in early October in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If you’d like us to set something up in your city, please leave a comment below and let us know where you’d like us to be!

Why charge a refundable $100 and not just make it free?

I’d hate for a bunch of people to take up slots and then not show up, keeping others from attending. Charging a $100 deposit is a minimal fee to make sure you’re committed to attending.

What do you get out of this?

We get to hang out with you! Additionally, we’ll get some great feedback from actual and potential customers and, hopefully, earn a shot at listing your website on our marketplace sometime soon.

Is there anything I need to prepare?

It’s not required, but the more information you can give us the better we’ll be able to dig in and give you actionable advice.

You’re going to want to know your monthly revenue numbers over the last few months, your costs, traffic numbers and sources, and your plan for improving profitability and overall value.

About a week before the event we’ll send you a few more questions to answer about your website so that we can tailor a few of the examples in the workshop to your needs/interests.

Are you REALLY going to share the goods?

Yep. We’re going to really dive into the nuts and bolts behind what you can do to improve the value of your site.

Additionally, we’ll be diving into some real live case studies of sites that sold with us and their actual numbers so that you can get a better look at what’s working, what’s not, etc.

Do I have to share the nitty gritty details about my business/website?

Yes. If you’re open about where you’re at, what’s going well, and what you’re struggling with we’ll be in a much better position to help you.

If you want to get real value out of this workshop, we’re going to have to be able to discuss everything openly and freely.

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Let’s do this – how do I sign up for the HCM workshop on August 7th?

Fill out this form before July 31st.

See you in Vietnam!

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