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  • #48250 Listing Number
  • $196,648 Listing Price
  • $8,177 Monthly Revenue
  • $6,145 Monthly Net Profit
  • 12 Months Pricing Period
  • 32x Multiple
Listing Summary

This listing is for an affiliate and display advertising business created in October 2017 in the information niche. There is an Android web-app included in the sale that has 100,000+ downloads and 16,000+ active installs. The business has experienced year-on-year growth in traffic and earnings and overall requires minimal work from the Seller to maintain.

The top traffic channels for the website are paid ads (~54%), organic (~29%), and direct (~13%). The traffic comes mainly from the following three countries: IN (~16%), US (~8%), and MY (~7%). The website, which has a DR of 33, and app were created by a freelance developer and the PHP code is included in the sale. The Seller has used PBNs in the past.

There is opportunity for the buyer to implement off-page SEO to increase the site ranking. The business is monetized through AdSense (10%) and affiliate (90%). As of now, the Android app is unmonetized serving as an opportunity for the buyer to add another revenue stream to the business.

The Seller owns domains that have backlinks to the main site that is included in this sale. These backlinks are not included in the sale but will be available for one year after purchase. Further information can be provided to active buyers.

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Business Created

October, 2017 - (3 years 0 months old)

Assets Included in the Sale

Included in the sale of this business are:

  • Domain including all site content and files
  • 2 additional domains (domains only)
  • Android app
  • PHP codebase for both the web app and Android app
  • Facebook account
  • SOPs
  • Backlinks from other sites the Seller owns
  • * You must currently have an approved Adsense account before purchasing this business to assure a successful migration of the business.


Gross Revenue
Net Profit
Last Month
6 Months
12 Months
All time


Page Views
Unique Users
Last Month
6 Months
12 Months
All time

Analytical Data

Provided by ahrefs

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  • Google algorithmic changes could cause traffic to fluctuate.
  • The main affiliate offers being changed, removed, or updated could affect commissions.
Work & Skills Required

The Seller currently spends around 3 hours per week:

  • Checking analytics
  • Link building for SEO
  • Updating content
  • Checking site earnings
Social Media Channels

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Seller Support Includes

The Seller is willing to offer 30 days email support to ensure a smooth transition of this business to the buyer.

Reason for Sale

The Seller does not have the capital to scale this business.

Other Information

Work Required Per Week: 3 Hours

Private Blog Network (PBN): Yes

Domain Type: .io

Platform: Other

Buyer Profiles

Lifestyle Larry
Excellent for those looking to live a lifestyle of ones choice.

Strategic Sally
Favorable for supporting an already existing business in a similar niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by the Seller

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