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Niche: Package: Home & Kitchen, Other

Monetization: Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA
  • Monthly Revenue: $50,394
  • Monthly Net Profit: $13,734
  • List Price: $439,476
  • Multiple: 32x


This listing is for an Amazon FBA business created in May 2017 in the home & kitchen niche. The 10 SKUs have excellent reviews, including 4 products which are ‘Amazon’s Choice’. One of the products was just recently launched. The brand holds two trademarks and is part of Amazon’s Brand Registry Program. This growing business boasts a conversion rate of 30% or higher for 6 of the listings.

All SKUs are fulfilled by Amazon. The Sellers store most of the inventory in Amazon’s warehouses (shipped directly from the supplier), but recently started using a third-party warehouse. For inspection, the Sellers use a third party company and an agent in the supplier’s country. Designers and bloggers are sometimes used for specific tasks that the Sellers want to outsource. The Sellers create the listing content and social media content themselves.

The business has changed suppliers a few times in the last year and is considering some more changes based on better costs and quality. While the business has only focused on Amazon US, the products are open for international shipping, so the business gets purchases from other countries. Building on this foundation and expanding to other Amazon marketplaces is an opportunity for the Buyer to pursue.

*The dip in October 2017 was due to launching two new products and promoting three other products. The combined expenses of marketing and promo rebates affected profit.

*We’ve decided to use a 10-month average of net profit for the valuation because we felt that a 12-month average did not accurately represent the current state of the business.


Start Date

1st of May, 2017


Assets Included in the Sale

  • Included in the sale of this business are:

  • 10 active listings, one recently launched

  • All listings have ‘Enhanced Brand Content’ (EBC)

  • Branded domain and website

  • Social Media accounts

  • Trademarks

  • Email list

  • Many Chat list

  • *Inventory is not normally included in the list price, further details can be provided to active depositors.


Work/Skills Required/Day to Day

  • Inventory management: reordering from suppliers, getting shipping quotes.

  • PPC: monitoring sponsored products, headlines, and AMS campaigns and optimizing them.

  • Customer service: answering customers, sending automatic emails for reviews, writing to any customer who posts a bad review.

  • Social media: maintaining Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest profiles.

  • New product research and launches.


Graph Summary:

Ave pageviews/month


Net Profit/month


Gross Revenue/month



Proof of Income

  • January: $16,028
  • December: $29,662
  • November: $16,675

Proof of Traffic

  • January: 19,801 views
  • December: 30,798 views
  • November: 29,708 views

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Opportunities and Risks

Opportunities for this business include:

  • Outsourcing the day-to-day tasks
  • Researching and launch more products
  • Expanding to other Amazon marketplaces

Seller Support Includes

The Sellers are happy to provide full training in all aspects of the business. This will include 2 months of Skype and email support to ensure a smooth transition.


Reason for Sale

The Sellers need cash for a new project they are working on.


Empire Certified

All listings in the Empire Marketplace are thoroughly vetted by our team. We evaluate all opportunities and risks to ensure only quality businesses are listed in our marketplace.


How to Purchase

We are accepting Bank Wire and Bitcoin for this purchase. As soon as the refundable deposit is made, we will send you the relevant information to complete the payment.

After the refundable deposit is made we will send you the URL and additional traffic and earnings proof. During your due diligence process, you will have access to the Seller to ask questions.

Please note that someone else may purchase while you are still evaluating the business. The business is considered sold when the money from an accepted offer has been wired into Empire Flippers for purchase.

After the site is migrated and the Buyer has confirmed ownership, traffic, and earnings, the funds will be released to the Seller. All sales are final and there are no refunds. Earnings and traffic may decline due to Google updates, increased competition, mismanagement by the Buyer, and other factors. Empire Flippers makes no guarantees written or implied of the future performance of the site.

Listing Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $50,394

Average Monthly Expenses: $36,660

Average Monthly Profit: $13,734

* We are using the last 12 months to determine the averages.

Work Required Per Week:
20 Hours
Domain Types: to, com Private Blog Network (PBN): No Platform: Other Buyer Persona: Portfolio Paul

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